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Join Award Winning Media Host, International Best Selling Author, Founder of the Straight Talk for the Soul Global Teleseminar Series & Spiritual Intuitive
CARI MURPHY in her intention to create a transformational UNITY COMMUNITY of millions around the world! Following a near death experience in 1997, Cari's mission became clear. She is dedicated and devoted to sharing divinely inspired messages of empowerment, healing and joy to IGNITE THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL as we ascend in consciousness during this powerful time of change on our planet.
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Are you unnecessarily weighing yourself or others down with demands, requirements or patterns of external reliance? Are you burdening yourself with obligations that deplete you and shrink your light? Are you ready to release all of that and step into a new, empowered reality that is reflective of the new earth potentials available to you?This broadcast and Unity Community is designed for AND dedicated to expansive self realization and pure soulful awakening and presence! As new earth paradise partners, light leaders, cosmic crusaders and purposeful pioneers we are alive to explore new divine pathways into higher states of consciousness. We are alive to be pioneers of personal transformation, expanding our potential for experiencing conscious connections and partnerships, clear condition-FREE connections and richly rewarding relationships! Listen in as I expand on this empowering topic and provide soulfully activating messages to inspire transformation -- from the inside-out!
Let's Harmonize the Heartbeat of Humanity and Express the Essence of our Oneness in the Family of HUmanity! There is a Renaissance of Consciousness available on our Planet that Requires a Renewal of your Radiance! Let yourself be a ~Treasure of Transformation~, Alchemizing the limitations of 3D Reality while being an Instrument of Activation, Purification, and Awakening --- Actively Accelerating the Ascension of this Planet through Your Purposeful Participation as a Conscious Crusader of Unity Consciousness on New Earth! Are we cultivating Patterns of Purification or are we Perpetuating Patterns of 3d Programming that divide us from others rather than unite us with them? Now is the time to Dissolve Duality and Divisiveness and Amplify Appreciation. When we begin to embody and radiate new earth qualities of love, kindness, and compassion and choose to see beauty in ALL (without demanding or requiring anything outside of us to change) we serve as pillars of light igniting Unity Consciousness!There are multiple timelines and realities existing simultaneously on our planet. What exists for individuals in one timeline is not even present in another. The chaos or division that exists in one reality is simply not present in others. This has everything to do with our frequency, our vibrational habits, our vibrational choices and the energetic environment that we cultivate and participate in from moment to moment. If someone is rooted in divisive ways or duality programs, it is not our responsibility to transform them. Messages like this are intended to be offered and received by those who are ready to receive them.Part of what perpetuates duality consciousness and division on our planet is humans needing to prove their positions. Embodying Unity Consciousness means SEEING THE SACREDNESS in all. It's cultivating a compassionate lens and embodying the energies of Peace, Purity, Prosperity, Purposeful Participation, Presence, Positivity, & Playfulness! These are all energetic elements of New Earth Paradise. Possibilities and Potentials are Infinite in this Arena of Consciousness. Open your Wings of Light and let's Glide together into New Expansive Portals of Potential TOGETHER!
YOUR EMPOWERMENT HOUR! This week's broadcast is devoted to ALLOWING,Activating Affirming, & Amplifying Your Abundance! Our energetic currency will always match our financial currency. Our frequency is the foundation for everything that reveals itself in our experience! The flow of abundance is as narrow or as broad as the attention we give to it or the expectation that we have of it! Abundance cannot be realized in a state of stagnancy. This show is a soulful invitation to replace resistance and rigidity with relaxation and rejuvenation. Together, let's move any stagnant or stuck energy so that you get into the FLOW. Together, let’s intend to energetically elevate the energy of abundance!The outer world and our external reality cannot display or materialize the riches of our soul until we first honor, celebrate and realize them from within. As you intend to step into that river of riches within you each day, honoring and celebrating the beauty of your soul's light, you will begin to see a river of riches in your reality.This show is an opportunity to claim your readiness to be glorious and victorious in your capacity to create new earth paradise for yourself! When you enter into each new day ready and receptive, doors will open. Intend to be ready for a revival of riches, soulful riches in your life! Imagine if all of us became Abundance Ambassadors… Abundance Activators… Abundance Amplifiers! So the question is, will you proclaim yourself as an abundance ambassador of this planet? Say "YES!" and join us!
