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This is NCR: North Carolina Recovery All Ways. Our podcast is geared towards creating a safe a safe space for those in recovery and their allies to have conversations about sustaining long-term recovery.
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Episode 79: Rob Archuleta

Episode 79: Rob Archuleta


Rob is a PhD student and in recovery he is an executive Director at Crossroads' Turning Points, Inc.  The largest substance abuse treatment center in Colorado, he is also the co-founder of Addict2Athlete, but is no longer associated with the program. Rob is a 4 Time Ironman, Ultra Spartan and Crossfit competitior with over 14 years of recovery. 
We are back! This episode is our first ever solocast. Just me, describing what has taken place over the last few months & why we took such an extended break. It was tough yet liberating to get honest with you guys about my recent struggles. Leave us a voicemail to be played on a future podcast on the NCRAW Hotline 828-365-8486 Subscribe to email updates: Patreon: Music: RZA- Build Strong Notez- Bloody Toes
Episode 82: Lindsay Hiken

Episode 82: Lindsay Hiken


Lindsay Hiken is a middle-aged mom, entrepreneur, triathlon junkie, person in long-term recovery and host of Age Groupie Podcast, a podcast for amateur endurance athletes. Available everywhere you listen to podcasts.  We want to thank our sponsor Spiritual Adrenaline for supporting us along the trip. Be sure to grab a copy of Tom's book Spiritual Adrenaline: A Lifestyle Plan to Nourish & Strength Your Recovery from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 
Pam is the cofounder of the first recovery high school in the state of Oregon. Riley graduated from the recovery high school featured in the documentary Generation Found & has partnered with Pam to open the first Alternative Peer Group in Oregon. 
We toured the Recovery Cafe Seattle and spoke with David Uhl, Executive Director of Recovery Cafe Network.  We want to thank our sponsor Spiritual Adrenaline for supporting us along the trip. Pick uo a copy of Tom's book Spiritual Adrenaline: A Lifestyle Plan to Nourish & Strength Your Recovery from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Spiritual Adrenaline: A Lifestyle Plan to Nourish and Strengthen Your Recovery Become an NCRAW patron:
Haywood Pathways Center is a faith based 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in Haywood County that provides adult and family emergency shelter, halfway house for men and women recently released from prison, short term residential program for individuals seeking life transformation and community kitchen providing meals to those living in the shelter and within our community.
Octavius Boozier 
Episode 76: Jeremy Stalls

Episode 76: Jeremy Stalls


Having moved to Asheville from Hampton Roads, Virginia (near Virginia Beach), I have fallen in love with the energy of Western North Carolina as a whole but particularly the Recovery community. After 20 years of heroin use, and everything which that entails, it sometimes feels very surreal to find myself in such a magical place, both literally and figuratively. Having been given this profound gift, my top priorities are sharing my experience, both personally and professionally, with others on journeys of their own. Life has in every sense of the concept become about the journey and not the destination. That is true freedom and what more can I ask for?
Kevin sits down with us to discuss the state of Peer Support in North Carolina and what to expect next from the movement. 
"I’m Kelly Nicewonger. I am a person in long term recovery from substance use and major depression. I have been clean for over 7 years. I have worked in the behavioral health field for the last 4 years as a peer support specialist. I’m still very active in my program. I have a home group and still attend at least four meetings  a week. I’m actively working with my sponsor and sponsees. I try to give back what was given to me through service work not only in my fellowship put in the community at large."
Trevor Gates is twenty-three years old, from Sylva North Carolina. He attends Southwestern Community College enrolled in the Human Services and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. He will graduate with both degrees in May of 2019 and transfer to Western Carolina University to study social work, sociology, and psychology. He will be getting his bachelors and masters in social work with a minor in sociology and then a doctorate in clinical psychology. He is a person in long-term recovery from mental illness and disability. He is a person with a "disability" or as he prefers to say “disadvantaged”. He is severely vision impaired, nearly completely blind to be exact. He firmly believe that recovery is a holistic lifestyle that all can find healing and wellness through. His life's purpose is working to improve the quality of life of others.
Episode 72: Lindsay P

Episode 72: Lindsay P


My name is Lindsay and I identify as both a recovering addict and a person in long-term recovery. (I believe my professional hat gives me a more open approach to some of my language today; however, my personal 12-step alter-ego loves to shine thru, too). I was born in beautiful Asheville, NC and have been on the move ever since! Moving around a lot as a kid, an only child at that, probably played a part into the insecurity and displacement I felt growing up. My solution became fantasy and attention seeking. I enjoyed making people laugh to feel validated and my need for attention was also met in times of "performing" and "pretending". I later kicked it up with drugs and alcohol. I sought the fun, feel good, easy going life. I wanted to be the life of the party and tell jokes at the sight of any real emotion to cover up the trauma of feeling lonely and different. I was growing up with an alcoholic dad and mental mom. Eventually, the party stopped and at a young age I found myself struggling to finish school parents that didn't know how to handle me. Another geographical move and somehow I managed to finish school and was pregnant with my first kid. Fast forward years later, I thought "happily ever after" would save me. Married, kids, house... happy right? Again, covering up my insides- I went back harder to the drugs and alcohol. This time, they would win. I gave up the marriage. I gave away the kids. Finding myself homeless, hopeless, and convinced I would use until I died, I had completely given up on myself. It was that alcoholic dad, a power I would later find, and a small spark of willingness to do something different that saved my life September 21, 2012. A 12-step fellowship, a final bid in county jail, a treatment center and sober living are a part of my story. I've not found it necessary to use since that day and am grateful for it beyond words. 
Episode 71: Shelli Buckner

