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The Quizzical Papist

Author: Fr. Brad Doyle

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This podcast consists of two types of shows...

1) Quizzical Papist. It is your "Extraordinary Form" bar trivia. Fr. Asks the questions, hopefully you have the answers.

"This show creatively crafts questions that spark discussion, laughs, and quizzical looks all while fostering friendship and community. The questions cover a wide range of topics from religion to pope culture to history to language to chemistry and more! The Catholic Faith is a rich grab-bag of endless reasons for joy (and great trivia material)! So grab your favorite monastic beer, pull up a chair, and challenge a friend to this week's episode." (taken from a listener review)

2) Coffee Talk. Fr. Brad's homilies or other interviews and pondering about where the Faith meets the world.

Thank you and God Bless!


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172 Episodes
Listening For GodVirtual ConferencePatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Exciting week. Grace and Brad host Matt Sewell of The Popecast Podcast for half a  game here on this feed. The rest is on his! Go check him out.PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
The second installment of the Unlikely Epiphanies Series!PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad will be preaching a three week series of homilies about the unthought of epiphanies of God.PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad hosts Grace, Hailey, Kyle, and Collin for a ruckus welcome of 2021. Enjoy!PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Merry Christmas y'all!PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad, Grace, and Courtney welcome patrons Shannon and Caterina to a Quizzical Papist Christmas party. PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Homily for Guadete Sunday as well as some housekeeping. PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Sorry for the late post. Freshmen retreats at STA have kicked my butt!. Fr. Brad hosts his Grand Canyon adventuring friends on this great episode of the QP.PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Hold on to your butts. Fr. Brad uses the 90's classic "Jurassic Park" to speak about moral theology and bioethics. PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad makes a pitstop at MC's place before he heads out to the Grand Canyon. She and Charley join forces against the world in this single team battle. iGiveCatholic for St. Rita ChurchPatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad's homily for the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary TimePatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad, Grace, Austin, Brad, Emily, and newcomer Chris meet up for a St. Francisville episode. PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad hosts Karna Lozoya of Catholic University and The Catholic Project. They discuss her new podcast "Crisis: Clergy Abuse In The Catholic Church," a bold and honest history of clergy abuse in the US Church in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Crisis PodcastPatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad hosts the LSU FOCUS missionaries for the annual Halloween episode. PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
PatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Blair's ArtPatreonFacebookWebsite Contact the show (
Fr. Brad hosts a great game featuring Courtney, Meredith, and two newcomers, Sarah from CTK and Patron Aaron. I hope they don't inadvertently turn on your Siri!Support the show (
Fr. Brad and Margaret from The Young Catholic Podcast hit up a collaboration and talk about the mystery of the Holy Spirit. Support the show (
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