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In this episode, I will discuss the misconception of girls' sexuality & awareness as being promiscuous
HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we begin the year, & set goals, dig up old goals, & strive to be AWESOME, let's not get distracted by things around us & miss the moment.
2020 has not been the best year. But that doesn't mean that 2021 should reflect 2020. Make a plan for this upcoming year, in order to see more results than you seen this year.
In this episode, I discuss the NEED to be pushed towards my destiny, rather than be pressured into a situation that isn't good for me.
In this episode, I discuss the importance of tending to our mental health in a year of overwhelming circumstances.
In this episode, I discuss the differences between complacency and contentment, as well as how to overcome one of them.
Love heals. It is made of understanding and patience. When someone experiences love, it overpowers hate.
Hate hurts. It allows anger to fester. Overtime, it tortures us & pulls us out of character while sucking the life out of us.
In this episode I discuss the need to have patience & how to wait.
This episode is for every little girl, teen girl & women. November 7, 2020 history was made as Kamala Harris became the first woman &, woman of color to become Vice President of the United States.
When we get hurt or we experience trauma, we tend to go into "survival mode" in order to recover. However, we become afraid to leave "survival mode" because we want to keep the bad things out. But unbeknown to us, we are also not allowing the good things to become apart of our lives either.
In this episode, I discuss the importance of being aware of what you represent.
Episode 77: I CAN'T!

Episode 77: I CAN'T!


How often have we been in a difficult situation, and immediately have said, "I can't do this!"? It's always the easiest word to blurt out, and the thing that keeps us from continuing to accomplish what we are striving to do.
Every female has been in this situation; You're speaking, & then you're interrupted or spoken over.
How many times have we waiting on others to step up, and so something that we could have done? Then, we have the nerve to try to critics how it turned out. Instead, we should take the initiative and fill in the gap ourselves.
Ever feel overwhelmed and running on fumes? Maybe it's because you are overextending yourself to the limit, with no recovery time.
As we grow in our future, we have to constantly look around & ask, "Does this bring value to what I'm building?" If not, what do you do?
When we know something, it gives us confidence. It makes us feel good about ourselves. However, when a new level approaches, we tend to revert back to what is easy, and not what's better.
Ever been in a Flight or Fight mode? Did you know that you're brain actually stops thinking???? How can you make sound choices without thinking?!?!
Ever get into a conversation with someone, & find yourself yelling? Next thing you know, both of you are yelling, & no point is getting across!
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