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The Savannah Zombie Podcast is brought to you by author Josh Vasquez. Uncut and unedited, he tackles subjects like writing, books, and all kinds of nerdy things as he drives to work. Support this podcast:
51 Episodes
This week I talk about the recent trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, well, not so much the trailer, but more about the Snyderverse, well, not so much about the Snyderverse, but more just the state of the DCEU, well, not so much... --- Support this podcast:
This week I take some time to talk about Marvel’s new show Wandavision and recap the first five episodes. I also talk about what I think might happen in the MCU so, you know, spoilers, maybe... --- Support this podcast:
Hey everyone! This week is I just fill you in on what’s going on author wise for me and the plans for the near future! Very exciting stuff! --- Support this podcast:
This episode I talk about why I think writing advice sucks and why sometimes it doesn’t. --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about relaunching the Savannah Zombie series, why I want to do it, how I’m doing it and why I compare it more to a Director’s Cut, than a full reboot. --- Support this podcast:
Haha, Jk! Same ol’ Josh up to his same ol’ tricks! But maybe you’re a new author this year or you want to be one, I throw down some fresh advice for you aspiring scribes! --- Support this podcast:
Now that season 2 of The Mandalorian is done, I finally got around to talking about season 1! I’ll cover season 2 but figured I had to talk about season one first! It’s a long one folks! --- Support this podcast:
Ok, so after listening to last week’s episode, I feel like maybe I was a little harsh on Disney’s take on Star Wars. This week I share some of the things I liked about the new movies and try to be more positive. --- Support this podcast:
Since there’s no big Star Wars release this year, I decided to look back at the Disney Star Wars trilogy, starting with The Force Awakens. I talk about my opinions of these films, and why the issues start with The Force Awakens in my opinion. --- Support this podcast:
Happy Thanksgiving and blackest of Friday’s y’all! This week I’m reading the first two chapters of North Pole Zombies, my Christmas themed zombie short story. If you like what you hear, you can read the rest right now for free on Amazon! --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk a little about writing North Pole Zombies, my Hallmark Christmas movie meets B-movie horror short story. What do you do when you get a really dumb idea? You write it anyways! --- Support this podcast:
This week is a bit of an update episode. I talk about the upcoming changes for the Savannah Zombie series. Exciting stuff in the future! --- Support this podcast:
I wasn’t ready to stop talking about zombies yet, so this week’s episode (sorry it’s late) is about some of the zombie video games that influenced me when writing the Savannah Zombie series. --- Support this podcast:
Finishing up October with not a zombie movie, but a zombie show that has been going strong for a decade now. Of course I’m talking about the Walking Dead. This topic needed a little more time so today’s episode is a little longer than usual. --- Support this podcast:
This week I continue the zombie movie that inspired me with Shaun of the Dead and a few other ZomComs. It goes off the rails quick with this one, so buckle up folks. --- Support this podcast:
The next zombie movie up is 28 Days Later, which some may say is not a true zombie movie, but those people are wrong! Find out why I think that and why this was one of the movies to inspire me to write the Savannah Zombie Novel Series. --- Support this podcast:
Keeping up the theme for spooky month, I talk about another movie that inspired the Savannah Zombie series, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. --- Support this podcast:
This episode I talk about how the movie Night of the Living Dead influenced me in my creative life, helping me shape the Savannah Zombie Novels, and now push me to make short films. --- Support this podcast:
On this week’s episode, I talk about the first project of Dead Pixel Pictures, filmmaking, and finish up with me gushing about some of the stuff released from DC’s recent virtual event, The Fandome! --- Support this podcast:
What’s up everybody?! I’m filling you in on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to in this episode! A bunch of new exciting stuff! New books! New movies! New feelings? I don’t know, my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet... --- Support this podcast:
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