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This week I start off talking about the zombie video game Left 4 Dead and after playing Back 4 Blood, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to talk about that too! --- Support this podcast:
This week I babble on about replaying Pokémon Red. I know it’s spooky season y’all, but I was playing this last night and just wanted to gush about it for a minute! Spooky content to come! --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about Venom: Let There Be Carnage and that juicy end credits scene! --- Support this podcast:
Little bit of a looser episode here y’all. I talk about some upcoming releases from Valhalla Books and a little bit about how I got sucked into TikTok. --- Support this podcast:
Hey y’all! Yeah his week I have a lost episode for you about the Matrix Trilogy. I recorded this before my summer break and have no idea why I didn’t upload it, but here it is, so enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
On this week’s episode I talk about how playing Minecraft can be helpful for storytelling and how I use it to get my creativity sparked. --- Support this podcast:
Hey y’all, my break from podcasting was a little longer than I planned but I’m back and just as disorganized as ever! --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about the car troubles I’ve had and how I feel like I’m spinning my wheels creatively, but as I look back on it, I’ve actually been slowly progressing forward. --- Support this podcast:
Hey y’all this week I talk about what I’ve been up to in my break and mostly about making covers for the paperback editions of the Savannah Zombie Novel series. --- Support this podcast:
Hey y’all this week I talk a little bit about publishing and then do a quick recap on Godzilla Vs Kong. --- Support this podcast:
I’ve been teasing it for weeks, but it’s finally here! No, I don’t mean Avengers: Endgame. I mean Tyson finally goes up against the Zombie Apocalypse! This was a fun one y’all and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it! --- Support this podcast:
This week I relaunched the Savannah Zombie Nobel series with Valhalla Books. I talk a little bit about that and some behind the scenes stuff about publishing a book. --- Support this podcast:
This past weekend, I was on the Adam Messer show with my buddy Adam Messer, author and publisher at Valhalla Books. He shared the audio with me so here’s a little taste of what his show is like. --- Support this podcast:
This week I recap my final thoughts on WandaVision wrapping up, Justice League coming out this week, and the new book covers for the Savannah Zombie series. Preorder A New Death: Director’s Cut here --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about relaunching my Savannah Zombie series and the differences in my life compared to when I originally wrote the books. I talk about the struggle of the “day gig” and how to work with that mindset as an author. I also talk about Pokémon, so there’s that. --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about the recent trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, well, not so much the trailer, but more about the Snyderverse, well, not so much about the Snyderverse, but more just the state of the DCEU, well, not so much... --- Support this podcast:
This week I take some time to talk about Marvel’s new show Wandavision and recap the first five episodes. I also talk about what I think might happen in the MCU so, you know, spoilers, maybe... --- Support this podcast:
Hey everyone! This week is I just fill you in on what’s going on author wise for me and the plans for the near future! Very exciting stuff! --- Support this podcast:
This episode I talk about why I think writing advice sucks and why sometimes it doesn’t. --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk about relaunching the Savannah Zombie series, why I want to do it, how I’m doing it and why I compare it more to a Director’s Cut, than a full reboot. --- Support this podcast:
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