Your 5D Communication UPgrade -> Sovereign Expression, Divine Delivery & AbSOULute Transparency Your Voice is the Transmitter and Receiver for Your Soul! Is your voice being utilized as an instrument of condemnation or celebration, separation or unification? Is it contributing to the cultivation of your consciousness or the collapsing of it? Is it allowing for growth and healing or is it perpetuating problems of the past? Is it causing you to be a prisoner of your past or a conscious crusader and pioneer of your future? Is it creating a loving world or a hostile world?We hold the power to consciously up-level our life experience with our voices and our choices. This impacts not only our personal ascension journey and evolution as a soul, it impacts the evolution of our planet and the progression of our collective consciousness. We are here to play an empowering role in the creation of new earth, yet we must choose to claim that role as a purposeful participant!This is an opportunity and invitation to upgrade the quality of our communication with ourselves and others to allow a 5D consciousness and reality UPgrade!Our soul goes through cycles of purification, refinement, expansion and evolution where we have the opportunity to enhance and upgrade the totality of our expression in the world. On this show I will focus on the refinement of our expression, the vocalization of pure truth and the intentionality with which we can deliver deeply purposeful messages that reflect our highest expanded state of consciousness in every moment.When we set the intention to be harmonizers, our voice becomes a tool for progression rather than regression. It becomes an avenue for heart to heart connection and a vessel of illumination that brings vibrational value into the world! This accelerated alchemy is a choice, option and opportunity for each of us during this monumental Ascension process on our planet. Join us LIVE AT 12 NOON PACIFIC FOR YOUR 5E UPGRADE! -->
Are you ready to realize NEW arenas of consciousness by claiming the power of your intention and attention? Are you ready to daringly declare your devotion and dedication to dancing delightfully with the divine? Each lifetime we have the grand opportunity to explore every option available on this planet – like a buffet and decide the direction our soul will take. When our choices generate harmony, peace, unity and empowerment, we thrive on a soul level. A CONSCIOUS exploration fueled by love leads to liberation. My intention is to bring forth pure progressive purposeful information that will ignite the light of your soul and illuminate your highest potentials and options so you claim creative control of your life and realize the keys to spiritual freedom, advancement and evolutionary progress. We become very powerful when we are purposeful! Join our sacred circle and UNITY COMMUNITY! We welcome you with open arms! or into Your Weekly Empowerment Hour with Cari Murphy! The Cari Murphy Show: Ignite the Light of Your Soul is RELAUNCHING and will be live every Thursday at 12 noon Pacific!This broadcast is devoted to your empowerment, your evolution, and your liberation! It’s time to release any remaining veils of illusion that have disconnected you from your divinity and step boldly into your role as a New Earth Paradise Creator and Designer. This is a sacred space and UNITY COMMUNITY designed to ignite 5d consciousness and higher dimensional playing fields of potential!If you crave A REUNION WITH SOUL FAMILY and intend for authentic success that flows from the inside-out, this show is for you! This program can be likened to a weekly vibrational multi-vitamin for the body, mind, and spirit. Cari presents lively, passionate, intuitively led talks devoted to energy dynamics, personal transformation, healing, ascension tools, tapping into our creative potential, spirituality, the evolution of the soul, global awakening, authentic success, and empowered living.Cari integrates spiritual, energetic and psychological perspectives that are grounded in the intuition and ancient wisdom that has streamed through her consciousness since her near death experience in 1997. Cari reveals insights into awakening the human spirit, expanding spiritual awareness, and living harmonious, fulfilling lives. Each week she offers divinely inspired information including ageless truths about our eternal, limitless nature, along with empowering perspectives, and personal stories to put the LIGHT in enlightment! or Clear Courageous Crusaders of this New World, we are alive at this time to lead with our hearts and embrace our birthright to delightfully DANCE WITH THE DIVINE and anchor peace and harmony in our hearts. It's time to fully disconnect from the duality storyline from the fear playbook and connect to the UNITY storyline from the LOVE playbook! Will you join us and participate? Now is the time to explore the vastness of your consciousness mansion, embrace your role in this ascension adventure and realize yourself as a DIVINE human! It's time to take Flight, Beacons of Light!
