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The United States has become synonymous with empire and endless war, American troops sit in 70% of the world's countries, and yet, most Americans don't know that. The military is joined disproportionately by a 'warrior caste’ whom carry this enormous burden, making a less diverse force and ensuring most of society doesn't see their sacrifice. And American tax dollars, funding hundreds of billions in unnecessary spending on global hegemony, are robbed from the domestic needs of ordinary Americans. We aim to change that. Join Danny, Henri, Keagan, Jovanni, Shiloh, and Monisha, six leftist US military veterans, as they discuss how to turn the tide against endless war and repair the damage America has caused abroad.
150 Episodes
Gretta Zarro from World Beyond War and Ana Milosavljevic join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the state of the anti-war movement and deciding whether to make connections with allies […]
Henri and Jovanni chat with Eugene Puryear from BreakThrough News about his career as a journalist and a community organizer, the state of the anti-war movement to include a few comments […]
Jovanni talks with director / actress Talia Lugacy and actors / anti-war activists Kevin Basl and Jan Berry about the inter-generational connections shown in This Is Not A War Story, […]
Professor Robert Buzzanco joins us to discuss the end of the Vietnam War, to include fragging and dissent among the troops, the horrors that came with the Christmas bombings, and […]
This is Chapter 4 of Danny’s first book, The Ghost Riders of Baghdad. If you’d like to hear the rest, please consider becoming a patron at
Jovanni and I talk with Jesse Nevel, national chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. We discuss the horrifying raid conducted by the FBI against the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) […]
Henri talks with former CIA officer and whistleblowers John Kiriakou about his career, his time working on the Iraq Desk, the Obama-era war on whistleblowers, and even a bit on […]
We take some time to discuss our thoughts on 2022 / early 2023 with a whole host of subjects: Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, reproductive freedom / justice, and a lot more. […]
Dr. Jeff Kaye joins us to discuss the Reid interview and interrogation technique, used by police departments around the world and often criticized for its ability to allow false confessions. […]
Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early from the Veterans Healthcare Policy Institute stop by the podcast to discuss their new book, “Our Veterans: Winners, Losers, Friends and Enemies on the New […]
Journalist and political analyst KJ Noh joins us to discuss all things South Korea, including a mountain of war games, the billions of dollars poured into the South Korean military […]
Shiloh Emelein and Rachell Tucker joins us to discuss the state of reproductive justice and abortion access within the U.S. military.  We cover the Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court, […]
YouTube version:–rLFi4FL1o Lyle Rubin, anti-war activist and author, talks with Henri about his new book, “Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body: A Marine’s Unbecoming.”  Lyle shares his story of […]
Author and podcaster Tom Secker, host of the ClandesTime podcast and writer / publisher of, joins us to discuss the 2005 Tom Cruise movie, War Of The Worlds, which […]
Here’s part 2 of our discussion with Camilo Mejia, this one focusing much more on Nicaragua, the history of the Sandinista movement, and the many ways U.S. hybrid warfare affects […]
The guys and I host Camilo Mejia, former U.S. Army soldier, conscientious objector, and native of Nicaragua, who shares his story of dissent within the ranks of the military as […]
Tom Secker and Matt Alford joins us to discuss their new project, Theaters of War, a documentary on the role of the U.S. military / national security state in censoring […]
Monisha Rios, psychologist, social worker, and fellow anti-imperialist, joins Henri and Jovanni to the discuss the long standing destruction of Vieques and Culebra, two islands that make up a portion […]
Click here for video version: Dr. John Cobb of the Cobb Institute, renowned author, professor, and theologian, joins Henri to discuss the ecological disaster our Earth is headed towards […]
Ren Jacob, Air Force veteran and previous crew member of the Golden Rule, a sailboat owned and operated by Veterans For Peace with its own storied anti-war history, joins the […]
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Joel Smith

Great episode

Jul 24th

Rick Bettencourt

A Truly Outstanding Program

May 3rd

Rick Bettencourt

A Truly Outstanding Program, A Must Listen!

Apr 20th

Rick Bettencourt

outstanding program

Mar 7th

Rick Bettencourt

outstanding program

Feb 17th

Will H

Important! A must listen!

Dec 25th
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