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Sunday teaching and other resources from St Luke's Kentish Town, a vibrant Anglican church in the heart of North London, led by Jon March. For more information about St Luke's, visit: or email

130 Episodes
Jon & Dr Stephen discuss: feeding the 5000, how the disciples missed a trick, the 2 cultural contexts of Mark, the ‘Messianic secret’, Jesus walking on the water and looking like a phantom, hardness of heart, and not trusting God’s provision. Mark 6:30-56
Jon & Dr Stephen discuss: the gathering clouds, Jesus causing offence in his hometown, revisiting offence vs faith, sending the Twelve and the picture of discipleship, having ‘just enough’, challenging the self-fulfillment and self-reliant culture of our day, Herod beheading John the Baptist and the use of power, and not clutching tightly to what is rightfully yours. Mark 6:1-29
Jon & Dr Stephen discuss: Jesus sleeping on a pillow and calming the storm, fear, faith and losing control, the sign of Jonah, the region of Gerasenes, the Roman demon Legion, Jesus causing economic disruption, Jesus hanging out with the ‘ochlos’ (crowd of undesirables), Jairus and his daughter and the bleeding woman. Mark 4:35-5:43 Who are the people in your world who count the least to you? Jesus values and elevates them.
Jon and Dr B discuss: the mustard tree (actually a bush), structures and institutions, the nature of parables, Jesus being offensive, cultivating the soil of our lives, and hearing but not listening. Mark 4:1-34
Jon and Dr Stephen discuss: the ‘eternal sin’ and blaspheming the Holy Spirit, what Jesus meant by the eternal age, Jesus challenging more socioeconomic structures (this time the tribal family way of life), a time Jon experienced grieving the Holy Spirit, ‘binding the strong man’, Jesus’ band of merry men, strongholds and exorcism. Mark 3:13-34. P.S. Maybe Jesus wasn’t a christian?? P.P.S. Jesus: William Wallace or Robin Hood?
Jon and Dr Stephen discuss: the origins and pitfalls of chapter divisions, Jesus’ relationship with the Hebrew Scriptures, the political and economic control of the Pharisees, Jesus redressing the heart of the Sabbath, the difficulty of understanding and interpreting the Old Testament, wineskins and resetting our priorities and habits.
Jon and Dr Stephen discuss: the early Jewish mindset toward sin, individual sin and corporate sin, Jesus naming himself as the Son of Man, the offence of Jesus being with ‘tax collectors and sinners’, how quickly Jesus caused trouble and where he would do so first in our culture, redressing the balance in our attitude toward sin, and how we can begin to address institutional and social sin in our society. Mark 2:1-17
Jesus is doing a new thing. Jon looks at what stops us from living in the fullness of the way of Jesus. Mark 2:18-28 • Jon MarchDue to technical glitches in our first attempt at live streaming again, we were unable to provide the whole recorded service this week. Back next week!
Lizzie explores the story of Jesus inviting Levi to follow him. What is Jesus' invitation to you?Mark 2:1-17 • Lizzie OsborneIf you would like to watch back the whole service, then you can find it here:
Jon and Dr Stephen discuss: Mark's punchy narration style, the first recorded exorcism, Jesus' authority and his recreating the world around him, Jesus healing the whole person, what healing is all about, and refusing to be offended by Jesus. Mark 1:21-45
In Mark 1:21-45, Natasha explores what happens when the real Jesus turns up, and considers the various levels on which Jesus battles on our behalf. We think about what happens when Godly authority appears... Are we ready to wake up from our ‘fantasy’ version of Jesus, to face the real Jesus, who is both Lion and Lamb? Mark 1:21-45 • Natasha Beckles
The first in our new Dig Deeper series - conversations between Jon March and theologian Dr Stephen Backhouse, delving into the Bible passage covered on the previous Sunday.Episode 1 • Mark 1:1-20
What part of Mark 1:1-20 struck you? For Colin, it was the 2 uses of the phrase 'come after me'. Did John the Baptist mean this of Jesus the way Jesus meant it of Peter...?Mark 1:1-20 • Colin Brookes
The Invitation (audio)

The Invitation (audio)


We are going to be running a lot of Alpha this term! Jesus was all about invitation. Who could you invite to Alpha? // John 7:37-39, Matthew 11:28-30 // By Jon March
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