What kind of life do you really want to live? What quality of experiences do you wish to have? What emotions do you prefer to feel most often? What relationships would be most rewarding and fulfilling for you? What brings you the most joy and satisfaction? Are you tapping into your innate passions and letting them flow? Are you doing things and interacting in ways that cause you to smile frequently and often?We are alive to enthusiastically explore and experience life to its fullest. It’s up to us to decide the varying degrees of fulfillment available to us from day to day. That said, this is also a free will planet with an infinite number and variety of timelines, realities, decisions, reactions, responses and experiences available. We have the option and opportunity of selecting from multiple realities, and key component to remember is that we need not all experience the same reality nor are we intended to! Often times people postpone their happiness or delay their joy waiting for something or someone to be different. This show is dedicated to reminding you that you need not wait for your family, your neighborhood, your work colleagues, or the entire planet to sync up with your desired reality for you to experience joy! Don't wait for external change to appreciate the blessings of selecting a divinely designed reality for yourself! My primary message for today: Do NOT delay or dull the fullest expression of who you are! Your purpose is to remember your divine nature and express it as fully as possible while in your physical body. Personal mastery doesn’t wait. It doesn’t wait for others to choose to embody their light before it radiates that signal of love. When we can embody divine love as fully as possible no matter what’s going on around us, then we upgrade our service to the whole.
This truly is the time of awakening! We are alive at a time of human evolution (a time of ascension) when we have the capacity to fully awaken to our eternal divine nature while in physical form and reap the rewards of activating our potential. Igniting our creative potential gives us the power and possibility to experience safety, security, serenity and sovereignty from the inside out. It’s realizing that we are not puppets on strings, and that we ARE the creative engines that set into motion the realities of our lives. Change and evolution are inevitable, yet growth and expansion are a choice.The awakening of your power is a game changer! Join Cari as she takes you yet another empowering soulFULL adventure!
Full recordings and special offers available at StraightTalkfortheSoul.comFeel warmly welcomed into this beautiful (and familiar!) Unity Community and to your Lemurian Soul Family on this powerfully activating call with Letina! Lemurian souls are waking up all across the planet!As Letina speaks the Language of Lemurian Unity, you will feel a powerful bubbling up of knowing who you truly are.Letina and the Whale Unity Heart (The consciousness of the whales) work in tandem to Re-Birth your Lemurian Soul, and uncover your purpose work in this lifeIf you led to this call and you are on your awakening / ascension path right now, this has been designed by you! It is no coincidence. You are ascending with Gaia as she is ascending, and you are holding a bright light point on this earth today. It is time to bring your inherent Lemurian spiritual gifts and talents to the world!Learn about The Language of Lemurian Unity Invocations- this a set of 12 mantras and symbols.used to ‘Turn on your Pleiadian Love Light." Those who work with these invocations are allowing their higher dimensional Pleiadian aspects to come to life!Experience Lemurian Unity with a sacred ancient light language – a ceremonial language from Lemuria, flowing through Letina to fill your cells with light and unlock your cellular memory to allow YOUR Lemurian soul to be awakened!
Are you feeling burdened by new decisions and responsibilities? Now is the time that we are reconfiguring what's out of balance, within us and around us. As this global/collective detox is occurring on our planet (and felt strongly by intuitives and empaths), we can turn what appears to be a challenge into an opportunity. YOU have the power and potential to affect change within the current global climate and human condition by aligning (vibrationally) with our soul's truth and with your divine plan. We gathered today in a sacred circle to support you with this. Listen in as Cari and Micheila offer insights to support you in heightening your divinely designed manifesting potential. Plus, experience TWO channelled messages/meditations; one from Mary Magdalene one and Isis to stabilize any feelings of insecurity, urgency, fear, or uncertainty. Replace low energy and lack of passion with organic inspiration, divine truth, faith, trust and divine knowing. This is the power of coming together. Allow courage to become a cultivated practice in your life and find FREEDOM through your spiritual practice. This is the key to your liberation; from the inside out!
