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Join the sexual evolution and get ready for Sex IS Medicine!

Sex Is Medicine is your #1 resource for Holistic Sex Education.

Formerly known as Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward, Sex Is Medicine is a one hour radio talk show, that explores the connection between sexuality, spirituality, pleasure- and the impact that has on the health and wellness of your body, mind, and spirit!

Every episode is dedicated to awakening your heart and mind to the true purpose (and power!) of human sexuality. Get answers to your questions about all things sexual and spiritual, and learn the most practical and effective tools for living a life of sensual fulfillment, happiness and joy!

Discover the art of using pleasure as medicine, and reclaim your birthright to more joy, more pleasure, and more satisfaction in every area of your life, every week on Sex Is Medicne with Devi Ward.

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In this episode Devi speaks with Rakel Chafir, Author of “Free Your Body” about body shame, body freedom, finding alignment between what we want and what we believe we deserve and the TRUE meaning of confidenceWith everything that is going on in the world, it’s easy to believe that women’s ability to receive pleasure and experience ease in our lives and in our bodies is not the most pressing issue. But in reality, there is nothing more relevant we could be speaking about at this moment. The current state of the world is a reflection of a society where women don’t get to play a relevant enough role in decision making. That’s because most of us are too busy feeling insecure, afraid, and unaware that our worth is our birthright. When we restore our body self-regulating abilities and free our selves from the blocks and limiting beliefs about our bodies we have acquired from our upbringing and cultural environment, we can ground in our physical presence, access our true power, and crate a life on our terms.The journey to body freedom is not about becoming something that we are not, or forcing our body into shape, but rather returning to our truth. Within each one of us, there is a divine woman; confident, in tune with her body, able to experience pleasure and ready show up powerfully in her life. She is free from excess emotional and physical weight. She knows how to self-regulate and she is separate from the layers of insecurities and limiting beliefs that are covering her up. All we have to do, is be willing to reconnect with her. With that willingness and the right tools, we can start chopping away, and one layer after the other, see her come to life.Join us for this beautiful and freeing conversation…
Join Devi and Baljit Rayat as they discuss how we can use the Akashic Records to increase pleasure and sexual empowerment in our lives. Devi and Baljit dive deep into the shame attached to our sexual energy and how that shows up specifically for women of color, what the Akashic Records are and how they can help all of us activate our pleasure, creativity and connection to our sexual energy.Find out:-What the Akashic Records are, and how they can support your sexual energy and relationships-The most common type of blocks that can show up for someone who has challenges connecting to their sexual energy-How sexual blocks impact women of color and how that shows up in relationships-How doing shadow work in the Akashic Records can help clear trauma-How the Akashic Records can blossom our creativity
Can Kink and BDSM be a pathway for healing and self-realization? Devi speaks with kinky queer Sex Educator, Jaki Griot about using BDSM and Kink for greater self-awareness, self-connection, and healing!In this episode find out:1. What is Sadomasochism?2. How does this relate to trauma?3. What is the difference between hurt and harm?4. How to process pain in the kink context5. How to use sadomasochism to healTune in to explore your edges!
Join us for another episode of Ask a Sexologist! In this episode, Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners and ACS certified Sexologists Brion Craig and Dr. Chris Erickson answer questions about how to master non-ejaculatory orgasms for men (NEO’s), ejaculation frequency, and female lubrication… YUM!In this episode find out:*WHAT is a Hands free NEO?*How long does it take to achieve this?*Semen Retention with a partner*Ejaculation frequency*How wet is too wet?Join us at the end of every month for a playful conversation where we answer YOUR questions about sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.
What is gourmet sex and how can you begin cultivating this in your own life? Join Devi Ward Erickson and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners and ACS certified Sexologists Sunshine Ryan, Sequieta Whitfield, Saoirse Wang and Pollyanna Burton as they discuss:1. What is does it mean to have “Gourmet Sex”?2. How does this relate to Tantra?3. What concepts do we need to STOP doing?4. What do we need to START doing?5. How does talking about sex make it better?Join us for this very fun and inspiring conversation AIRING TONIGHT on our FB Page
Join Devi Ward Erickson and Certified Sexologist & Certified Authentic Tantra ® Practitioner Mark F. Barone as they discuss:- The Five Elements of Tantra- Alchemy & Tantra connections- Astrology & Tantra connections- Tarot & Tantra connections- Heart Chakra healing & consciousness- Karma & Dharma- Actualization/Embodiment- Healing transmission/medicinal connection & Enlightenment
