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Today we talk Law/Gospel, Sanctification, and Gospel Assurance with Mike AbendrothCheck out Mike's content on AGTV at 817-379-5300
How the benefits of Christ relate to one another
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Want to read more on this subject -- Check out this link! Clark was educated at the University of Nebraska (BA), Westminster Seminary California (MDiv), and St Anne’s College, Oxford University (DPhil). He was a minister in the Reformed Church in the United States (1988–1998) and has been a minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America since 1998.He has taught church history and historical theology since 1995 at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Concordia University, Irvine, and Westminster Seminary California.
James Dolezal on Amazon: is a link to what Dr. Dolezal has written on Christology:
Check these blogs out from Mike Abendroth for more information:
Check out more from Craig Carter Here:
Check out some of the books mentioned here:
We had to dig down deep for this one -- back from September 2019 (when we hadn't heard of COVID yet!) -- we recorded this episode because we thought it was timely then -- and it turns out -- it still is today!
Resources Mentioned:Christopher Yuan: Butterfield: Trueman:
Today we are talking about Worship and Theology with Kenny Hilliard -- Enjoy!
How has the Confession impacted the ministry of James Renihan?
What does it mean to subscribe to a confession? Does that mean that the Pope is the Antichrist? We look at these issues and much more today on ReNEWalCast!
We hear a lot about self-esteem these days -- how should this be understood from a Christian perspective?
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