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Author: Herdwatching

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Herdwatching discusses the narratives that are all around us, the tools and techniques used as well as the motives. Along the way we also discuss current events, politics and culture.
44 Episodes
JANUS v. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNTY, AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES, COUNCIL 31 is an incredibly important ruling. However to understand just how important? You need to know how unions operate politically in symbiosis with the DNC.
"President Trump met with ""Rocket Man"" to discuss the future of the Korean region. How did we get here? What was the outcome? What happens next? Settle in and let's talk about it all."
I love the way Candace Owens thinks the quote that broke the internet, let's talk about it.
Let's talk about the fantasy of Trump / Russia collusion, and why we can now definitively say it's always been a lie.
Let's talk about the attempt to shut down Roy Moore, the nature of "listen and believe" and returning to a world where evidence matters.
"Let's talk about the intersection of free speech and private forums, what's happening and what it all means for discourse. ALSO follow Riding Herd..."
These are my initial thoughts in the wake of the Charlottesville  events and violence. I'll have more to add another time...
"Following the shocking news that Trump Jr. might have had a meeting with a Russian lawyer who has shady political ties, there is much to discuss! Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 07/11/2017"
Over the holiday, CNN decided to shed the last of their claim to journalism and threaten to destroy a private citizen unless he issued them an apology. It is clear now CNN feels it is their place to punish "wrong think".
Funny how it's no longer a referendum on Trump now that the DNC got it's butt kicked. What are the implications?
"As the violence ramps up from the left, let's have some straight talk about the context. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 06/14/2017"
HW33: Comey Chameleon

HW33: Comey Chameleon


"Let's talk about the Comey testimony and what it means for the deep state... Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 06/11/2017"
"Talking about the decision to pull out of the Paris Treaty and the tactics of the left when discussing ""climate change"". Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 06/02/2017"
HW31: Trump Rising

HW31: Trump Rising


"A quick take on Trump in the middle east, the collapsing ""Russian hax!"" narrative and the question of Seth Rich... Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 05/26/2017"
"Let's talk about the push-back against Trump in Washington and how the silent coup is playing out. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 05/17/2017"
"The concept of healthcare as a human right to be paid for by others is deeply flawed. Unfortunately, the ethical issues embodied within it never find a home in the debate. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 05/06/17"
"Because their arguments are emotional, the positions of the left cannot stand up to discussion or debate. Their growing reliance on violence to shut down speech reflects this. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 04/26/17"
."Let's talk about the media and why you folks need to chill out. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 04/13/17"
"Trump and the Syria strikes, a fast take on what and why. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 04/08/17"
"The growing evidence for Obama misusing intelligence data for political gain. Initially posted to Facebook Live! on 04/03/17"
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