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Making every little thing an adventure, Jody-style
49 Episodes
The AiJS 4th Anniversary Episode! Tom and I are driving home from Vermont, Tom insults all the listeners, we discuss the end of Jody’s retirement, ponder whether or not your earholes can get bigger, not using bunk beds, editing the podcast down to 3 minutes and 5 seconds, and how Jody wrote  the lyrics to a song Outlyer produced and performed. At the end you get to hear the final wonderful song! Get a cool beverage and enjoy! 
Episode 48: Find out what happens when 7 friends staying in a Disney vacation condo sample Brach's Late Night Taco Truck jelly beans after having dinner and drinks at the Grand Floridian resort. I won't spoil the surprise, but they are about as good as the Thanksgiving candy corn from episode 46 (possibly because they are made by the same company).  This episode features Tom, Tim, Eric, Carolyne, Eve and CeeCee!  Note: Audio quality is as good as we could get it. Recording 7 people on one device in a room with 2-story ceilings was not my best decision ever. Neither was eating these jelly beans.
EP 47: Oh So Thankful!

EP 47: Oh So Thankful!


Episode 47 covers dog sitting, the using smart bulbs when Amazon is down, and Jody and Tom driving around Maine looking for ice cream. Everything one could want from episode 47!
You know the Brach's "Thanksgiving Dinner" candy corn everyone is talking about? Jody, Tom and Tim ate a hearty meal of turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, apple pie and coffee [candy corn] so you won't have to!  And really, you shouldn't. 
Episode 45, the only episode that talks about both trampolines AND wedding mimes, and features everyone's favorite guest, Tom! As a special treat, Noxema gets another shout-out (in audio actually recorded in December 2020. Finally, I apologize for sounding like I ate gravel and look forward to asking everyone I grew up with if they were attending trampoline parties that I was knowingly excluded from.  Joke's on them, because I would have brought the Hi-C!
We're back! Won't ask if you missed us, we'll just assume you did.  We're pulling the band-aid off and getting back into your ears with some stuff we've been squirreling away since the beginning of the year. There's more where that came from, but you'll have to wait for the next episode! For now, relax with a nice snack and enjoy quick discussions about Taco Pie, Clowns who kidnap pets, pudding and I guess what you might call "buoy ASMR." 
Everything you ever wanted to hear about Christmas. We have your bad Christmas movie (Santa's Christmas House}, the 1-5 scale Christmas light ratings, and of course, howler monkeys. But seriously, none of that matters when I say these words: "poisonous elbow sacks".  We here at Adventures in Jodysitting hope you have a mentally and physically healthy holiday this year. It's a tough one and we hope this brightens 20 minutes of your day.
Another Jody and Tom in the car episode!  How long do you have to live somewhere before you can be considered a local? Jody thinks less than 7 years. Also, everything she knows about country clubs she learned from Caddyshack. Be the ball. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s time to pondering a Hall and Oates classic. She may be gone, but we have a lot of questions. This episode brought to you by the Apple Maps app thinking we were still in Fort Lauderdale. Oh how we wish that was true!
I really do want to make clear up front that sometimes we invite Tim over for dinner and we don't feed him weird cake or awful beverages. But sometimes we do, and when we do, we like to record the results. My friend Jane posted a recipe for "Beef Fizz" on her Facebook page so of course we had to run to the store and get the many, many ingredients. Condensed beef broth and ginger ale and lemon juice, the holy trinity of things one sort of considers sometimes when mixing drinks. Please enjoy quick takes on vacation, eating al fresco and other bits of flotsam before we share Beef Fizz with you. Salut! 
It's the 2nd anniversary of Adventures in Jodysitting! Who knew that a podcast started on a whim 7/4/18 would still be chugging along?  You did. You knew.  You'll be delighted to know the anniversary episode is all about CAKE! Yes, in your honor, I present the 2nd weird cake episode! I think this one is even more bizarre than the earlier Ketchup Cake episode (and the cake tasted better).  This episode features Mike, Kimberly, Debra and Allison giving our special cake a taste test! The results are all in episode 40!
