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A truly unique show not like the others.

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174 Episodes
Episode 173: ArmageddonMarshall joined the program to talk about the latest with his "signs 38 series".  “There is no doubt that there are stowaways in the Beta Taurids’ stream. However, the question is, how did they get there?” The answer is that we’re seeing a merging of the Nemesis cloud and the Beta Taurid swarm. Consequently, Earth is being pummeled by an unusually large amount of “asteroid dust” as the astronomers call it which is forcing noctilucent clouds below the Arctic into regions where we should not be seeing these clouds.  Also a very emotional caller phoned in, we thank her tremendously for her call. Marshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM. Since 1999, he has been researching earth changes and Nibiru flyby-related topics including: sustainable survival communities, catastrophic crop circles, impact events and future technologies. Like many others, Marshall sees a dark cloud coming. What makes him different is that he also sees a silver lining - a noble and inspiring Star Trek future.The Second half featured Mimi Johnson who describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur.  She has a patent on cannabis seed oil, she has set out to save the planet. She vows not to get involved with those linked to Monsanto.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
  Episode 172: Becoming A Living GodE.A. Koetting has invested over a dozen years studying the mysteries of the occult and their practical applications and has spent the last decade teaching and guiding others in their Ascent. Koetting is the author of several books on the esoteric, and has, over the past few years risen as a leader of the practical spirituality movement. Koetting has appeared nationally on syndicated and Internet radio shows.E.A. joined the program once again, this time shedding light on his personal life, along with summoning demons and spirits. Do not try this at home. Eric has been a very controversial figure, he is no stranger to scrutiny. Eric goes over the past and present times, why would anyone want to do this? Second Guest   In 2017, Paul Mamakos summarized the three stages of out of body experience. The first stage being achieving an out-of-body experience and experiencing movement within the environment near the physical body. The second stage being going out and exploring outside ones house, going off planet, going into the planet and meeting other beings. In the third stage of OBEs, a person begins to notice the energy within another being as the same as that which is coming out of their own being. The energy essence of another, is the same as your energy. In the culmination of the third stage, a person experiences a sense of connection with all beings. On a linear range of awareness, if we place personality at a proximal point on a line, a point on the opposite end of the line will represent an experience of oneness. Personality and oneness representing opposite extremes of awareness. Further dropping oneness results in the 'it' experience. One. The Multidimensional Journal Of Science explores living reality. Further Reading: "​The Golden One: An Out Of Body Book​"  Out Of Body is a weekly multidimensional journal publishing the finest out of body experiences in all fields of out-of-body science and multidimensional technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Out Of Body also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting travelers, out of body science, and the wider multidimensional community.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 171: The Sweet Smell Of Radiation Matt Landman grew up on the East Coast and relocated to California in 2003 where he worked in Finance and studied film at California State University of Humboldt and earned a Masters degree in Business Administration with a focus in Strategic Sustainability in 2010. After various careers in business and finance, Matt left the corporate world to be an organic farmer where he inadvertently began his career as an activist. Working outdoors and dependent upon the elements, Matt witnessed weather engineering in Northern California as the region suffered from a historic and catastrophic drought.The realization that the weather was being manipulated via atmospheric aerosol dispersal changed Matt’s life forever as he inevitably decided to devote his existence to exposing the hidden agenda. In June of 2017 Matt released the groundbreaking documentary, Frankenskies and will be hosting the third Annual Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering in Tucson, Arizona May 2018, which is a fitting location considering the new public launch of solar geoengineering / chemtrails as a solution to global warming in Tucson in 2018.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 170: Ascension Miesha shared her remarkable story, along with what she believes is going on with the mainstream media & UFO's.  Miesha facilitates two groups monthly in Las Vegas: Starseed Experiencer Group and Starseed Awakening and Psychic Awareness. In 1991, she founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS.​She started the first teen and children’s groups in the United States in 1991 She was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. (UFO CONTACT CENTER INTERNATIONAL) and CELESTIAL CONTACTS OF NEVADA from 1990 to 1998 She was a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I. In Las Vegas, Nevada. She was the Coordinator of the Art Bell Chat Club San Diego Chapter. she was doing research for a book, with Melinda Leslie on the subject of MILAB & MK-Ultra in the Extraterrestrial experience but had to quit, due to extreme government threats to her and her family. She is back and going strong and has written her audio biography. She believes that Planet Earth is evolving into the next dimension are we ready! You realize you truly just a “spiritual soul having a human experience”.​She is working with some other people in Las Vegas, on a futuristic school. “The Thrive Learning Center of Nevada” will be a school to allow learning to happen naturally and allow learning to happen at each child’s individual pace. We will use strategies and methods designed to cater to the unique learning style of each child, with the understanding at each child learns differently and that not all children learn by the “One Size Fits All” approach, mandated by the common core curriculum in today’s public education system. Our school will nurture and educate children from Kindergarten to Grade 12, also known as the “Star Children, Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Rainbow Children”. We will have guidance instructors, not just teachers. This will provide a platform of knowledge, a place of love, equality, and nurturing of an individual child’s unique abilities.  We believe these special children need an alternative to this current curriculum of in the school systems today.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 169: Hollywood Dreaming  Born April 14th, 1934 in Winfield, Kansas. Honourable discharge after four years active duty and four years reserve USAF. Radiological Scientific Officer. Graduated Southwestern College, Winfield. Master's degree in Economics from Texas Christian University. Taught in black colleges in the Southern US and in Northern Colleges in Canada. Built Ark Two in Horning's Mills, Ontario - home of wife's family since 1800's. Over twenty descendants. Founder and coordinator of the World Language Process. Has traveled to Europe, South America, Japan, and China.Bruce Beach, began constructing the 10,000 sq ft Ark Two shelter in the early 1980s during the height of the Cold War. It's the largest nuclear fallout shelter in North America. The self-confessed 'survivalist' says he fully expects the world to descend into nuclear war and is surprised it hasn't happened in the decades he has been preparing his mega bunker.  He has appeared on the 2012 Netflix documentary 'Doomsday Preppers' where he talks through his plans should the world end and how he has prepared for various catastrophic scenarios.Second HalfKyle HesterKyle Hester was born in New Orleans La. to a professional football player father (Ray Hester of the New Orleans Saints) and a cheerleader mother (Hollis Huntoon). His inspiration to act came early in life starting out in drama class in junior high school. Kyle then attended the High School for the Performing and Visual arts in Houston, TX. He double majored in theatre and dance in his senior year. You may have seen him as a dancer in Houston at The Tower Theatre.Kyle has had the honor of working with award winning directors John Frankenhiemer, Bruce Beresford and Mark Shelton to name a few. His film career has taken him to both sides of the camera including building the 1/3rd scale sets for "Team America" and being the art department lead man on the T.V. show "Wipe Out".  Kyle talked about his work in the movie "the chair", and being alongside "Rowdy Roddy Piper. " His latest involvement in the movie "Zombie with a shotgun", Also what to expect going out to Los Angeles. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 169: End Times?Author and documentary filmmaker Ken Klein has thousands of followers on his online university and millions view his films. Ken Klein’s interest in film production and writing came after stumbling into the writings of ancient prophets. Ken takes on life’s greatest mysteries, rips the cover off, and exposes them through fascinating and riveting films and books.  New York City is the story world of the great intrigue and holds the clues to a remarkable story. Why? Because NYC is the Citadel of world commerce, the home state of the Trump-eter, but most importantly it is the residence of the Great Beast; the United Nations, the nerve center for the globalization of the planet earth. Second Half, The official Florida Correspondent joins in. Vanessa and Michael talk about all the wild and wacky news from Florida.  Attention turns to the popular tv show "The View". Do No miss the second half of the program.  --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 168: Hidden In Plain Sight Dr. James Perloff Joined Michael Decon, for yet another extraordinary episode. James Perloff is the author of The Shadows of Power, a private influence on American foreign policy that has sold over 100,000 copies, and two books about the evidence against Darwin’s theory of evolution, including Tornado in a Junkyard. He wrote for The New American magazine for nearly three decades. His newest book, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, is a comprehensive look at the satanic drive for world government. He also wrote the script for Free Mind Films’ new documentary ShadowRing, released last year, and was the lead speaker at the 2015 New York City LibertyFest. His website is Topics include; Darwinism, Religion, Conspiracy Theories  …… (UFOs & The Paranormal) Second Half Dr. Frank Albo is an architectural historian and an expert on communicating new streams of knowledge in relation to the built environment and the cultures of the past. He holds graduate degrees in ancient Near Eastern languages, Western esotericism, and the history of art, receiving his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2012.Dr. Albo’s approach to architecture, landscape, and design seeks to transform public spaces into interactive journeys of discovery, which elevate the mind and promote a sense of wonder and inspiration. He was featured as the code-breaking protagonist in the best-selling book, The Hermetic Code (now in its fourth printing), and has lectured internationally on a broad range of subjects from the cosmology of Egyptian temples to the minimalism of Modern architecture.His groundbreaking discoveries on the meanings encoded in public monuments, gardens, and cities have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, as well as in several radio, television, and documentary programs. With his comprehensive knowledge of world cultures, traditions, and beliefs, Dr. Albo has worked as a consultant for prominent museums and leading design firms. His client list includes the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Royal Alberta Museum.He has also acted as an advisor for major film and television companies, including A&E, the History Channel, Discovery, Nightingale Film Group, and Stornoway Productions. Dr. Albo has a unique ability to peel back conventional history to provide new vistas of thought and perception that help us to re-imagine who we are and the communities to which we belong.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 167: California Dreaming Michael Welcomed Scott Henderson to the program. The theory that the moon landings were hoaxed by the US government to assert their victory in the space race over Russia, is something which has grown in popularity over time. Recent polls indicate that approximately 20% of Americans believe that the U.S. has never landed on the moon.After the Apollo missions ended in the seventies, why haven’t we ever been back? Will We ever go back? Scott presents a series of images released by NASA, however, these photographs were never intended for public consumption. It’s almost like they forgot entirely about these photographs down through time. Examining these photographs closely, you’ll begin to wonder….. if we really went to the moon after all.On the second half of the program, Michael welcomed veteran guest Max Cole. Max is film director and producer, who has won multiple awards for his short films. He is from the Los Angeles area. Michael and Max begin with talking about show business & the delusions it brings. Online dating & where it tends to lead, it's all covered here.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Episode 166: History Repeats itself  Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. He co-authored, with Connie Kritzberg, “November Patriots” and is the author of the acclaimed “Someone Would Have Talked”, now in its third, 2010, edition. His newest work is titled “NEXUS” and is a concise historical study of how political assassination evolved within the Central Intelligence Agency, There is simply no doubt that unidentified aerial objects were taken seriously by military intelligence.  Over some three decades, both military and civilian intelligence groups used the standard methods of conventional and technical intelligence to resolve what was officially stated to be a serious security and air defense problem. Those well-established methods failed, frustrating those involved in investigations and creating serious public relations and credibility problems for the U.S. Air Force. Ultimately the only solution to the UFO problem was to simply abandon it. In the end the intellectual challenge of highly anomalous “unknowns” – unconventional aerial objects internally and confidentially described in both Air Force and CIA reports as national security threats – had literally beaten the system. One of the strangest things kept occurring during the interview, the keyword was “Russia”. Anytime the conversation would get into Russia, the audio would cut off. The interview was able to continue, but the conversation on Russia had to be dropped. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
 Episode 165: Caravan to the toilet In this episode Gary “The Mad Martian”, joined the program for another exciting journey through time. Gary begins by telling us about himself and the severe importance of what has been suppressed and will continue to be suppressed if no one continues to question it. Topics of disclosure, faces on mars and if we are ever actually going to mars or the moon ever again. Dark matters were addressed, the issue is with John B. Wells .... Real Or Phony? I'll let you decide. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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