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Are you vaccinated against the Virus?  Is your computer system prepared for the inevitable attack? Today’s podcast discusses the scary reality that manufacturers are the number one target of cyber attacks around the globe. Manufacturing companies are at risk for ransomware and intellectual property theft. It’s even possible for hackers to take control of a [...] The post Defending Your Manufacturing Company From Cyber Attacks, with Drew Phillips–EP 162 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on the podcast today is Shawn Gaskin, owner of Swiss Technologies of New England and Stone Medical in Plainville, Massachusetts. Shawn started Swiss Technologies over 20 years ago, with one L20 Citizen making parts out of sterling silver for Tiffany and Company. Over the years, his company has grown into a diversified shop, [...] The post Running a CNC Swiss Medical Shop, with Shawn Gaskin–Ep. 161 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on today’s podcast is Justin Tauber, co-owner and Vice President of Integrated Machinery Systems (IMS), a machine tool distributor in Itasca, Illinois.  Justin’s company sells a wide variety of machine tools, ranging from turning machines, machining centers, grinders, 3D printers and automation equipment. In our interview, Justin discussed the merits of high-end expensive [...] The post Should I Buy the Expensive or Cheaper CNC Machine? With Justin Tauber–Ep. 159 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guests on today’s show are Michael Ottenweller and Terry Hanson, of Ottenweller Company, a medium-sized fabrication and machining company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ottenweller is a 108-year-old fourth generation family business. I spoke with Michael and Terry about how a family business can grow and thrive for over a century and continue to [...] The post How a Machining Company Thrives after 108 years in Business, with Michael Ottenweller and Terry Hanson—EP 156 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on today’s show is Steve Tamasi, owner and CEO of Boston Centerless, a distributor and manufacturer of ground bar stock. I asked Steve why there is such a shortage of raw materials for precision turning manufacturers and what companies can do to deal with this problem. We also talked about how the war [...] The post How to Navigate Material Shortages in Swiss Machining, with Steve Tamasi — EP. 153 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Today’s episode is Part I of a two part interview with Robert Levy, President of Robert Levy Associates. Robert has been an industrial auctioneer for 44 years and knows more about the auction business than anyone I’ve met. Auctions are fascinating and sometimes mysterious to me, so my goal in this interview was to get [...] The post Machinery Auctions Off the Stand, with Robert Levy (Part I)—EP. 145 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
My guest on today’s show is Kris Fugate, President of Revolution Machine Works, a prominent rotary transfer machine rebuilder, specializing in Hydromats. Hydromats can seem strange and overwhelming to those unfamiliar with them. Some say they their circular shape with 12 or 16 work stations reminds them of a UFO, and the machines can crank [...] The post Where Rotary Transfers Fit, with Kris Fugate—EP. 144 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on today’s podcast is Elliott May, engineer at BME in Port Huron, Michigan. BME builds original custom attachments for cam multi-spindles. They also rebuild Acme-Gridley screw machines. Elliott and I talked about a lot of fascinating things in this interview. How to keep old mechanical beasts relevant, getting young people into machining, and [...] The post Attached to Multi-Spindles, with Elliott May—EP. 143 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on today’s podcast is Joe Bennett, Vice President of Sales at Seaway Bolt and Specials, a privately held cold heading company in Columbia Station, Ohio, founded in 1957. In the cold heading process, coiled steel is cut into slugs, which are then hit multiple times, ultimately pounding them into a desired shape. The [...] The post Running a “First Class” Cold Heading Company, with Joe Bennett first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Rebound of 2021

Rebound of 2021


For today’s podcast, I decided it was a good time for us to reflect on our used machinery business so far in 2021. It’s been an interesting and profitable nine months for Graff-Pinkert, so we had plenty to talk about—enough to stretch it into a double episode. Also, I was having trouble finding a new [...] The post Rebound of 2021 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
On today’s podcast I interviewed Kathryn Shibelski. Kathryn is a second chance hiring advocate. Her firm, KES HR Consulting, works with companies who are considering hiring incarcerated or formerly incarcerated people. The job candidates have often been convicted for drug offenses, white collar crimes, sex crimes, and even murder.  Obviously, the idea of hiring people [...] The post Ep. 125 – Hiring Ex-Felons, with Kathryn Shibelski first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Today’s show is the first episode in our new season about hiring and retaining good employees in machining companies. Our guest is Scott Eighmy, co-owner and CEO of American Turned Products, a medium-sized precision machining company in Erie, Pennsylvania. Scott says his company is struggling like many manufacturing businesses right now to hire new good [...] The post Ep. 124 – Valuing Employees, with Scott Eighmy first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
With the latest news that unemployment is at its lowest in 54 years, we thought it was important to post this favorite episode about how to hire the employee who fits correctly for a specific position. Our guest on the podcast today is Brian Balasia, CEO and Co-Founder of TalentEi, a company that produces a [...] The post How to Hire the Right Person for the Job, with Brian Balasia—EP 148 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Nobody knows how the current tragic war in Ukraine will play out, but I hope that those listening to the second half of our interview with Dr. Andrew R. Thomas will get a little bit of new insight into how the conflict fits into the world’s energy economy. Andrew is an author and business professor [...] The post The Fracking Revolution and Ukraine Part II, with Andrew R. Thomas—EP. 151 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Today’s podcast is Part 1 of a two part series discussing the current state of the global energy supply and how it ultimately relates to the war in Ukraine. Our guest is Dr. Andrew R. Thomas, author and business professor at University of Akron. He has published 25 books, most of them at the intersection [...] The post The Fracking Revolution and Ukraine, with Andrew R. Thomas —EP. 150 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on the show today is my friend Miles Free, Director of Industry Affairs at the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA). Miles was actually the first featured guest on this podcast four years ago, and we are very thankful to have him back for episode 149. He is definitely one of the most passionate [...] The post Why the Machining Industry is Thriving, With Miles Free–EP 149 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on today’s podcast is Lauren Dunford, CEO and cofounder of Guidewheel. Guidewheel produces a sensor that clips onto a machine tool’s power supply to collect data while it runs. The data helps manufacturers understand what processes on the shop floor need to be improved and guides them toward solutions. Scroll down to read [...] The post Tracking Your Shop’s Performance, with Lauren Dunford—EP. 147 first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Today’s podcast is the second half of our conversation about Graff-Pinkert’s business in 2021. I particularly liked this part of the conversation because we dug deeper into our approaches to selling machinery, talking to people, and one of our favorite subjects—how to find serendipity. Scroll down to read more and listen to the podcast. Or [...] The post Upping Our Machinery Business Game, with Noah and Lloyd Graff first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Our guest on the podcast today is Reid Leland, founder and President of LeanWerks, a precision machining job shop in Ogden, Utah. Lean Works operates using open-book management, which means the company shares its financial information with all its employees on a regular basis. Reid says this transparent management style makes its employees aware of [...] The post Sharing What’s Working and What Isn’t, with Reid Leland first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
Two weeks ago, Mike Taylor inquired on a Tornos GT26 Swiss lathe Graff-Pinkert had for sale. He told me that for him the machine would be like buying a new motorcycle. If he bought it, he would spend months learning how to use it himself before expecting to make any money with it, and it [...] The post Innovation from Playing with Machines, with Mike Taylor first appeared on Today’s Machining World.
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