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Own Your Power with Tandy Pryor

Author: Tandy Pryor

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I’m Tandy Pryor. I’ve always been a strong, visible person—as a mom, realtor and healer people often called me “powerful.” But I wasn’t. Holding onto shame and confusion about my own story kept me small, broke and exhausted… I would go from feeling expansive, confident and certain of my ability to make money to absolutely shrinking in my life, business and bank account—and back again—again and again, year after year.

I was so ready to earn more, live more and be more. I set out to change things. To change me. And in the process, I honed my ability to spot very quickly exactly what’s blocking a person from stepping into their power. And I discovered that it's when we find our voices and claim our power--that's when we can change the world.

That’s when we can finally stop making excuses and tolerating all the things that keep us small and are not in service to our truest, most powerful selves. That’s when we can charge the rates that match who we are and make the money that allows us to live amazing, potent and meaningful lives. Today, I’m on a mission to free entrepreneurs so they can stop blocking what is good from their life and know what true power can do.
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Rachel DesRochers is the founder of Grateful Grahams, an artisanal graham cracker company; the Incubator Kitchen Collective, a non-profit providing kitchen space, business support, and mentorship to food entrepreneurs; founder of The Good People Festival, an annual free music festival; and Kitchen Convos, a podcast showcasing the personal stories of the regional food community. Rachel has received numerous local awards and was a semi-finalist for Martha Stewarts American Made Award and awarded the Local Luminary from Slow Foods Cincinnati. Rachel is a passionate believer in the power of gratitude and the role of food in creating of community. Her mission goes beyond making a great cookie: she also wants to impact her community with positivity and action.
Tandy Interviews Madeleine Eno
Tandy Interviews Nancy Aicholz, President and CEO of Aviatra Accelerators
Tandy interviews Mavis Linnemann-Clark of The Delish Dish based out of Kentucky.
Tandy interviews Hypno-therapist and adoption specialist Coach Paula Dieck
Tandy interviews successful entrepreneur Andy Patrick
Tandy Interviews Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365
Tandy interviews Michelle Andersen of Flourish By Design and
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