If you are feeling overwhelmed, fearful, or anxious with the new energies and these changing times, then you need to know about Crystologist Angie LaRue’s work with her Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed and Crystal Arrays!These are incredibly powerful and potent transmissions utilizing crystal circuitry to restore damaged blueprints in the body and energy systems to their original, perfect state. Listen in as Cari and Angie take questions regarding the healing power of crystals, how to clear and charge them, which crystals are best for thyroid issues, confidence, the importance of drinking water when working with crystals and more!Plus, experience two impromptu (requested) transmissions from Angie that listeners had powerful responses to!!Experience these powerful crystal arrays yourself that are specifically created for self love, magical blessings and good fortune, balancing masculine/ feminine energies, love and magnetic attraction, courage/progress/stamina, renewal of relationships and partnerships, strength and self expression, resolution of conflicts, enhancing charisma, sharpening decision making skills, connection with divine truth AND MORE!!Access all shows and special offers at
Let's join our hearts as divinely resurrected, holographic humans and galactic citizens to experience the final healing of separation consciousness!As we stand in our power we are able to anchor the new timelines and transmissions of the higher, diamond-like, photonic light now flooding our planet and create the changes we’ve been yearning for. This is our opportunity to take our place as the new leaders of the planet, and help fulfill the prophecy of the completion of the original purpose of humanity, which is to be of service to the world and to lift all into ascension.The Masters are sharing with us that the time following this pandemic will be all about you; what you want to make of it, and what vision you want to create for yourself and the New Earth. Because of this unprecedented time, they are offering a unique opportunity to activate The Way of Enlightened Empowerment within you to catalyze the unique part you choose to play in helping to create the greatest moment in the history of all humanity! The rising solar flares, the pulsating diamond plasma light, and the Masters are all creating a path for you to step into your divinity and become the empowered leader that you’ve always dreamed you could be.Join Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germaine, the Great Mahavatar Babaji and Yeshua as they each bring their own transmissions to help activate the specific part you choose to play in creating the New Golden Age of peace, love, and prosperity for all. These beloved Masters have called this opportunity just for you… to inspire and empower you to begin the process of rebuilding the New World after the chaos of the pandemic. Give yourself this gift from the Masters to awaken your power and bring forth your highest vision of the New Earth of peace and prosperity that will lift us all into our greatest dream of ascension.Access special offer at
Are you ready to trade your traumas and toxins in for vitality, harmony and healing?Are you ready to detoxify your brain and feel clear and ready to step into your true, divine purpose in this lifetime?Are you ready for relief from chronic pain, anxiety, stagnancy, fear so you can move into a state of love as we co-create this new earth??Learn about and experience set of harmonic sound tones from Adalina and the guides and cosmic and angelic collectives she work with to powerfully address the neuronal structures in your brain to allow for a deep, transformational healing™, transmuting what is no longer serving you!Adalina finds neural pathways throughout your brain to rewire certain functions, such as eating, sleep, releasing abusive relationship patterns, overcoming addictive behaviors and letting go of old trauma and stories about yourself that have been holding you captive from your best life.Using her gifts as Spirit’s co-worker, Adalina downloads specific key codes of light and sound into your structure to change your cells, overriding conditioning received from your parents and societal conditions, as well as things you brought forward into this lifetime from previous lifetimes. Communicating on the Akashic level, these light and sound key codes also work on the epigenetic level, bringing forth fresh energy and guidance to your body’s natural codes to express in a more balanced and stable way.NOW IS THE TIME to step fully and confidently into your mission. Your light is being requested and YOU are being invited to ask for the assistance you need to transmute the traumas and fear and step boldly and confidently into your role as a way-shower of new earth!For special offers go to full show recordings, go to