Episode 39 is finally here, and yes, we have more rabbit conjuring (the best kind of conjuring) and some discussion about prison exercise plans or something.  You know, like the 38 previous episodes but with a higher number.  Keep an eye on or for photos and videos of the baby bunnies!
Episode 38 didn't start off as a rabbit-themed episode but damned if I didn't become a rabbit conjurer when I wasn't paying attention.  It's also an al-Tom episode, so if you like bunnies, Tom or Animal Crossing, you'll probably find something to love with this one.  We take a walk and discover my new superpower, find the place in my neighborhood where Bigfoot probably lives, discuss my animal crossing bathroom, and find out that Jody is not a fan of men wearing pajamas during the day. Photos of my awful "Jody Sitting" animal crossing bathroom can be found at
Episode 37 was recorded prior to all hell breaking loose. I was in my car, a thing that hasn't happened in a week now.  We talk about  My business trip and eating at the Shady Maple Buffet A one-off Commute to RI: is this interstate or intrastate and can a police officer from a town an hour from here pull me over? Is the horn on a mini “robust” or does it sound like a weak goose? Can you have an upscale restaurant at a zoo? 
Jody tells herself that she's previously written songs (somewhat true - she wrote a great rewrite of "I am 16 Going on 17" about work relocations) but this is the first one she's ever written to just to write a song.  Certainly the first one ever submitted to people running a song-writing contest!  This song was not an official entry in the contest, just a one-off to prove if Tom and Mike can write songs, so can she.  Download the track on or on the Spintunes bandcamp .  Tom said he'll help me get it on Spotify as soon as I pick an artist name! (I'm under "Just Ducky" on Spintunes.)
Episode 35 - the Superb Owl episode! Tom and Jody need to buy chips for the Superb Owl. Jody gets bitched out for not making a birthday cake, and invents a new form of iced coffee. There is a recap of a New Year's Day Adventures in Jodysitting fan club meeting, where logic prevailed and we did not impulse buy a deep fryer. THIS time.  Finally, isn't about time I get a nanny?
Episode 34 - If you were thinking we wouldn't be able to fit more poop into the podcast, you'd be wrong! And if you thought I was bringing it up on purpose, you'd also be wrong!  We also squeeze in talk about grocery shopping for addictive snacks, why my house hasn't won any holiday light awards, a quick pondering about changing a holiday display on church property and special guest Tom answering a question about bags of soil. Because we're still celebrating Christmas the old fashioned podcast way! 
In Episode 33 it snows not once but twice, even in autumn. I get a gift from my mom, and ponder the Need for accuracy in the Old Farmer's Almanac. The segments are not in chronological order, but that shouldn't crush your enjoyment of them, or how they make you ponder if there are legal specifications for what constitutes a fork. All the Jody you can handle in one tasty episode.. 
Episode 32 is your Halloween episode, even if you are listening to this days or weeks or months later! It's still all about Halloween! Hear about my costume, and ghost hunting. I do not talk about candy even though I say I will.  Best of all, special guest Curt talks about how my face was bleeding in public, and our favorite topic for the 2nd episode in a row, poop! 
In Episode 31, I wonder if the car in front of me is actually the reincarnation of someone's dead Nonni, wonder if Batman has to take the Batmobile in for a state inspection, and best of all, review Duncan Hines microwave cake with Tom and Tim.  Featuring expired frosting AMR, Tom whispering in your ear, and comparing chocolate frosting to poop (you were warned).  I also follow up on the topic of recording insect sounds with some...insect sounds.   CW: Food, Poop, Bugs
Heads up/content warning: I say the word gun about 20 times in this episode but only in relation to a business i drive past. Additionally, my computer becomes sentient and participated in the podcast, Boffo Yux Dude Tom and I discuss the "need" to record insect sounds, and finally, I realize it's either a good idea, a bad idea or a great idea to hand out ice cream to strangers from the trunk of your car. We have a lot of fun, plus a special intro for MBMBAM fans.
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