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Author: Snehal Singh

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My name is Snehal Singh and I’m here to motivate and inspire you to live a life of more abundance, love and meaning. Each episode invites you to listen to your inner voice, create your dreams and learn from the experts.
With the world evolving and the spiritual awareness increasing, sometimes we forget the basics of living the life. Happiness and Joy sometimes stay just mere words and Soul Velocity's attempt is to help you lead the life of fulfillment. Tune in for some amazing tips and lots of funny conversations.
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32 Episodes
Life and its mysteries... Listen in for some amazing tips from a successful, experienced Business Woman  --- Support this podcast:
Spiritual journeys are so different for each one of us.. Lets see what Priyanka has to share --- Support this podcast:
Spirituality and Life doesn't have to be a serious conversation everytime. It can be light and fun too.... Grab a Chai to listen in and have fun  --- Support this podcast:
Sweta has changed her life by owning her shakti - She shares her perspective on life --- Support this podcast:
A Publisher, and a Best Selling expert - shares her journey  --- Support this podcast:
Gender dysphoria awareness is what Olivia Talks about. She speaks from her heart and has a message for a lot of parents. --- Support this podcast:
Neural Semantics Expert - who shares how we can live in the now - the present...  --- Support this podcast:
Ask & You Shall Receive - Listen in to amazing conversation with Chloris --- Support this podcast:
The Big D... Let's be real about it.. Be aware before judging .. Lot more interesting talks with Dr. Preet Kaur --- Support this podcast:
Fitness, journeys, life, and so much more... Some wisdom nuggets and some fun --- Support this podcast:
Health is the Key ... Living life on your terms is true freedom --- Support this podcast:
Its amazing to meet someone and feel an instant connection... Tanmayi expresses her journey. --- Support this podcast:
Nature has its way to speak to us and Animals have their way to connect with us... Learning new ways of communication and also facing some fears... Real - Raw and Fun  --- Support this podcast:
Yoga- A Way of Life - By Shruti Anoo --- Support this podcast:
One Life Many Journeys Author - sharing her perspective and giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate  --- Support this podcast:
Michelle is an amazing coach and speaks her heart out- Just being Raw and Real --- Support this podcast:
Life is all about taking one step at a Time... Rubina shares her perspective --- Support this podcast:
It is about not giving up. You never know how life will surprise you...  --- Support this podcast:
Pradnya and I started this journey 2 years ago--- Listen in to know - how this book was born Launching September 21st 2020 Get Your Copy Here - --- Support this podcast:
TINUKEMI OLAOYE Tinukemi Olaoye is a Corporate Trainer, a Certified Career Coach, a trained Counsellor and a Lawyer. Her personal mission is to inspire and empower people to live and work with purpose, passion and productivity. She is a Learning and Development Professional at Ingenivos, a company that helps individuals and organisations to define and achieve transformational learning and development goals through consultancy, training and coaching. Tinukemi began her career as a Lawyer thirteen years ago, and with a cumulative of eight years as a Corporate Trainer and Career Coach, she has designed and executed several programmes for the staff and management of top organisations in Nigeria including: Lafarge, Interswitch, Seplat, First Bank, First Registrars, Union Bank, Fidelity Bank, Rain Oil, Friesland Campina WAMCO Plc., The Lagos State Government, Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS), Daystar Christian Centre, and Addosser MFB. Sheis a Conference and Events Speaker and her audiences have varied from entrepreneurs and undergraduates to corporate executives and pastors. She is the Author of 99 Legal Questions Answered, The PAID Workbook and Create Your Ideal Career. You can contact and connect with her at TinukemiOlaoye.Com. --- Support this podcast:
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