We are being called (as lightworkers, starseeds, and wayshowers) to create our own inner and outer sanctuaries in our homes to allow the new earth rainbow and freedom comes to flow through us in the silence, in the stillness, and in the solitude. Through simplifying our lives, becoming clear and discerning about our inner values and those we choose to include in our journeys as our soul families, we will emerge from this powerful transition as the brilliant new humans we came here to be. Allow the layers of shadows to collapse with ease and as you make the conscious daily decision to relax, breathe, open and receive.There are multitudes of angels, higher beings of light, cosmic collectives, and star nations available to assist each and every one of us navigate our way through these challenging times. Ask for help. Go within and listen. The answers will reveal themselves. Catherine is a wonderful intermediary for all of these beings and can assist you in realizing who you are, why you're here and what gifts and abilities you are intended to ignite and share - in your unique role as a co-creator of this new earth!On today's show we covered a lot of ground, including:Why it's beneficial good to know your astrological charts, designs, & patterns The ways that Catherine empathically channels Your Unique Blueprint and holographic design, as well as removes veils and outdated soul contracts by looking through the eyeglass of Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys and Universal patterns to consider your highest skills & purposes developing through these powerful times we are in!What's going on in the stars for 2020 --> A Psychic weather reportWhat is the big picture in the stars? where are we all moving towards? What the Aquarian age is, and what genetic codes are waking up as we approach 2027How do we maneuver through these times with balance and grace What timelines are being activated, overlayed now and contributing to this unknown time. What is the new human?Plus... tools to support our immune systems and ascension AND MUCH MORE!To access special offer, go to access full recordings of all shows go to
Can we really reprogram our cells to Eternal Youth? (YES! Incorporate the following "I AM" statement to support this --> "I AM DIVINE PERFECTION!"Can Cutting edge ingredients in our skincare repair and rejuvenate cells and DNA, while reversing signs of aging? (YES!! Listen in to learn more!)Jules OFFERS A POWERFUL ACTIVATION AT THE END OF THE SHOW intended to code the new human (US!) with the eternity code!! She also reminds us of our power to consciously command our cells into new states of rejuvenation and restoration! Jules incorporates clearing old frequency beliefs (within our consciousness) and replacing them with higher frequency beliefs with her ability to energetically trace where/when a belief originated to allow for a shift and transformation INTERNALLY which then transforms the physical appearance of the individual! As a vibrational therapist she has taken her scientific and spiritual knowledge and created an evolutionary skincare line consciously created with Gold, ORMUS, and Energetic Intelligence. With ingredients inspired by both nature and science, these *All Natural Skincare Products* restore you to the state of natural vitality!! This is high frequency skincare!! Bio-Coded Frequency Skincare is the key to Reverse Aging:this is Skincare brought to life through the evolutionary ingredients of ORMUS and Bio-Coded Scalar Energy. We can bring the frequency of youth and vitality into the cells through coded skincare. NOW is the time to feel revitalized, rejuvenated and RADIANT!Access Jewels special offer at all recordings at
It's time to go on a miracle watch with us and begin noticing all the mini (and grand!) miracles available to us all, even amidst all the current uncertainty and change!This was a fun, uplifting and exciting call as Sue connected with callers and listeners, providing them with the names of their angels! We learned about many angel specialists such as Angel Tara (angel of Love), Angel Katrina (angel of prosperity), Angel Evelyn (angel of manifesting), Angel Bettina (angel of creativity) and more!We also shared quick, easy and fast ways to raise your vibration plus...A better understanding of Angels and how they generate successA new way to live and thrive by having an angelic support systemA variety of Angel First Aid Techniques to bring joy and prosperityMessages of hope for a happier future based on Angel guidance with your life’s purpose!For full recordings go to StraightTalkfortheSoul.comTo access Sue's special offer go to
Receive Divine Light Transmissions to support your highest transformation in this new timeline for humanity! Learn more about this Ascension Timeline and the Personal Timelines you can select to optimize your experience! (choose opportunity and creativity timelines over scarcity, separation and fear timelines)Tune into the frequency of compassion, gratitude, and service to activate your DNA & Begin dedicating yourself to your CREATIVE EXPRESSIONLovingly release fear programs that resonate with the old paradigm as we integrate sacred light information from Source Tap into your unlimited potential to consciously create the reality you desireLearn tips to support and accelerate your ascension journey at this time of transition and change on our planetAttune to the powerful frequency of Divine Love as Galactic, Angelic, and other high dimensional guides speak, sign, sing, and tone Divine Light Languages through Velentaya Full recordings at and special offers at