Up until recently, there has been a noticeable lack of Black and Brown faces being promoted as instructors in the field of Western Tantra.Many of the “teachers” of both modern and classical Tantra in the West are white and have achieved “success” in part due to the structures of white supremacy, implicit bias, and social and financial inequities.But what impact does only having white Tantra teachers have on the ability of Black and Brown people to access these teachings? And what barriers are there for people of color in not only learning these practices but becoming Tantra Teachers?Join Devi Ward Erickson and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Certified Sexologist, and Social Justice Activist, Ahmane Glover as they discuss:- What is means to be an anti-racist- What are some of the ways racism and implicit bias are currently demonstrated in the field of modern and traditional tantra?- Why is it vital to address racism and implicit bias in Tantra?- The healing potential of these practices, specifically for Black people.- How to make these teachings more accessible.Tune in for this soul medicine!
How is pleasure connected to intuition? Can pleasure be a pathway for personal and spiritual realization? You know our answer for that, but tune in to this episode of Sex Is Medicine to find out how pleasure, intuition, and embracing “The Hedonistic Way” can guide you to greater fulfillment in every area of your life.Devi is joined by unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary Renee Mayne to discuss what it means to be fully human AND fully Divine and how finding the intersection between the two will amplify your life.
It’s been a tumultuous few months in the world of sexology and social controversy! First, Cardi B and Meagan Thee Stallion stirred the pot with the release of their single WAP (stands for Wet A** P*ssy...something I aspire to daily), and shortly thereafter, Netflix released the film “Cuties” which has been heavily criticized for depicting the sexualization of 11-year old girls.But is the movie “Cuties” actually promoting pedophilia? Or is it an accurate depiction of young girls "coming of age" in a world that offers them no rights of passage and no education on what it is to be a sexually healthy adult? And how does #WAP fit into this?This episode of Sex Is Medicine explores the recent controversy over #WAP vs. #Cuties and the connection between adult sexual expression and the impact that may have on our youth.• Cuties - what is the movie actually attempting to communicate?•What points in the film stood out as problematic?• Is there a link between “Cuties” and #WAP?•How do parents address these issues with children?• What the controversy around #WAP reveals about our society and how we view women and sexualityThis was a deep conversation about a deep and multifaceted topic. Tune in to join the conversation and let us know what landed for you in the comments below :-)Devi Ward Erickson Founder/Director of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education Rooted in Tibetan 5 Element Tantra • Trauma Informed • Government Certified Holistic Healing For Body/Mind/Sex • Tantra Is Medicine.“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” – Buddha
As the concept of being “trauma-informed” gains more traction in the field of sexology, it’s important to understand what it means for a practitioner or modality to legitimately be trauma-informed AND, what the difference is between being a trauma-informed practitioner and being a trauma therapist.In this episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi Ward Erickson speaks with Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners, Certified Sexologists, and licensed therapists, Kenny Beaupre and Mark Barone to clarify what it means to be “trauma-informed” in the field of sexology, and what to reasonably expect from practitioners who claim that orientation.IATE Co-Founder, Marci Weinstein also joins the discussion to shed light on how the Authentic Tantra modality showcases a trauma-informed approach to the practice of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra.Tune in to heal your heart and mind as you learn how to use Sex As Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson and Friends.
As many as 1in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 85% of this happen in the 1st trimester. For an experience that is relatively common, there isn’t a lot of discussion around it. The experience of miscarrying a wanted child can be devastating for mothers and their partners. Having the ability to talk about the experience can be vital to healing.In this episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi speaks with Blissful Birthing Coach, certified Doula, and CATP, Sunshine Ryan, and IATE Co-Founder, Alaina Salks about:* The societal "code of silence” around the experience of miscarriage* What are the benefits and draw backs of honoring or breaking this code of silence* What are some of the emotions mothers and their partners can experience after a miscarriage?* Dealing with feelings of guilt and betrayal* What is “Womb Healing” and how can it help?* Healing with and through community connectionPlus, Alaina shares her beautiful story and ritual for healing after miscarrying a loved and wanted child.*Please note~ If you have had a miscarriage you may find this episode triggering. Please be mindful of having support when you listen.Tune in to listen and heal, only on Sex Is Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson and Friends.
Devi speaks with Self-love and Relationship expert, Eden Adele about how couples can cultivate more intimacy, connection, passion, and pleasure in the times of COVID. They also discuss how to prioritize health and safety when dating during these uncertain times. Tune in for another enriching conversation about using mindful pleasure to create a better life!Tune in to find out:*Creative ways couples can navigate quarantine and social distancing.*Navigating boundary issues in small spaces*Dealing with COVID related stress*How to date safely during COVID
Join us for our monthly panel of sexual healing experts.This episode of Ask a Sexologist answers questions from our lingam owners about semen retention, ejaculation mastery, and recovering sensation after circumcision.Find out:*How long does it take to correct porn induced ED?*How to prevent semen “leakage”*Semen consistency and the energy body*Using semen retention as both control*Healing after circumcisionTune in to find out the answers to all of this and more on Sex Is Medicine ~ C*ck Talk with Devi Ward Erickson and Friends
