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Author: Molly Keyser

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This podcast is for photographers who shoot boudoir or want to break into shooting boudoir. I call these photographers #BoudieBabes

A BoudieBabe is a photographer who is committed to empowering more women through the art of boudoir photography.

A boudiebabe is ready to throw away all their past excuses & turn their passion for boudoir into a full time photography business!

A boudiebabe doesn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of their goal to help others while changing their life & business for the better everyday!
26 Episodes
I'm coming at you with tips and tricks on where and how to shoot boudoir without a studio, and without a room! Let's go outside and shoot some amazing boudoir photos!
I'm sitting down to talk with Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer Cassie Bodner about how her business and her life have changed now that she's gone through the Boudoir Certified program! Her story is so inspiring and the transformation she experienced is unbelievable. Give this a listen!
Hey Boudie Babes! With the new year, I wanted to reconnect with my story and clue you in to everything that I've gone through to get to this point. From dropping out of college and shooting every single kind of photography under the sun, to building a 6-figure boudoir photography business and a coaching business, it's been a wild ride. Listen to my story, see if it sounds familiar, and then reach out and connect with me!
If you want to be a successful boudoir photographer, consistency in your services and avoiding burnout is key! That's why I have 5 Core Poses that I use for every client, no matter her wardrobe or style or shape, to make sure that I always have a solid gallery. Check out this week's podcast episode to learn what core poses are, what mine are, and how you can pick core poses of your own!
Setting the prices for your photography services and packages is an art form. Not only do you need to set them to cover your costs and make a living, but you need to set them to attract your ideal client, too! In this podcast episode, I'm walking you through the whys and hows to help you assess if your price list is attracting or repelling your ideal client.
You've heard me talk about my one of a kind program Boudoir Certified that helps photographers of every level build a six-figure business with boudoir photography. But did you know that there's an enrollment process? Yup! I don't let just anyone into the program. Listen to this week's podcast episode to hear why, and to see if you have what it takes to be a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer!
Getting new clients is exciting and fun, but getting repeat clients is when you know you're doing something right! I'm giving you a peek into my methods on how I wow my clients and encourage them to book a shoot with me again, assuring constant business and happy customers!
Struggling to find photography clients? Confused as to why you're not booked out yet? This podcast episode will help you reevaluate your marketing, platform, business, and presentation to uncover the secret reasons your business isn't growing, and how to fix it! This is a must-hear for every photographer out there!
Good customer service and an amazing experience are what will get your clients to buy more, recommend you, and become repeat clients! Today I'm giving you tips on how to elevate your client's experience before, during, and after the shoot!
I've had a lot of people ask me if a bed is absolutely necessary for a boudoir shoot, and I'm telling you the surprising answer!
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