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Next Level Loan Officers brings you in-depth conversations with the top mortgage team leaders, executives and branch managers in the country. We also feature mastermind sessions with influential coaches, consultants, experts and speakers. All so you can build the right team, systems and technology to scale your mortgage team to a hundred million without losing your YOU. The Next Level Loan Officers Podcast is a proud founding member of the REAL Disrupt Podcast Collaborative. 

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In this episode, Kellen Vaughan and Sean Zalmanoff explore how the power of conversations can shape your success in 2024 and beyond. Opportunities are out there in today’s market, but you have to have these meaningful conversations in order to obtain them. 2:24 – Consistently Win 7:34 – Winners Plan 12:24 – Doom Spending Takeaways: In today's competitive landscape, the key to success lies in meaningful conversations. Engaging with past clients, referral partners, and other professionals such as CPAs and financial planners can open doors to new opportunities. Consistent communication is crucial to ensuring that your clients and partners remember your value and expertise. Opportunities often arise from connections and discussions. Don't miss out on potential opportunities by neglecting to engage in conversations. Quotes: “The person with the most friends makes the most money.” “The reality is what's working is conversations. Having conversations with past clients, referral partners both current and potential, and other referral partners like CPAs and financial planners.”  “If you don’t remind them how great you are they will not think about you when they are refinancing.” “The ones that are going to win are the ones already planning out their 2024.” “It’s like they don’t know what to say so they just don’t say anything at all.” “There are opportunities out there, but you can only get those opportunities if you have those conversations.” Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:  Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn – 
In this week’s episode Sean Zalmanoff and Kenneth Travis share their insights into their 2024 strategy and the proactive steps they're taking to ensure a successful year ahead. Discover why it's crucial to start planning your next season now, before it's too late. Stay tuned for valuable discussions and actionable tips on achieving your goals in the coming year. 3:08 – Plan Your Year 9:40 – Organize Your Workspace 15:44 – Weekly Check-ins Takeaways: Implementing a 90-day season approach can boost productivity and time management skills, leading to greater accomplishments. Less can sometimes be more. Streamline your tasks and prioritize effectively to increase productivity. The most challenging part is consistently implementing your plans on a daily basis. Stay committed. Specialization is valuable; niches can lead to wealth. Hone your skills and expertise in your chosen field. Quotes: “The people who are going to kill it in 2024 are not slowing down right now.” “There are a lot of things we can do right now in order to move the needle in our business and now is the time to work on those.” “When loan officers follow a 90-day season we have noticed that people tend to get more things done and their time management skills improve.”  “If you are consistent, you will see results.”  “People in general overestimate what they can get done in a year but greatly underestimate what they can get done in 5-10 years.” “You can't change what you did yesterday, you can only change today.” “I have learned over the years that the less that I do, the more I get done.”  “Everybody needs me time. Every single person has to have wins in their day and put themselves first.”  “Niches get riches and now is a good time to hone your craft.”  Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn – 
In this week’s episode join Sean Zalmanoff and Kenneth Travis as they go over the importance of tripling down your efforts during today’s market. With realtors beginning to experience the market's challenges, now is the perfect opportunity to proactively engage with them and showcase the value you bring to the table. 4:38 – Two Main Areas to Focus On 12:03 – Tripling Down 18:58 – Mass Communication Takeaways: Rather than fearing the challenges ahead, embrace them with excitement, knowing that your hard work will yield positive outcomes. Identify where your time as an originator can have the most significant impact and the highest return on investment. Understand that success is a process that requires discipline and continuous effort. Quotes: “The work I have done for the past year does not have me scared for this winter but has me excited because I know that I am going to produce results.” “The number one thing to focus on is tripling down of the things that work for you.” “And you have to double down on the things that you are not good at right now but want to be good at.” “It's not always easy and it's not always pretty but you have to do the work.” “I don’t want the market to determine my success, I want to course correct.” “Where is the best use of my time as an originator and where can I make the biggest impact and get the biggest return on my time.” “You have to make a decision are you going to live with the mindset of doom and gloom or are you going to look at it as the glass is half full.” “Giving classes to realtors on a consistent basis has moved the needle drastically for me.” “I'm winning listing agents at a clip that I have never won listing agents at before, because I am updating them throughout the transaction.” “There is an opportunity for me to get in front of these agents now that they are starting to feel the struggles of the market.” Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn – 
