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Author: Amber & Shelley

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DIY OR DIE is a podcast about DIY, Mental Health, art, music and much more. Join us as we talk openly about mental illness & erasing the stigma surrounding it, our lives, the DIY OR DIE ethos and much more.
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Amber is back for another Mini Ep. This ep was recorded at the start of August. I (Shelley) have been very depresso and its hard for me to do things and I feel bad about that. But! Amber is actually running another zine workshop this sunday the 9th of September at IRL infoshop on Ashley St West Footscray Amber is launching their zine ‘UGLY’ at the Old Bar on the 16th of September. Come along! We're working on recording a few full episodes in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that and better quality.
Fully Sick Book Club Sorry about the audio quality of this Mini Ep but Amber has a lot of important things to say and you should listen regardless
CW for the circle - mentions of suicide, sobriety, killing children women and unborn babies, mentions of animal cruelty Amber will be in the “Queer Here!” exhibition on tuesday (TODAY) the 17th at the Old Bar with our friend Rachel Morely amongst others In this ep we talk Q&A, why we aren’t vegan & why we like DIY as an ethos Some reading I did re: Veganism,8599,2110890-2,00.html If you dont listen to the ep we arent eschewing veganism because we hate vegans, we think being vegan is a admirable goal and we’d both like to move toward it in the future, but for health reasons it’s very difficult for us to be vegan/vegetarian right now, and for some people its not achievable
An article that I got some good info from: Check out our friend Niwa’s music: RL Civil on Spotify and Bandcamp (@rlcivilmusic on instagram), & POUT on Bandcamp Follow Amber on Twitter: @amberisblue Evelyn Ida Morris (non-binary artist) instagram: @evskins Monica’s Socials: Comission an A4 piece from Mon for $40 through the end of July from mon @baby__mon on instagram & follow Mon's female & non binary art collective o@creativefolkcollective on instagram
Amber and I dogsat for Michael over the weekend, had a sleepover, and watched a lot of TV and Movies. We also recorded this at 2-3am. Things we talked about: Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, 9 to 5, Selena & (briefly) Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix Special Adam Ruins Everything - Fast Fashion Episode: At the start we were laughing about the comments on this video: Article on ABC about plastic straws and people who need them Don’t Stab Me - Way Shit @creativefolkcollective on instagram
Mentions: Email us for our Terminology list at The book Amber mentioned is: A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women: Essays on Art, Sex and the Mind, by Siri Hustvedt The episode of Adam Ruins Everything about Art is Season 2, Episode 5. Shelley also incorrectly said 'they have the donation deducted off their company tax' when I should have said 'income tax'. The Article on Medium by Chole Dykstra (please note this contains the details of her abuse at the hands of her ex-partner both emotional and sexual) (Chris Hardwick used to own the Nerdist Podcast network, hosted the after-air talkshow for the walking dead, hosted a show called @midnight and fans of his have defended him online, saying that she is trying to ruin him because he's famous and she wants to be famous or something? I don't know a blocked a lot of them on twitter. She never mentioned his name but due to the timing & other things he was identified) Also sorry there is weird high pitched audio interference. My microphone is at least 5 years old, and we use what we've got.
This episode Amber and Shelley get together and talk about how they got into Zines, what art they're working on, have a chat about what medication they've tried and talk about some bands which have a DIY OR DIE ethos Mentions To commission a portrait from Ziggy: Zine Shops: Melbourne – Sticky Instutue Sydney – Repressed Records and The Rizzeria Brisbane – Junky Comics Bands:
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