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Author: Scott Jennings

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Prestressed concrete --- Support this podcast:
Concrete Slump --- Support this podcast:
Setting of bid prices on a unit price bid can have significant effects on the financial performance of a project. Set your unit prices in your proposals to have positive impact. Be strategic. --- Support this podcast:
Formwork --- Support this podcast:
Letters in the construction industry, during the course of a project, usually are reserved for contentious issues or to satisfy notification requirements. Here are six of the most important and common ingredients in these letters. --- Support this podcast:
Continuity Equation --- Support this podcast:
Pipe Goes Bang!

Pipe Goes Bang!


Any noise beyond liquid simply flowing in a pipe is likely not a good thing. Two potentially dangerous noises in pipes/pumping systems are water hammer and cavitation. --- Support this podcast:
Beam-column --- Support this podcast:
Construction contracts are almost always measured in some sort of day: a working day or a calendar day. In analysis and project communication, kill the doubt for the reader and always define the type of day in every use of the word “day”. --- Support this podcast:
10 Civil Construction abbreviations --- Support this podcast:
A common mistake in estimating is the cost of an overtime manhour.  Overtime is generally not one and one-half times the straight time rate.  It’s usually closer to 1.30. --- Support this podcast:
Pre-Stressed vs Post-Tensioned --- Support this podcast:
Construction often times does not go per plan. These unexpected variances in the plan can make or break a job. How you treat these “fires” can define your effectiveness as a manager. In construction there’s dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of things, that can go wrong... --- Support this podcast:
Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel --- Support this podcast:
Contract interpretation can be difficult for a construction professional. Contracts are comprised of thousands of words and hundreds of paragraphs. Consider “contract mapping” to help quickly guide you through a contract. --- Support this podcast:
Trenchbox --- Support this podcast:
As a general contractor you can rely on your subcontractor’s bid on bid day as a binding agreement.  But not in all states. Listen on to learn about protection granted by the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel... --- Support this podcast:
Parapet --- Support this podcast:
There are differences in an hour: a manhour, a crew hour, a 50-minute hour. And an hour’s not a day, so there is another calculation for a manday. Here is a quick explanation of these estimating terms... --- Support this podcast:
Order of Precedence --- Support this podcast:
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