In this episode join Kenneth Travis and Kellen Vaughan as they go over budget friendly ways to go out and generate new partnerships. This is a great time to start implementing new processes and strategies that won't break the bank so when the market does turn around you will be ready.   2:38 – Handwritten Notecards 6:23 – Getting Client Reviews 10:23 – Educating your Database 14:30 – Monthly Mailers Takeaways: Don’t automate the handwritten note process because that loses the personal touch and the point of writing handwritten notes. Sending different, outside the box things in the mail is a great way to build that interaction with your clients. Utilize your CRM to encourage reviews by entering contacts into campaigns and offering incentives like drawings. It's essential to stay in front of your contacts regularly, even if it's not daily, to maintain your presence and relationships. Quotes: “You have to put yourself into their perspective. How are they going to feel when they receive a handwritten notecard.” “The point of notecards is not to just write it and check it off the list but for it to be impactful.” If you have a bunch of people in your CRM who have not done a review. You can enter them into a campaign and enter them into a drawing to win. I have seen people get 50-60 reviews just by doing that “They don’t have to have closed a loan with you to leave you a review.” “There's no better way to gain credibility than having others singing your praises.” “You do not have to email them every day, but you have to be in front of them at least once a week.” “Just talking about what’s going on in your local market is a great way to be a community expert and stay in front of your clients.” “You want people to look at you as a resource.” “Not everything has to be expensive.” “If you're not actively in front of your database right now. When rates do turn around it will be harder and harder to earn that business.”  Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn – 
In this week's episode, Shane Kidwell is joined by special guest Luke Shankula, a master of converting online leads. Luke shares his proven strategies for online lead conversion without holding anything back. Tune in to learn from Luke's insights and elevate your success in closing online leads. 3:01 – Luke's Background 16:20 – Long Play vs Short Play 24:20 – Lead Follow-up Cadence 35:00 – Closing Thoughts Takeaways: One of the main bottlenecks in the leads process is actually calling the leads. Proactive communication will put you ahead of other loan officers that are not making these calls. Putting leads into a broken system leads to subpar results. The quality of the system used for lead management is crucial for success. Success in the mortgage industry is not about secret formulas but rather about putting in the required effort. Many people are unwilling to do the necessary work. Sales is not about pushing people into products that are not suitable for them; it's about finding the right fit for the customer. Quotes: “The skills needed to be a top originator were not being honed in the last refi season.” “If you put a bunch of leads into a broken system, it’s just going to get broken results.” “A lot of LOs want to take the path of least resistance.”  “It all comes down to we’re starting a conversation and we’re trying to gain trust.” “You can fumble everything in a referral process but sound confident and you will still close. That’s because you already have that trust.” “4-6 months is when you’re deals are going to start closing. You have to be willing to play the long game.” “Understanding the buyer's journey will shift the way you think about it.” “There’s no secret sauce, you just gotta work. Most people just aren’t willing to do the work that is required.” “Automation is there to start conversations, it’s not there to convert.” “Sales is not pushing someone into a product they shouldn’t be in.” “If you’re not planning to do the work, do not buy leads.” “We expect instant gratification, and the reality is that’s just not true.”  Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn – 
Join Kenneth Travis and Shane Kidwell as they discuss the topics you need to master in your business in order to succeed. With realtors now experiencing challenges that loan officers have known for some time, it's crucial to be present and offer valuable education and support to your agents in order to gain referrals.  3:36 – Diversifying  8:55 – Strengthening Relationships 13:42 – Content Marketing 22:35 – Embracing Technology Takeaways: Realtors and consumers are not educated on the lending side of things. You have to come in as an educator to them and provide value. Don't wait for the perfect market; engage your database consistently. Providing value without expecting immediate returns is a powerful way to sell yourself. Your business's primary growth should come from organic referrals. Streamline your technology and make it work efficiently to bring the best value to your consumer. Quotes: “It's like if you own a shoe company. The shoe of the month is changing but the strategy and marking of selling that shoe stands the test of time.” “Hope is not a strategy; you really have to have a plan.” “You must teach and show them the advantages of the things that you are offering.”  “If you wait for the market to get great before communicating with your database. That’s like going on a first date and asking the person to marry you.”  “The number one way to sell yourself is to sell yourself when you have nothing to gain and when you give value when you have nothing to gain.” “It is our job to get in front of people in an effective way by providing value.” “Every audience you need to have a specific intent and an impact that you want to give to that community.” “Your number one way to grow your business is through organic referrals.” “Those that are winning are stacking concepts on top of concepts and then implementing those with consistency.” “You’re never too old to learn unless you say you’re too old to learn.” “Our number one focus has to be the customer service and experience.”    Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn –   
Join hosts Kellen Vaughan and Kenneth Travis in this episode as they delve into the art of hosting realtor events. Hosting successful events doesn't need to be complex. Once you've cracked the code for success, you can easily replicate these classes, making a significant impact on your business growth. Tune in for practical insights and strategies to elevate your real estate game. 3:15 – Putting on Events 15:15 – Technology Classes 16:19 – Where to Host Your Events Takeaways: You don't have to be the sole speaker; you can host events and bring together the right people to impart knowledge. Being a great host can be just as impactful. The power of consistency cannot be overstated in business. Simple actions, when done consistently, can lead to exponential business growth. Once you've conducted a successful event or action, don't hesitate to replicate it. Consistency and repetition can lead to better results over time. Every interaction counts. After your classes or events, aim to connect personally with attendees. These relationships can be valuable for your business. Quotes:   “We want to be where realtors turn to when they have questions. We do that by positioning ourselves as a celebrity expert authority.” “Once you’ve done it one time or even a couple of times it gets easy and rinse and repeat.” “These events can be big, and they can move the needle in your business.” “Anything you want to do for agents that is technology based, I 1,000% promise you that you know more than them.” “Every single time I do a class, I walk away with 2-3 phone numbers. Every single time.” “It’s a lot easier to text a realtor that has been to one of your classes and check in on them as opposed to texting an agent that has not met you and doesn’t know who you are.” “Be a ray of sunshine for your realtors. Be a positive voice for them and educate them.” “Share with them the knowledge that is going to help them close more deals.”  Show Links: Community Platform:  Podcast Partner:   Social Media: Facebook -  YouTube -  LinkedIn –   
The Challenge

The Challenge


In this week’s episode join Kellen Vaughan and Sean Zalmanoff as they discuss the most cost effective ATM they focus on to move the needle in their business. If you do this for 30 days, you will be guaranteed to see results. 1:24 – What Next Level Is About5:44 – First ATM to Implement 17:06 – Second ATM Coming SoonTakeaways:Handwritten notes hold a unique power in building relationships. They are a simple yet effective tool that can strengthen your connections with clients and partners.Success doesn't happen by accident. Being intentional in your actions and strategies is crucial for achieving your goals.Handwritten notes are not only impactful but also cost-effective. They offer a high return on investment compared to many other marketing strategies.Quotes:“We’re going to cover two ATMs that are really solid things that every originator should be doing. These can move the needle for you and are great to implement now.”“You can either flamingo your head into the sand or you can take action and have business this winter while other companies and loan officers are not.”“There is a lot of power in the handwritten note.” “I want to challenge you from this moment forward for the next 30 days, I want you to write two handwritten notes a day. I will follow up with you in 30 days to see your results.”“We are going to have a positive impact on people and when you do that you get rewarded in your financial world.”“It’s all by design. We do not do anything without being intentional.”“It’s the cheapest and probably the most impactful marketing you can do dollar for dollar.”“People want to be heard so adding something personal to each note makes people feel good.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
