DiscoverFlycast Buzz: Technology And Process Briefs For IT Professionals
Flycast Buzz: Technology And Process Briefs For IT Professionals
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Flycast Buzz: Technology And Process Briefs For IT Professionals

Author: Flycast Partners

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Are you looking to get informed on upcoming events? We casually discuss various topics from ITSM to the new ITIL 4 and everything IT related in between, plus non-IT related topics for some laughs! Tap on the link to become one of our many listeners!
224 Episodes
Flycast Partners IT  Current Events, Bobby McCullough, talks to us about automation strategies. 
Bobby McCullough gives his insight on the importance of 3rd party monitoring.
Bobby McCullough explains how Automation is now an essential survival skill for IT operations.
Bobby McCullough explains hows and whys that IT security is very similar to defending a medieval castle.
Bobby McCullough and Rich Longo talk about the why the human factor has played such a great influence on the success of data breach hackers.
Aron Feur of Valencia talks about our upcoming Webcast on "Living Through a Ransomware Breach"
Rich Longo and Bobby McCullough talk about vulnerabilities with Dell Laptops spanning back to 2009.
Let Work Just Happen

Let Work Just Happen


Flycast Partners Professional Services Director, Rob Simmers, explains the benefits of Ivanti Automation.
Bobby McCullough explains the three factors that are driving digital transformation.
One of Flycast Partners' original Senior Consultants,  Cristy Castano, explains Configuration Management and CMDB.
Brian Reed of ProofPoint gives a  glimpse into our webcast for May 13th, 2021.
Bobby McCullough and Rich Longo talking about the ever-expanding role of the CIO in company culture and customer satisfaction.
Bobby McCullough talks about attackers that have compromised code as a result of yet another major breach.
Micahel Yarros of Flycast Partners shares with us what to think about and plan when creating a self-service portal for end-users.
What is Xtraction?

What is Xtraction?


Chad Knott of Flycast Partners is interviewed by Rich Longo on Xtraction.
Bobby McCullough talks about an article on "The Five Pillars of Resilience Engineering".
Senior Consultant Michael Yarros tell us "How to Set-Up for an Implementation of CMDB and Asset Management".
Bobby McCullough and Rich Longo talk about the fact that we are already living in the age of the Jetsons.
Joy Su of Freshworks gives a glimpse into our April 20th, 2021 webcast.
Bobby McCullough talks about "Making the Business Case for Edge Computing", an article from Information Week IT network.
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