Episode 71: Shelli Buckner


Shelli Buckner discovered the blessings of recovery in 2011 while practicing employment and civil rights law in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In 2016, Shelli moved to Western North Carolina and began working in the Legal Assistance Office of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians where her work focused primarily on representing survivors of domestic violence.  Now a Tribal Prosecutor, Shelli continues to serve as a volunteer for the Lawyer Assistance Program, sharing her story of recovery and renewal with lawyers throughout North Carolina.  
At Reach Recovery we focus on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of each individual that walks through our doors. As people in long term recovery, the doctor and staff understand the difficulties and complexities of those suffering with addictive disorders and provide encouragement and hope for success and sustained recovery.  Dr. R.T. Reach had lost everything to the disease of addiction and found himself morally and spiritually bankrupt in the middle of Mexico. Through the miracle of 12 step recovery he was able to restore his life, family and career and is now celebrating 17 years of active recovery. He is grateful for the opportunity to share this with his patients and community.  Jenny Reach is a grateful recovering addict who rose from the depths of her addiction to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist. She is currently in school to pursue her dream of attending medical school and becoming a doctor. With almost 6 years clean, Jenny is active in the 12 step recovery community in Asheville and has been a CPSS for 4 years. 
Hours after the wedding we sat down with the newly weds to reflect on the days events. Dusty Kincer and Heidi Davis joined in on the action with cameos from Bianca Dardeen, Rachel Taylor and Deija Burgess. 
Clayton has been in recovery for 4 and a half years. He started working in the field with about a year clean and has grown and made it his passion to help others and put them in the position to succeed. He is the Director of Business Development for Asheville Recovery Center and father of 2. 
Understanding that mental health, trauma and addiction experiences do not occur in isolation, Re-awaken intends to explore the knowledge base and experiential journey of social connection, compassion and meaningful action. These three themes underpin the spirit and value of the workshops and all other aspects of Reawaken Australia. 
Episode 66: Ashley Meehan

Episode 66: Ashley Meehan


Ashley has been in Recovery for over seven years. She is passionate about helping others and finding ways to connect to individuals who share the same struggles and need hope for recovery. 
Emily Malloy lives in Asheville, NC and works in child mental health with early intervention.  Most of the clients ages 3-5 that Emily works with are 95% victims of sexual related trauma. Emily a survivor of  date rape in high school.  Emily kept this  secret for a long time which lead to at the age of 15 struggling with a eating disorder off and on for 8 years and dabbling with diet pills and cocaine in her early twenties until she almost overdosed on cocaine.  Emily has spoken at universities during April’s sexual assault awareness month this past year. Emily has been on a survivors panel at the Living in a Me Too world conference this past fall. This March Emily had the honor of being one of the keynote speakers at Survivor Knights in Philadelphia. Emily creator of The Mindful Evolution project believes in helping fellow survivors share their story through a creative platform of photography and videography. Emily is a member of the Speakers Bureau for RAINN and in sharing her story her hope is to help break the silence because if silence is a predator's best friend then we must rise up and support each other. "For ten years, addiction stole my life and my joy. During these years, I experienced incarceration, homelessness, domestic violence, and severe sexual trauma. I tried many times to get clean, and never succeeded. One year ago, I bought alcohol and drugs and went home alone with intent to kill myself. I was absolutely miserable and broken inside, so broken that not even my children, my relationship, my family, or friends could fix it. What happened next was truly a miracle, an act of God. Love showed up in the form of so many humans. I was given an opportunity to participate in a 30 day program in Florida and the amazing group of individuals who work here showed me what true healing and recovery is all about. It saved my life. Today I was surrounded by my family and friends who have become family. Today I have real joy. Today, I can heal. Today I have a voice and help be a voice to survivors. Today I can love and be loved. I am so full of gratitude. Miracles do happen. In case you forgot... You’re loved. You matter."~Jenée Haynes
Episode 64: Jeremy Sharp

Episode 64: Jeremy Sharp


Jeremy Sharp is a small business owner from Dahlonega Georgia who recently moved to North Carolina to take a job with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition as an Out Reach Worker. Jeremy currently sits on the board of Directors for Georgia Overdose Prevention and has served on the BOD for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. In 2014, Jeremy helped develop and pass Georgia's 911 Good Samaritan Policy. As a student at the University of North Georgia, Jeremy wrote his school's medical amnesty policy and worked with the Medical Association of Georgia to help equip all 32 state university police departments with Naloxone. A drug used to reverse opioid induced overdose.
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