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As we wrap up season one of All about Faith, we chat with our coach and business strategist, Kendra Garcia of Dream Life Coaching about faith, entrepreneurship, and defining success. Remember, it's a faith journey y'all!
In this episode, we chat with Roblynne McDuffie, counselor, life coach, and author, as she gives us a glimpse into her book and gives us tips for dealing with grief and taking care of self. You can purchase her book at, Resurrecting the Living or by visiting her website,
In this episode, we chat with Tonja Davis of T. Lyn Compositions about how we can prepare our children for a successful school by prioritizing our agenda with God. You'll hear how and what to pray as well as parental involvement perspectives to help parents understand the importance of supporting teachers. Follow T. Lyn Compositions on Twitter: @Tlyncomposition Instagram: @T.Lyn.Compositions Facebook: @T. Lyn Compositions
In this episode we chat with Ashley, blogger, from Unspoken Vows about the importance of self-care and faith as a wife in order to be the best when spending time with your spouse. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Unspokenvows and subscribe to her blog,
Listen to the faith talk and how the Word of God provides affirmations over our life.
Episode 3: I’m Stuck

Episode 3: I’m Stuck


Ever had a feeling of being stuck? You can get out. It’s just that simple.
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