Most people focus on... sex... to try to grow healthier sexualities. But what if focusing on worthiness and receptivity, healthy boundaries and sharing your heart are the real secrets to mind-melting bliss?Listen in as Devi and trauma resolution educator, Rachael Maddox discuss:- The 7 archetypes for post-traumatic growth, and how you can call on them for your sexual liberation- The top 3 things to know if you're a coach, healer or guide working with someone who has sexual trauma- Boundaries as a gateway to bliss: do you know your yucks and yums?- What inner-kid healing and ReBlooming Your Sexuality have in common- Breaking the collective sexual trauma spell: why your personal sexual healing is political
We are turning the tables for this episode of Sex Is Medicine! Devi Ward Erickson is interviewed by Kriste Peoples, Founder of Black Woman's Alliance of Denver, Colorado. They discuss how sexual and non-sexual Tantra practices can be used to heal and release trauma from the nervous system, transform suffering, and cultivate balance of body, mind, spirit and sex. Tune in for this delicious and enriching conversation specifically designed for Black Women.
Being in a toxic and abusive relationship leaves deep unhealed wounds emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and even spiritually. Dragging toxic baggage and traumas from past relationships to new ones can only create an upgraded version of toxic relationships. Are you ready to break free from this toxic cycle of attracting unconscious, poisonous and painful relationships? Are you ready to heal the wounds that hold you back from reclaiming your body, mind, voice, choice, and power? Are you ready to be free and attract that amazing person in your life?In this call we will cover:* How to create self-love rituals to release toxic emotional baggage that are blocking your manifestation energy.* Why and how healing emotional and sexual trauma, before dating someone new is critical.* How to recognize your self-value and why you must embrace it.* What mindsets or emotions may be blocking you from attracting a love partner.* Awaken your love archetypes (parts-of-self) to attract an incredible lover into your life.* Boundaries and how to create clarity around them.
Do you have questions about sexuality, spirituality, tantra, and healing? We are here to answer them! Join us on the 4th Thursday of every month for “Ask a Sexologist” where our panel of ACS certified sexologists and Certified Authentic Tantra practitioners will answer YOUR questions about sexuality, healing, pleasure, and personal growth.In this episode, certified sexologists and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners Karen Craig, Lucia Vasquez, and Rosie Bitts join Devi Ward Erickson to answer questions about: •The relationship between orgasm and enlightenment•Porn addiction and ED•Squirting vs Peeing•Making time to self-pleasure•Threesomes! Are they as awesome as they seem???Find out only on Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson and Friends!
We at Authentic Tantra® know, without a doubt, that conscious sexual pleasure IS in fact medicine that has the potential to heal deep-seated traumas, re-regulate the nervous system, and repair traumatized neural pathways. But are there instructions for using sexual pleasure and orgasm as a manifestation tool? “Sex Magic” is a buzzword these days in the field of Neo-Tantra and some schools of Sexology, but is Sex Magick a real practice that can help you manifest your desires? And is the way it is currently being presented, often as a “get rich quick tool”, an authentic representation of the history and roots of this powerful practice? Join Ms. Devi and Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners and ACS certified sexologists, Marci Weinstein, and Fox Butterfly Eden for an in-depth conversation about the magical manifesting power of sexual pleasure!Find out:What sex magic actually isThe historical roots for sex magick in different traditionsDifferent ways to practice “Sex Magick”What can it help you manifest?Ultimately...Does it work???Find out ONLY on Sex Is Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson and Friends!
Join us for a powerful, authentic, and deeply moving conversation about sexual healing for Black men in America. Devi Ward Erickson is joined by Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners Brion Craig and Vayne Thomas Jr to share their personal journey of overcoming and healing racialized trauma and reclaiming their birthright to safety, connection, self-love, inner wisdom, and POWER!In this episode find out:What are some of the issues that affect Black men specifically in the realm of intimacy and sexuality?How does Black history in America affect Black sexuality today?What has your journey of sexual healing looked like?How can Black women support Black men in healing?
Devi Ward speaks with Kelley Mountain, Intimacy and Wellness Expert, about the pure and beautiful desire that men innately have to serve and please the women in their lives. They will also discuss the blocks that keep them from being able to do so. PLUS the struggles men face with the social disability they have been born into, that is ill-equipped to guide them into being “good men.”Find out: - The social disability that men are born into in this world- The essential role of mothers in creating "good men."- The misguided info men receive about how to love a woman, what she needs: stimulation of many layers of intimacy.- Boundaries that women need to establish and maintain in order to attract the right kind of men into her life, and that also help to generally guide men in how to interact with her.- General types of verbal communication that men need from women.- The responsibility that men have to evolve themselves past the limited status quo that they have inherited. The world needs them. Women need them.- Women with high standards and strong boundaries is what is going to help the men step into their empowerment and better themselves with. AND MORE!
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