In this week’s episode Kenneth Travis and Kellen Vaughan discuss the things you can take action on now to help prepare you for the upcoming months. They emphasize the significance of seizing the current opportunities to build valuable industry relationships, ultimately setting the stage for success when the market rebounds.5:30 – Hold the Line8:18 – Number One Thing to do Right Now 19:04 – Number Two Thing to do Right NowTakeaways:Take action now to get ready for the upcoming months in the industry.The effectiveness of technology depends on how well you use and integrate it into your work.Avoid overcomplicating things; simplicity can often lead to better results.Take advantage of the current climate to establish new relationships in the industry.Approach your interactions by giving without expecting something in return, which can lead to more fruitful connections.Quotes:“The reality is that it could be rough for a lot of loan officers. We don’t want to scare you, we want to prepare you.”“You have to be doing some things now to prepare for upcoming months so that way you can make it.”“It’s not how great your technology is, it's about how well you’re using it and plugging into it.”“Good is good enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”“Effectiveness is where you should be focusing your time, energy and efforts.”“When you’re working in your business, you’re not working on it.”“You have to be active, involved and communicative with your current database.”“This is a great time to go out and build some of those relationships.”“It’s not hard if you just do things without expecting anything in return.” Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
Thriving in Any Market

Thriving in Any Market


In this week’s episode Shane Kidwell and Sean Zalmanoff discuss the blocking and tackling of how to perfect and recruit the perfect agent relationship. They emphasize that despite challenging market conditions, success and business growth are achievable through consistency and the implementation of straightforward strategies.6:30 – Waiting to See Results11:00 – Techniques21:10 – Consistency is Key22:26 – Closing ThoughtsTakeaways:Consistent efforts in your daily routine can lead to remarkable outcomes in various aspects of life and business.The market is unforgiving to those who don't strive for mastery in their field. Becoming a master at your craft is crucial for success.Success doesn't always require complex strategies. It often boils down to executing simple, effective plans consistently.Send out mass emails and then strategically follow up with those that show interest in what you are offering at that time. I.e. by clicking on a link inside the email.Quotes:“There are some consistent things you can do in your day and it still will get an incredible result.”“The revenue I produced was not indicative of the quality I was creating. The market gave me more than I earned.” “There are some fundamental ways you can grow and sustain a very lucrative mortgage business. But you have to be intentional, you have to do it at a high level.”“This market is unforgiving to people who aren’t putting true effort into being a master at their craft.”“We are not rocket scientists, we just have to execute on simple strategies.” “Anything that is worth doing takes time to do well.” “Don’t overthink the no’s or silence when you send out mass communication.”“You can have overnight success in anything you put 4-8 months of work into.”“You got to put in the work and if you put in the work in our industry you will see results.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn –
Join Kellen Vaughan and Sean Zalmanoff in this week’s episode as they show you effective techniques for maintaining strong connections with your past clients. Learn how staying engaged with past clients can significantly boost your opportunities for securing refinances, generating referrals, and ultimately fueling the growth of your mortgage business.5:15 – Preparing for When Rates Drop9:30 – Being a Resource 15:30 – Inspirational StoryTakeaways:Being visible to clients and those who have recently made purchases increases the likelihood of success. Building strong relationships and maintaining a presence can lead to better outcomes.Being a consistent resource cultivates lasting relationships. When you're known for providing valuable advice, people are more likely to turn to you for guidance.There are three main outcomes that come from the annual reviews: Number one maybe it’s a cash refinance now, number two maybe it’s referring one of our referral partners and number three is maybe it’s a referral for us.Even though the mortgage industry can be challenging, consistent efforts yield positive outcomes over time.Quotes:“This job is stressful, but it’s not rocket science. If you do the work, you get results.”“There is great opportunity for all of us to go make back some of the dollars that we haven’t made over the last 18 months.”“A lot of our business is first time homebuyers, so we connect them with our financial planner. I don’t get anything out of it other than an opportunity to be a resource to this homeowner during their financial journey.”“When you’re being a resource than people think about you more often and turn to you for advice.”“The bottom line is even though the buyer thinks about us often during the homebuying process once it’s done, they just forget us.”“These annual reviews are a way to stay top of mind.”“What activities can you do right now to help secure your future, put loans in the pipeline?”“You just need to do small things to get there and yield results.” Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn –
In this episode, hosts Shane Kidwell and Sean Zalmanoff explore the journey of regaining self-confidence. They dive into the essential components of rebuilding assurance amidst challenging markets—highlighting the significance of dedicated effort and the establishment of a structured routine that paves the way for future success.4:03 – Make Your Bed10:44 – What to do to Get Your Mojo Back18:44 – Wrap UpTakeaways:The goal is to develop self-assurance that isn't dependent on financial outcomes.Despite the current challenges in the mortgage sector, achieving success requires a commitment to putting in the necessary effort.Engaging in activities like reading, meditating, and working out can provide a sense of accomplishment and build momentum for success.In challenging markets, aspiring for full-time results with part-time commitment is unlikely to lead to success.Quotes:“If your confidence was tied to your revenue did you really even have confidence?”“The future is bright if you’re wearing the right colored glasses.”“It’s not that it didn’t work, it’s that you didn’t work.”“If you have flamingo syndrome and your head is stuck in the sand, you do not win.”“The reality is that most people right now are not working 40 hours a week.”“You’re going to have to go out and do some real significant work.”“I can’t think of anyone that is successful that has an evening routine as opposed to a morning routine.”“Part time worker wanting full time results in a downturn market, not a great recipe for success.”“There is not a career that exists that you get as many at bats, you can close as many transactions, help as many people and make as much money as you can in the mortgage business.”“As early as you can in your day you need to address things that cause you anxiety. That way you are not walking around with that anxiety all day.”“We are going to have another season of abundance and you will either succeed or you will fail.” Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
In this week's episode, Kellen Vaughan and Kenneth Travis sit down with Justin White, the Senior Brand Journalist at UWM. They delve into the significance of content creation in establishing your presence and solidifying your position as an industry authority.3:44 – Intro to Justin White6:44 – Tips for Filming Video20:15 – Final Piece of AdviceTakeaways:Authenticity trumps appearance when delivering valuable content.People value content that provides genuine value over superficialities.Simplicity is key; don't overcomplicate content creation.Embrace content to establish yourself as an industry authority and foster meaningful connections.Quotes:“Whether you’re covering sports or covering mortgages, content really is a great opportunity to get your brand out there.” “The mortgage business is a contact sport. The more people that see you and hear your voice the better that is going to be for you in the long run.”“There are a lot of people out there who will not judge how you look or sound they want to hear what you have to say and if you have valuable things to say that will be beneficial for you and them.”“My number one tip for people for being on camara is, be yourself and be authentically you.”“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”“Leverage your resources. As a loan officer you need to prioritize what you need to focus on and delegate the rest.”“Get over your fear and press record.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn –
In this week’s episode Sean Zalmanoff is joined by special guest Dr. Russell Van Maele to delve into the significance of prioritizing your well-being. As a Loan Officer, the demands can be taxing, potentially impacting your health over the long term. This underscores the necessity of examining your health status, enabling you to fully savor life's most important moments and be a present presence for your family throughout the years to come.1:59 – About Life Force11:10 – Have to do it yourself19:04 – AdviceTakeaways:It's not about merely looking in the right places; it's about expanding our scope. A holistic approach involves considering various factors that contribute to overall health.Reflecting on life's priorities matters. Ensuring that work-life balance is maintained is crucial for a fulfilling and meaningful existence.Being an LO is stressful and stress is a significant determinant of health. Acknowledging and addressing stress is essential for overall well-being.Quotes:“Getting your labs checked is such a big deal. This is not general healthcare, this is different.”“I’ll never have the same conversation because everyone has a different goal for their health.”“When you put the full picture together that’s when you can come up with a real health plan to get somebody optimized and get them better.”“We call this proactive medicine or preventive care.”“What would your 80-year-old self tell you do. Do that right now.”“It’s not just about long years it’s about having quality years longer.”“I encourage everyone to write down what’s important. No one on their death beds is thinking “I wish I worked more” so write down what really matters.”“Stress is such a big component to health.”“I have lost zero clients get upset when I tell them I cant meet after 5:00 because I will be spending time with my kids.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
