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Author: Mark Calvin

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Welcome to the Calvin's Class Podcast. A collection of thoughts, musings, and ponderings designed to empower, educate, and encourage others to better every day. Support this podcast:
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Let's make life  a little better for all of us by sharing the load.   --- Support this podcast:
Life is about choices and that is no more evident than right now. Can you stand by your decision? --- Support this podcast:
There are so many reasons why people do not get their high school diploma.  Life can be brutal and throw you off track.  Keep in mind that it is NEVER too late to graduate!  You can still get your diploma!  Look into options in your area.   If you are in the Wichita, Kansas area, contact us at the Haysville Learning Cafe.  Enrollment opens August 4th for the Fall semester.  Click the link below:  --- Support this podcast:
You might not have thought of it this way but people that have been hurt by someone or something in their lives tend to lash out on others thereby hurting them with the same pain.  We need to be careful that we do not push our pain on others or accept pain from others that we do not deserve.   More info and training available at --- Support this podcast:
Ladies and Gentlemen, fear is our enemy.  Quit being afraid.  Be cautious, but don't be afraid.  Protect you and yours.  We will get through this together.  Take Time To Think - turn the TV off, put down your phone, grab something to drink, and find a quiet spot.  Let  your brain process.   Use your noggin.   --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever faced a task or a seemingly insurmountable chore that was beyond comprehension?  How do people overcome incredible tasks and opportunities?  Let's find out! Facebook:  @calvinsclasspodcast --- Support this podcast:
In a situation where you are comforting someone in their last hours, what do you say to them that has any value? What words will have meaning?  Let's explore some thoughts on that concept.   --- Support this podcast:
Most of us live a reactive life.  How do we transition to a proactive life?  No answers, just ideas.   Follow me: Twitter: @Calvin's_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast --- Support this podcast:
Wha cho dream?

Wha cho dream?


Just like the line from the Movie Pretty Woman, "Everybody that comes to Hollywood has a dream.  Wha cho dream?"  That is one of my favorite lines from that movie.  What is your dream?  There's another quote that I heard regarding dreams.......and survival.  What is it?  Listen in!   Connect with me:  Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast --- Support this podcast:
Ever have one of those days....weeks.....years where you lose your focus and you get out of your mojo and everything is off?  How do you get refocused?  Let's explore some ideas! --- Support this podcast:
Can you juggle?

Can you juggle?


How many things do you have up in the air?  How many things have you dropped?  Are you keeping track of everything?  Here's an idea to help! --- Support this podcast:
We are either Kings or Pawns....  In the movie the Count of Monte Cristo this is a line used to reference who we are as individuals.  Napoleon was given credit as saying it in the movie; however, there seems to be no actual historical account as such.  Which are you?  King? Pawn? Podcast Website -  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
The process happens every day in life.   Something goes in, something comes out. When you eat, go to the ATM, and even your thoughts......yes, I said it.  Your brain is your greatest asset and your greatest competitor.   Podcast Website -  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
As Steve Harvey says, "Boy, we have another good one for you today!"  Are you self-aware?  Do you listen to your body?  Nick Elvery teaches CEOs to do just that.  He has assembled an awesome team of professionals.  Listen in! Nick's Website Podcast Website  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
Just checked the data.  Calvin's Class is international.  Not bad for a poor boy from the Oklahoma Panhandle! If Nothing Ever Changes Website  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
So, why don't they?

So, why don't they?


I am sure you have heard people say they are going to ______________ and then they never do.  So, why don't they _______________? It's a simple formula really.  D x V x FS > RC.  If this is true, then it is going to happen.  If this is not true, forget it.  Podcast Website  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
It's the every day struggles that can eat at a marriage.  The importance is there to stay focused on each other.  Kelly joins me in this podcast.  Grab your spouse and listen in!  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: Podcast Website --- Support this podcast:
Do you have the power to say no? Are you ready for one of the strongest young ladies you will ever meet?   Kaylee Keller Website  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: Podcast Website --- Support this podcast:
Are you ready for some motivational math?  (Why-Fear) + Failing Forward=Progress.  Pamela talks about starting with a need and developing a multimillion dollar organization to help those suffering from Pancreatic Cancer.    Pancreatic Cancer Action Network  Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: Podcast Website --- Support this podcast:
Patient should take this daily, up to 3 times a day with a full Self-Reflection meal and an 8oz glass of Honesty.  Continue until reflexive finger-pointing and chronic blame placing cease.  May take multiple doses.  Refills: Unlimited.   Side effects may include:  Increased respect from others, silence and reflection, areas of trust may appear at the action site. Patient may express belief in one's self, and experience positive productivity during waking hours.     Instagram: @calvinsclasspodcast Twitter: @calvins_class Facebook: @calvinsclasspodcast Email: --- Support this podcast:
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