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Author: Belle Dameron

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A somewhat whimsical overview of current events and important social issues, where we explore history, politics, social justice, news, literature, online culture, and modern media. Dialogues and explorations of concepts through the lens of multiple types of media and entertainment. Segments include the Reference Desk (deeper explorations into important concepts), Citation Needed (fact checking news stories and online rumors), Multimedia (how current events and issues are portrayed in movies, TV, and books), Children's Literature (reviews of relevant children's and young adult media), and more.
4 Episodes
In this episode we look at some of the fallout from the Helsinki Summit and the press conference that followed it, during which Putin said he would like Russian law enforcement to question certain American citizens. Who does he want to talk to, and why? We go into some recent Russian history.
This bonus episode consists mainly of audio recorded during the drive home from the press conference at Sheridan Federal Prison last Saturday. It includes some initial impressions of what I'd learned and some additional thoughts about the detainment of immigrants and separation of families. While much of the factual information is duplicated in the main episode, this is a more raw, sometimes emotional reaction that I think is very valuable, given what is happening in our nation right now.
In this episode, I report on a press conference I attended after Senator Merkley's visit to Sheridan Federal Prison in Oregon. From there we take a look at the effects of trauma on young children, especially immigrant children separated from their families and held in detention centers.
In this debut episode of Belle's Library, we visit the Reference Desk to explore the history of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and its role in the history of American English, as well as its influence on today's social media. We'll also take a look at some recent headlines about immigration that are very emotionally charged, delving into them to separate fact from rumor in Citation Needed.  
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