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A journey through early American history for kids.
99 Episodes
We continue to explore the different branches of government by learning all about the Judicial Branch. We're joined by Judge Don Willett to tell us what it does and how it all works.
There are three branches of government in America – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. In this episode, we find out what the legislative branch does!
Christmas flashback! Two things I love are Christmas and learning about colonial America, so I am crazy about this previously-airedepisode. Matt Arthur from Tryon Palace in North Carolina joins us to answer Christmas questions from the incredible 6 year-old Ella. In this episode, learn all about how Christmas was celebrated in Colonial times.
With Hanukkah celebrations underway around the world, we're revisiting this previously-aired episode to talk about how Jewish holidays were celebrated in colonial America. 12 year-old Zachary joins us with questions about holidays and Jewish culture, and Andrew Porwancher, history professor with the University of Oklahoma, joins us to answer them!
After getting rid of a tyrannical king, our founders wanted to make sure no one could have that much power in America.So, they split the power into three branches of government, each with a specific job do to. And, if they get out of line, the other branches can check them and balance things out.Here's how it works.
We've all heard the story of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth. But there was a Thanksgiving before that – in Virginia! Here's the story.
This Veteran's Day, we're flashing back to our episode about how the American military was first created!
If you missed this episode the first time around (are just wanted to hear it another time) – here it is again!From harvest festivals to bonfire night, here are some of the ways autumn was celebrated in colonial America.
When our founders were deciding how our presidents would be elected, they had to figure out a way to make it fair for everyone. What they came up with was ingenious – an electoral college.
A look at Halloween from ancient times until today!
10 fun facts about the Constitution!
When our founders were setting up a new country, that had to make sure that they set up a new government that represented everyone. Here's how they got it done.
Our founders created a constitution that would limit the government. That means the people have to be strong and brave. Our friend from the James Madison Institute joins us to explain.
How did the Constitution come to be? We have a quick look at the Constitutional Convention in this minisode!
Our founders had to choose what kind of government America would have – and they chose a republic. What does that mean and how does it work? And why did Benjamin Franklin famously say we have a "republic, if we can keep it"?Find out in this episode!
WE THE PEOPLE.Those are the first three words of the preamble to the Constitution – and one of the most famous phrases in the world. But what's a preamble and what does it do? Find out in this episode!
What's a Constitution? Why did we need one? Does it still matter today? In this episode, we find out!
What's a Constitution?

What's a Constitution?


What is a Constitution? Why did we need one? Does it still matter today? Today, we find out.
Now that America was its very own country, our founders had to figure out how to run it! The Articles of Confederation helped with that.
At long last, the American Revolution comes to an end. Liberty wins!
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