In this week’s episode join Kennth Travis and Shane Kidwell as they delve into the final segment of our comprehensive six-part series. This episode centers around the art of in-person meetings and the strategies for nurturing meaningful connections with your referral partners, ultimately fostering increased business opportunities.1:58 – Recap of the 5,4,3,2,1 Strategy4:03 – What is a Face-to-Face Meeting10:33 – Working with Realtors25:14 – What to do After Meeting PeopleTakeaways:Approach conversations as opportunities to cultivate relationships. Every exchange is a chance to plant seeds for future partnerships.Even on days without pre-scheduled meetings, maintain your effort. Don't give up on your daily activities that contribute to success.Don't hesitate to ask for business. Confidence in your abilities is crucial for creating lasting partnerships.Continuous improvement and expertise are essential. Be a professional in your field to secure deals and trust from partners.Quotes:“If you want this to be your best year ever, you’re going to have to do thing a little more urgently and with a little more intensity.”“A true salesman is always looking for ways to make the sale and close the deal and make a connection.”“If you do the other aspects of the 5,4,3,2,1 that will get you the meetings.”“The hard part isn’t getting someone to say they will meet you; it's about getting that cold lead and converting that into a lifelong partnership.”      “It’s so important as you’re having conversations with these referral partners that you talk to them as though you’re equals, you’re peers, you’re partners.”“If you come in from the mindset of, I need them more than they need me you’re going to give up some of your business and personal values.”“It’s so important to get to know them. Do less talking and do more listening.”“If you go into that meeting with the intent of taking and not giving, you are going to lose.” Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
Mastering Social Media

Mastering Social Media


Tune in as Sean takes the lead in this week's episode, delving into the fifth segment of our comprehensive six-part series centered around the potent 5,4,3,2,1 approach. In this segment, our spotlight is on the immense potential of daily social media posts. Our principle rests in the idea that sharing content at a minimum frequency of twice daily holds the key to transforming your business growth, while also ensuring your continual presence in the thoughts of both previous and prospective clients.1:20 – Recap of the 5,4,3,2,1 Strategy6:13 – Posting Cadence16:08– Recap of Social Posts Takeaways:Incorporating video content into your social posts can enhance engagement and capture your audience's attention effectively.Consistent daily engagement is crucial in moving forward and achieving your goals. Small steps each day make a significant impact over time.Making ten posts a week requires a well-structured plan. Strategy ensures your posts remain purposeful and effective in conveying your message.Staying true to yourself is crucial. Authenticity fosters genuine connections and resonates more effectively with your audience.Having a scripted approach can provide structure without stifling creativity. Consistent ideas flowing smoothly maintain your posting momentum.Quotes:“You have to engage with people every single day and continue to move the needle every single day.”“If you’re going to strategically make 10 posts a week. You have to have a plan in place in order to do that.”“Got to make sure you do not get muted out. That’s why you need a little leverage of them knowing what you do and building that trust.”“Want to make sure that they like you and that they know you and you build a report with them.”“When there are realtors that comment on your stuff. DM them and take the online offline.”“Have to make sure that you are you in your social posts.”“If you put good content out Facebook will reward you and put it in front of people.”  Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn –
Join Kellen and Sean for this week’s episode – they’re diving into part 4 of our 6-part series on the powerful 5,4,3,2,1 strategy. In this installment, we're focusing on the essence of meaningful connections – conversations. We believe that having a minimum of three meaningful conversations every day can be a game-changer for your business growth. Timestamps:5:03 – Definition of a Conversation12:15 – Nate’s Success Story18:38 – Wrap-UpTakeaways:Successful loan officers keep their approach simple and stay consistent with their strategies. Overcomplicating processes or trying something briefly without results can hinder progress.Consistent effort combined with high-level execution is the key to achieving positive outcomes. Being persistent in your actions will yield tangible results.The heart of the 5,4,3,2,1 strategy is generating more business consistently by planting seeds for future opportunities.Understand that achieving meaningful conversations might involve some chasing, silence, and rejection, but staying persistent will lead to success.Quotes:“The ones who keep it simple and the ones who keep it consistent. Those are the loan officers who see the tremendous growth.”“A lot of times people overcomplicate the process or the y do the process for a little bit and don’t see results.” “Be consistent with it and execute at a high level and I promise you, you will see results.”“These are conversations about moving the needle in your business, about getting more business and about presenting yourself to an audience that moves the needle in your business.”“The real heart of this is to generate more business consistently.”“We are planting seeds through these conversations for future business.”“Every conversation you have it worth anywhere from $100-$400.” “There's a lot of ways to convey a value proposition to your agents. You got to figure out what the right one is for you.” Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
