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Pieces to Weight

Author: Julius Alejandro

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There are topics that are affecting the underbelly of our society. They are complex with no simple answers. Join Julius Alejandro, sociologist, and organizational leadership consultant as he interviews guests that provides perspective and give pieces to weight of understanding. Each session will cover a topic with a different guest to provide a perspective.
9 Episodes
When it’s Time

When it’s Time


Nicole gives the Black feminism perspective. Especially the intersection of Black Lives Matter, #Metoo Movement, & being a mother & wife.
Gerrlyn is a Filipina who is a lead organizer for the ACLU. She shares her experience in organizing for an underserved area.
It’s Okay to Cry

It’s Okay to Cry


Ronald is the only male guests for Session 1 on feminism. He shares from his personal experience made him an advocate for gender equality.  Ronald has self-published a book, 'Vinnie: a love letter' and by purchasing a copy you are helping his Young Brother Book Club that aims to help young black males in southeastern San Diego. Find your copy at
Not a Dirty Word

Not a Dirty Word


The Feminist Movement is mostly associated with white women. Kacie is a millennial white woman who understands her privilege and shares her view and takeaways.
We premiere our first session with Salina. She shares how being identified as Latinx and a mother to two infant sons has shaped her views on feminism.
Art Teodosio Jr. is a community organizer who led the Save PQ Village campaign. The campaign was part of the housing crisis to help displaced senior residents. You can contact Art at
Guillermo Mejia-Duclaud, Managing Director of MIND Hub share his perspective on the challenges for entrepreneurs in Tijuana, Mexico. Also, the potential opportunities with the United States and other countries. You can contact Guillermo at
Dialogue with Luis Marinez, founder & CEO of Melanin Mentor. He is an advocate for entrepreneurship in the Black community. He shares the challenges to empower his community. You can contact Luis at
I Will be dialoguing with different folks on leadership challenges they face in their respective communities.
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