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A weekly Pokédex Podcast from Bald Man in Japan Luke Summerhayes. A different Pokémon family every week.
218 Episodes
322: Numel and Family

322: Numel and Family


Numel, Camerupt and Mega Camerupt.Biologically incredible animals, geologically marvellous phenomena and a pretty cool Pokémon to boot.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Wailmer and Wailord.Whales, whaling, nature and nonsense.Whale and Dolphin Conservation: in touch!twitter: the show!
Carvanha, Sharpedo and Mega Sharpedo.Piranhas, sharks, dumb movies, animal conservation and more. These are cool Pokémon based on cool real-life fish.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
316: Gulpin and Family

316: Gulpin and Family


Gulpin and SwalotLuke 3:16 says  “I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire." And when Gulpin spits on you, those acids will make you feel the holy spirit and fire, let me tell you.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Roselia, Budew and Roserade.I was joined by Greg Leatherman from It's Super Effective for a brief chat about his favourite Pokémon, Roselia. Roses are beautiful, historic and symbolic and this is a great little Pokémon.Greg is on twitter: if you want another Pokémon podcast in your life, you could do worse than It's Super Effective: in touch!twitter: the show!
Volbeat and IllumiseI was surprised by this one. I was expecting to talk about a pair of silly little bugs I found myself discussing mythology, poetry, ancient Japanese literature, the relationship between post-war Japan and America, a 12th century civil war and John Travolta's haircut.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
311: Plusle and Minun

311: Plusle and Minun


Plusle and Minun.Positive or negative? Loving homage or lazy clone? Cute little friends or sickly sweet saccharine abominations?Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Electrike, Manectric and Mega Manectric.A classic monster based on a ubiquitous Yokai.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Meditite, Medicham and Mega Medicham.Yoga, martial arts, zen and Pokémon!Get in touch!twitter: the show!
304: Aron and Family

304: Aron and Family


Aron, Lairon, Aggton and Mega Aggron.Here's a little twist: a monster based on folklore and a kaiju from Korean mythology.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
303: Mawile

303: Mawile


Mawile and Mega Mawile.A cute little Pokémon with creepy origins and a cool Mega Evolution. Ideal.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
302: Sableye

302: Sableye


Sableye, Mega Sableye and the Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins.One of my favourite Pokémon, tightly connected with an infamous alien encounter from Kentucky. I hope this gives you a good spooking.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
300: Skitty and Family

300: Skitty and Family


Skitty and Delcatty.Cute cats with tails like foxtail grass. No mention of Wailord, though that Pokémon's episode is coming up . . .Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Nosepass and Probopass.Unusual little Pokémon inspired my magnetism, the mysterious culture of Easter Island and Groucho Marx. It's a weird one!Get in touch!Twitter: the show!
Makuhita and Hariyama.Sumo, pin cushions and super strong, super friendly little monsters.Get in touch!Twitter: the show!
Whismur, Loudred and Exploud. Will we ever get a sound type? Spoiler: no.Get in touch!Twitter: the show!
Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja.Cicadas, ninjas, biology, history, mythology, folklore . . . this was a good one!Get in touch!Twitter: the show!
Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking.The sloth Pokémon, sometimes considered one of the strongest and sometimes one of the worst. With lots of nature chat, palaeontology and even a little cryptozoology. Get in touch!Twitter: the show!
Shroomish and Breloom.I don't like mushrooms. I do like cute little monsters, dinosaurs, kangaroos, boxing and ninjas. Is that enough to make me love Shroomish? Listen and find out!Get in touch!twitter: the show!
Surskit and Masquerain.Not a Pokémon I often find my find myself thinking about, but as is always the case when I started to investigate it turned out to be pretty interesting.Get in touch!twitter: the show!
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