Join Kellen Vaughan and Kenneth Travis in this week's episode as they delve into part three of their six-part series on the 5,4,3,2,1 strategy. This time, the focus is on Network Interactions, exploring the power of connecting with partners through SMS, Messenger, or video, unlocking new possibilities for business growth.3:08 – Recap of 5,4,3,2,1 strategy4:18 – Network Interactions15:48 – Final ThoughtsTakeaways:The key to achieving great results lies in consistently applying effort and strategies over time. It's not just a one-time effort, but the dedication to keep doing it consistently that yields success.Texting and Messenger provide a convenient way to have conversations, especially when phone calls and emails may not be the most suitable option for both parties.A CRM can be an invaluable asset for maintaining network interactions. It helps streamline communication and keeps important contacts organized.Focus on engaging with individuals who can truly contribute to your business growth. Meaningful conversations are key to developing fruitful partnerships. Quotes:“It’s doing these things consistently overtime that is going to produce a great result.”“I bet most loan officers came in the morning at 9 am and knocked out the 5,4,3,2,1 strategy and then went home for the day. They would probably find more success in that one hour of work than they currently do with what they are doing right now.”“I have had more meaningful conversations via Facebook Messenger with realtor referral partners that I do not currently operate with than I have any other type of communication.”“People feel more inclined to engage and reply when it’s a Facebook Messenger message.”“It’s so much easier to text to have a conversation.” “One of the best features of a CRM is to have these network interactions.”“My success in messaging has come from the one liner messages.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner: Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
In this week’s episode Sean Zalmanoff sits down with guest realtor Dawn Griffin to uncover powerful insights on cultivating and expanding your relationships within the industry. Tune in to discover how to effectively move the needle with your partners and achieve remarkable growth in your real estate journey.2:18 – How Dawn got into the Business7:48 – Q&A Begins20:48 – Wrap-UpTakeaways:Staying in constant communication with partners is crucial. Maintaining an active presence helps originators remain top-of-mind when referrals are needed.Loan Officers shouldn't be disheartened by negative responses or lack of immediate referrals. The focus should be on consistently delivering exceptional experiences to clients.Earning realtor loyalty is tied directly to the experiences clients have. Positive feedback and repeated good experiences lead to more referrals and long-term loyalty.Realtors are receiving more calls than ever from originators. So it’s important to stand out and provide value in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. Quotes:“A lot or realtors are taught that they need to hand out three business cards which is not true.”“My business started growing because I created a blog online and then people started emailing me.”“When you gain trust and do a great job you work your way to the top of the referral list.”"We got to create value for our partners."“It’s really important to stay in front of your partners.”“It’s what the clients say about the experience. If our clients are having repeatedly good experiences, then you will get the referral.”“When someone else messes up you get the chance to help but getting loyalty is making sure the clients experience is flawless.”“If the client is happy, we will refer you all day long.”“Treat your clients like gold and don’t let them forget you.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn –  
In this week’s episode Next Level Co-Founders Kellen Vaughan and Shane Kidwell delve into the powerful realm of Social Interactions as a key growth strategy for your business. Building on the previous episode, they emphasize the significance of maintaining a strong presence in front of your audience while fostering meaningful connections to enhance referral relationships. The 5,4,3,2,1 strategy continues with a focus on authenticity and engagement, urging LOs not to overcomplicate matters. Tune in to gain valuable insights on leveraging social interactions for business success in this second installment of their six-part series.2:18 – 5,4,3,2,1 breakdown3:31 – Definition of having a Social Interaction10:23 – Staying Relevant13:20 – Simplify the Process Takeaways:Don't overcomplicate social interactions; keep them simple, engaging, and authentic.Consistency is key; once you start engaging with people, keep it going to see continuous growth.Genuine interactions matter more than mere emotional reactions on social media platforms.Treat social interactions as essential ingredients in your business recipe, like salt and pepper.Value the quality of interactions over the quantity; impactful interactions make a difference.Quotes:“Your definition of having a social interaction is going to change as you develop in your career.”“Once you start engaging with people, don’t stop. It will keep growing.”“These should be interactions not an emotion. Don’t just like something on Facebook be engaging with someone.”“Take the online offline.” “The goal of this is staying relevant and you need to be where your audience is.”“Make sure what you are posting is engaging, and authentic. And do it with consistency.” “The best sales people are relatable.”Show Links:Community Platform: Podcast Partner:  Social Media:Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn – 
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