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Author: Scott Jennings

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Let’s run through an example. Let’s do an example so you see some of the challenges. Let’s take one cost code in your budget – let’s look at roadway subgrade. Below we have the budget for this cost. You can see the cost code is “1001” and there are five cost components of this cost code: labor, equipment, consumable material, permanent material, and subcontractor cost. This can be viewed in the columns from “Cost Code” to “Budget($)”. --- Support this podcast:
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Executive summary. An accurate job cost projection is vital to Company survival. And it’s not too complicated if you know the budget, the timing of your costs, and can do a little bit of estimating. It’s NOT about blindly relying on quantities completed! --- Support this podcast:
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Field overhead carries different names with different contractors and owners. Discussed here is what field overhead is, and why it’s important for owners to understand. --- Support this podcast:
Spreader Beam --- Support this podcast:
A construction claim is a dispute in the Work as it was contemplated in the original construction documents. However, a large percentage of what drives a claim is not the Contract. It’s the people. It’s personalities. --- Support this podcast:
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If you are interested in communicating information to your audience, and you want your audience to absorb and remember what you’re saying, communicate effectively. Communicate using vocabulary, tempo, brevity, and body language that your client understands and wants. It’s not about you. It’s about them. They need to get it. You already do. --- Support this podcast:
May vs Shall --- Support this podcast:
Each day we hand contracts down to our subs or we are signing contracts down from Owners or General Contractors.  Know some of the basics of what to look for here. --- Support this podcast:
 Termination for Convenience --- Support this podcast:
In this webinar we discussed small/medium business cybersecurity and best practices, especially during COVID-19. It is always a good time to check-in on the security of your network, computers, and websites. And now with your employees, and data, working remotely, cybersecurity is critical. --- Support this podcast:
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Many folks make changes based on temporary pains. More often than not, better the devil you know that the devil you don’t. --- Support this podcast:
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Construction estimating isn’t wholly about the numbers. It involves a “feel” in its execution. This is why many say estimating is an art and a science. --- Support this podcast:
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Most traditional bond rates have two variables in their cost: the contract value and the time threshold. Do not forget to include both in time extension negotiations. --- Support this podcast:
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