It is my greatest wish that this show with Tom bring you additional inspiration, support and RELIEF and of course the sense of community that it’s so important right now with this global pandemic regarding the corona virus. Over 10,000 people, including myself, receive Tom’s scalar light treatments daily, and I can personally attest to the remarkable health benefits I have experienced (AS WELL AS MY PETS AND FAMILY MEMBERS!) I can also attest to the absolute integrity and divine nature of Tom‘s character, his generosity of spirit and his devotion to this work. I have known him and have interviewed him numerous times over the past 10 years and admire and respect all that I’ve seen, witnessed and experienced first hand. He goes into greater detail about how Scalar Energy works and more on the showLife is certainly changing for all of us and it’s giving us the opportunity for reflection… And opportunity to slow down and shift from fear to freedom. We are here to empower you and provide support and love during this challenging time. This is a powerfully dynamic multi layered situation that is affecting all of us in a variety of ways including physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically economically and financially, environmentally and politically. It is an opportunity and catalyst for much needed change on our planet. It’s important we are active participants in creating change and that means each of us personally addressing all levels of what’s happening within ourselves and so We have this wonderful opportunity right now to use this enforced social distancing time to truly nurture ourselves and our loved ones; it’s a beautiful time for soulful introspection and reflection and to commit to whatever spiritual practices will support our empowerment best, and let’s remember that it is compassion and kindness with ourselves and others that brings true harmony. More about Tom's work --> Recent discoveries as of March, 2012, led Scalar Researcher and Inventor Tom Paladino to the conclusion that viruses can likewise be transmuted by this process of broadcasting scalar energy. Emboldened by these discoveries, he desires to present the world with the solution for ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections. It is his belief and statement that the scalar energy is capable of transmuting ALL pathogens thus presenting the world with the SOLUTION for thousands of pathogenic diseases.The Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse will disassemble and eradicate the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. That is, the identical protocol utilized to disassemble other viruses is administered to negate the molecular bonds of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Once the COVID-19 virus is disassembled it ceases to exist and no longer poses a threat to human health. Scalar light breaks apar the molecular bonds of viruses. Scalar light treatments are breaking up the coronavirus. Scalar light sessions are administered remotely and painlessly twice a day thereby preventing a person from developing advanced symptomatology of COVID-19.THIS IS GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! THE SCALAR LIGHT PATHOGENIC CLEANSE IS PROVING TO DESTROY THE CO-VID-19 (CORONA) VIRUS!In closing, please be kind to one another, my friends, and in addition to thinking thoughts about thriving through all of this and taking the precautions necessary, let’s also do whatever we can to promote a sense of empowerment and relief in our world right now. Let’s turn our focus and attention to love, warmth, kindness and wellness AND SOLUTIONS.. Resisting anything or fearing anything compromises our immune system and therefore sharing and spreading love and empowering information is key to emerging from this planetary event as successfully and gracefully as possible.With much love always,CariFor full recordings of all shows go to www.StraightTalkfortheSoul.comFor all special offers from our speakers go to
Soul alchemy is taking place right now on multiple dimensional levels. Imagine all of your timeline potentials and past history shifting through a huge time machine being equalized and integrated. This is what Micheila believes is taking place not only in our personal lives, but on the planet as well. It isn’t an easy process, but well worth the effort if we are willing to meet the rising energy differently than we have in the past.As the earth vibrates faster, we are receiving multiple opportunities to transform our reality. To usher in the fifth dimension, everything must change – our monetary system, businesses, schools, and government. The beliefs that have sustained them have shifted dramatically, causing a massive wave of energy that has been leveling hierarchies within. We are literally bearing witness right now to a vibrational change of mass proportions affecting all areas of our material lives.New earth is rising up just beneath the surface. Listen in as we talk about how we can support ourselves and each other through this incredible time on our planet! Plus... Cosmic perspectives on the corona virus; we are entering into a new timeline for humanity!The significance of being calm, present and allowing our creativity to flow as we rediscover what FREEDOM TRULY MEANS!Seeing old identities falling away with compassion and gentle release while accessing higher soul fragments Celebrating that we have greater access now to our oversoul cosmic container to reveal multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves that will support us NOW!Experience a group transmission to support you with everything happening on the planet!FULL RECORDINGS FROM ALL SHOWS AT STRAIGHTTALKFORTHESOUL.COMSpecial offers can be accessed at
All change begins and ends with working on ourselves and everything is energy! If you are feeling down and losing hope, please know and trust that FAST AND PROFOUND SHIFTS REALLY CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU!!RELIEF, REPLENISHMENT, RESTORATION AND RENEWAL AWAIT YOUExperience a series of clearings as Jimmy works with callers on a variety of stresses, ailments and challenges WITH RESULTS HAPPENING IN MINUTESFEEL the shifts happen for YOU. You deserve to feel alive, happy, prosperous, passionate and joyful again!Access full replays and offer at