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Entrepreneurial Reality with BAsh

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Conversations with Start-up & Scale-Up Founders...

A moment in time to document Founders current situation with a view to coming back and sharing their experiences good & bad the following year.

Come with me, BAsh on a journey with these inspirational entrepreneurs, learn from the people who are living through the trials and tribulations that you normally hear after the event.

I hope you enjoy and find value in the conversations.
31 Episodes
What Google did for advertisers on a 2D web platform, Admix is building for the 3D VR & AR platforms. Samuel Huber openly discusses how he came about the idea, the vision he has and how Admix are going beyond just a tool set to be a driver of change within the developer and content creating industries.. The future is so very close...
Who has played a football management game in the past? With the time required to enjoy the game to its fullest can potentially strain relationships...unless you get PAID for doing it! We speak with UnarmingPine a Twitch Streamer on his journey to create a Twitch stream channel mainly focusing on Football Manager. Creating stories around different football teams and building a community whilst doing so through social media and engagement. A way of earning money that is becoming more and more the norm as additional streaming technology platforms try to catch up. You can find UnarmingPine here: 
Who inspires the people influencing and leading large numbers of people? How do they maintain consistent, high levels of energy every time they perform?  Laura Williams and The Secret Inspirer are the life coaches behind the scenes, helping build up the positive energy and self belief needed for such important business leading roles. We speak with Laura who shares her journey to date, how a core shaking event caused her to reflect and take a new direction on life and career. Now a life coach inspiring the inspirers - doing what she loves by helping other people achieve their goals.  With many projects lined up and wellness retreats to plan and deliver, adjusting and flexing to customer requirements, Laura is set to build a highly motivating business and ambitions to positively affect many peoples lives. The journey has only just begun...
"Try & gig as much as you can but not always in your home town" some advice given to Iain Tinsley as he is building a music gig promotions company SoftLad Promotions - giving the aspiring music stars of the future the platform to build their careers, get out and gig and get seen but most importantly heard! Iain Tinsley shares his experiences of how he is aspiring to be one of the biggest music gig promotion companies of the future. Currently a "side-hustle" looking to realise his dream. With many years experience in the music industry and managed bands before, his love for music and desire to help young talent achieve greatness is something to admire. He does not look for fortune, the real satisfaction for him is seeing artists he has promoted go on to bigger and better things. This podcast features a song by: The JJohns - Out of My Head
As purchasing via the mobile phone increases, the ability to provide the consumer a modern app experience requires a best in breed solution. Michael Langguth and poq commerce are solving this challenge for their customers through an app building tool to deliver such bespoke experiences to retail client customers. Michael shares his journey to date, how he came to be one of the co-founders of poq and the sporting, creative culture he has helped to build.
Hamish Grierson shares his experiences in raising funds for Thriva, a consumer based health service providing insights and solutions to personal ailments through blood testing. A serial entrepreneur, the journey to date is one of learning and exploration. With a keen curiosity in how humans perceive and act upon health related issues, Thriva is the the perfect business to address this whilst building a game changing, global consumer health business. Website:
From printing human parts to taking on some of the biggest global challenges, sustainable food production. Guiseppe Scionti and Nova Meat have embarked on a journey to build a 3D printing machine that will produce plant based protein steaks to replicate that of beef, chicken and tuna. Here how he has taken the leap of faith from 10 years of scientific academia to being an entrepreneur.
Building one business can be tough, but building multiple businesses at the same time could be seen as crazy...but if they all come good and make profit the results will be staggering.... Christian Samuel shares how he is building personalised protein to student recruitment systems. A modern way to build and grow your businesses leveraging Facebook and other social platforms. 
With the growth of plant based proteins and growing awareness of super-foods, Aakas upon completing his engineering degree chose an agricultural based business. Spirulina is an algae that contains large amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals, growing popularity, consumed by the ancient aztecs to present day NASA. Currently looking for funding to scale production, hear more about his plans to be a leading supplier in Europe in the next 5 years.
Build a profitable business from the kitchen table with no investment needed. Nina Sawetz shares how she is building a PR agency leveraging modern ways of working.
This husband and wife team are going live in 2019 with their digital piggy bank app - Wishwallet. Buy your desired items through saving as you spend. Now crowdfunding, hear Marc talk about how they built their team and found the right developer. 
Think airbnb for the kitchen table, Seni Glaister is building a platform to provide culinary experiences from modest home cooking to professional chefs in their own homes. With half of all meals eaten in the UK being eaten by people on their own WeFiFo is changing this, giving people the opportunity to eat with like minded people in the community.
Listen to Olivier Plante share his experiences in raising capital, the way he is continually learning and building the fastest, most private keyboard in the world. Handset partnerships, collaboration and a more engaging, less intrusive way to advertise...
Amanda left a successful career at the BBC to pursue her passion - champagne. Hear how she bootstrapped her first product, spent £0 on marketing and still managed to get a spot in Selfridges. Now raising on CrowdCube, there are big plans for the future...
From winning her battle with depression, helped by wellness professionals, learn how Joanna Harris is building The Oneness Movement platform that takes away the administrative burden for these Wellbeing individuals and small businesses.
Mental health and wellbeing is becoming ever more important to be aware of, none more so than in the work place. Listen to Ash Dey as he is looking to connect wellbeing professionals with businesses on the OpenMind Wellbeing platform to help drive a more healthier place to work.
In 12 weeks Baagloo went from 0 to 15M+ impressions on their social network. Hear how they grew so exponentially, share their wealth with charity & plan to build up even more of a following.
Hear from Tom Stubbs, Co-Founder and CEO, learn a little about epigentics and how Chronomics is bringing this data and insight to the people. Knowing you need to improve your well being is one thing but having the data specific to you will become so important! Providing recommendations, Chronomics helps you work towards a better quality of life for longer enabling you to be proactive and better informed!
Listen to Helena Chan, how she moved from international humanitarian work to creating her own bespoke, high end jewelry company. A female founder, mentor and humanitarian worker, Helena shares openly about some decisions she is having to make and the mindset needed to achieve her goals.
Listen to how Luke is building a recruitment platform that will provide high code of ethics and standards to what is an unregulated industry. Think Uber, think Airbnb, but a platform specific to freelance recruiters for software developers. Luke shares his story about how he met his co-founder, Martin and how they have bootstrapped the market viable product. I hope you enjoy.
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