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The audio files of our weekly sermons.
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 The Book of Judges is a wild ride full of ups and downs and twists and turns, but how does it matter for us today? It matters because we are on the same roller coaster ride as Israel was all those years ago. 
The power of the local church and its body of believers is not found in its finances; it’s not found in vision statements or ministry plans; it’s not found in buildings, in pastors, or programs, or anything else that comes from the hand of man. Our only true power is found in the power of prayer. 
Paul challenges the Roman church to accept one another as Christ has accepted them. It is a step towards unity and loving like Jesus loved.
 Trying times are a part of life, but the Apostle Paul has a message to encourage us and strengthens us to stand firm in the most trying of circumstances.- Pastor Kristen 
One thing we learn from Paul's prayers is that relationships matter. The question we need to ask ourselves is- Are we building walls or building bridges? Paul gives us a model to follow in building bridges.
Paul's prayer for the Colossians is that they may be filled with the knowledge of God's will. What a life of meaning and purpose we could live if we allowed ourselves to be filled with the knowledge of God's will!- Pastor Kristen
Paul's prayer is that we would understand how high, how deep, how wide, how long is the love of Christ for us. Only then can we experience the power of God's love. As RC Sproul says, "It is the difference between professing God's love and possessing God's love." So do you profess or possess God's love?- Pastor Kristen
We often pray to get things from God but what if our prayers were about becoming more like Jesus. When we open the eyes of our hearts to God, we make ourselves willing vessels of His transformation in our hearts and souls.- Pastor Kristen
Paul understood the power of prayer in the lives of believers. As we kick off our When We Pray series, we too must have a right understanding and view of prayer.- Pastor Kristen
Jesus sums up the Beatitudes with two words- salt and light. Are we truly being the salt and light in the world that Jesus describes in the Beatitudes?- Pastor Kristen
There isn't a more Christ-like sentiment in all of the Bible than the call for followers of Jesus to love their enemies. It goes against everything that the world tells us to do.-Pastor Jay
Racism is evil. As followers of Christ, we are called to action to speak out against it and reject injustice at every turn. We can do better!
Too often, we find ourselves to be peace loving individuals not peacemaking individuals. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers, so what does peacemaking look like?
 Pastor Debbie teaches that God sees and hears our hearts not the external pieces that the world sees. Do we treat others with the same approach or do we hear and see only what is on the outside? The condition of our own heart makes all the difference in how we approach others and how we spread Contagious Joy! 
 Biblical mercy goes deeper than an emotional reaction. Mercy demands action. It is the difference between being called a Christian and living the life of a Christian. 
 In our continuing study on the Beatitudes and our pursuit of Contagious Joy, Pastor Jay challenges us to ask ourselves if we are being filled up with the right stuff! 
Our modern translation of the word meek is negative, implying weakness and spineless attitudes and behaviors. But nothing could be farther from what Jesus intended when He spoke of the meek inheriting the earth.- Pastor Kristen
What are we mourning in our lives? Are we mourning the right things or the inconsequential things? Pastor Debbie shares with us, the mourning that leads to joy!
What does it mean to be poor in spirit? We tend to think of poverty in strictly monetary terms but poverty and lacking touches all areas of our lives, not just the financial pieces. But only when we recognize our areas of lacking and poverty can we truly find our identity and our security in God. When we believe and strive to be self-sufficient in all things, we miss the gift of God's joy.
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