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Author: Jill Roberts Psychic Medium

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Welcome to Psychic Today, where amazing things happen. I will talk about everything mediumship, crystal, shaman, Tarot, and Lightworker related. Many topics will include discussing different crystals, developing psychic senses, how to do Tarot and Mediumship readings, distance healings, Shamanic journeyings, different divinatory tools, enlightenment and Awakening to who we are at core and soul level. We all deserve to live extraordinary lives and I intend help with that in every way possible! Let's take this journey together! Support this podcast:
37 Episodes
• Grief, Mediumship, Channeling, and Healing •--- Support this podcast:
Crystals and Sacred Sites! Learn about the Vortices and Beauty of Sedona, Arizona as well as the corresponding Stone!--- Support this podcast:
Meteorites and NWA4420!

Meteorites and NWA4420!


The Powerful Energy of Meteorites plus the NWA 4420 Meteorite that is particularly useful for opening the etheric chakra systems and expanding awareness to new heights! --- Support this podcast:
Learn about the different types of Power Animals! Information about Lori Morrison's Book on Shamanism and Power Animals along with her explanation for the Eagle! --- Support this podcast:
The Law Of Attraction and Vibrational Ascension, Why the LOA isn’t Working & the Word of Duality!--- Support this podcast:
Learn about Sauralite Azeztulite and Black Azeztulite! Both are Part of the New Consciousness and Energy Vortex Power Stones!--- Support this podcast:
Amazing Stones to Connect with the Earth's Consciousness-Kauralite· Circle Stones & Coromandel Stonewood!--- Support this podcast:
Learn about the Satyaloka Azeztulites! Three Different Vibrational Ascension Stones! Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite • Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite • Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite • --- Support this podcast:
Learn about Shamanism, Shamanic Journeying, and The Three Worlds!--- Support this podcast:
Cinnazez and Golden Azeztulite • What they are and How to use them to Awaken Your Pineal Gland (Seat of the 3rd Eye) and Raise Your Vibration! --- Support this podcast:
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