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Author: Tim Villegas

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The Think Inclusive Podcast features interviews and commentary with thought leaders in inclusive education and community advocacy. Support this podcast:
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Today on the podcast, our guest is Dr. Julie Causton, creator Inclusive Schooling, an engaging community for educators, administrators, and parents who seek to create more inclusive schools.  We discuss six strategies for families who desire for their children to be educated in an inclusive classroom. Follow Julie and Inclusive Schooling on Facebook and Twitter!--- Support this podcast:
Today on the podcast, our guest is Dr. Erin Studer, principal of CHIME charter school. We discuss how CHIME has made full inclusion work since the 90s and how they can serve as a model for what is possible for schools in the United States and beyond.Follow CHIME on Instagram and Twitter!--- Support this podcast:
Lou Brown | Progress

Lou Brown | Progress


Today on the podcast, our first guest of the new season is Lou Brown, co-founder of TASH (an organization that advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs) and Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin. We discuss what supports for students with significant disabilities looked like before 1975 and the progress that we have made since then.--- Support this podcast:
Season 7 Podcast Trailer

Season 7 Podcast Trailer


On this, our 7th season of the Think Inclusive Podcast, we will explore why, despite three decades of research that inclusive education produces better outcomes for people with and without disabilities, and a rich history of case law that interprets inclusion as a right, not a privilege for a select few, the promise of inclusion continues to be a struggle for students and their families.We will hear from school administrators, researchers, editors, and many more voices from disabled advocates, educators, parents and other stakeholders who desire to see a more inclusive world.Go to to subscribe or wherever you listen to podcasts.Don’t miss an episode.--- Support this podcast:
#29 Marci Heit | QD Foodie

#29 Marci Heit | QD Foodie


Do you like to play with your food? Of course you do! Today on the podcast we have Marci Heit, the founder of QD Foodie (, an innovative company that has produced a fantastic set of kitchen tools created with people of all abilities in mind. Learn the origins of this Kickstarter success story.--- Support this podcast:
We started something new this week and almost none of you knew about it. Our (slightly) failed experiment only strengthened our resolve. We want to hear from YOU (our podcast listeners)! What do you think is the biggest barrier to inclusion? Also, if you are brave enough to answer, what is your dream for inclusion? To leave us a message call (470) 315-0912 and we may use your voicemail on a future podcast. Don't be shy. We love that you download, listen, and share with your closest friends. Have a great week!--- Support this podcast:
Today on the podcast we have paraeducator/blogger Renay Marquez. We talk about the story of her starting ParaEducate and resources to help paraeducators modify curriculum in inclusive classroom. We also talk about what steps educators can take to help move inclusion forward wherever they are.--- Support this podcast:
Today on the podcast we have filmmaker Jen Tennican. We talk to her about her most recent project, Hearts of Glass, which she sees as an opportunity to raise awareness about local, sustainable food production and the need for inclusive, fair-paying job opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.--- Support this podcast:
Today we have Annette Jett, the executive director of the non-profit Build Inclusion that provider of employment services in the state of Kentucky. We talk about what Pre-Employment Transition Services are and how you might be able to access them in your state. This interview is full of helpful tips about transition services so you might want to take notes.--- Support this podcast:
Today we have special education teacher Beckett Haight. We talk about his experience with differentiation and inclusion as an educator working on three different continents. We also discuss his recent TedX Talk, "Teaching Every Student CompSci or How to Code is Not the Answer."--- Support this podcast:
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