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Author: Jon and Melissa

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Jon and Melissa Matos compare popular fiction with cult classics, fan favorites, and ancient allusions. Join their weekly celebration of good storytelling, and the positive impact stories have on our everyday lives. Support this podcast:
82 Episodes
Leave your proton pack at the AA meeting? Your soul sister will help you cope AND catch ghosts! Join Melissa and Jon, author siblings and spiritual speculators, as they review the Shining sequel.--- Support this podcast:
Sirens aren't only the only allusions in cop dramas. Join authors Jon and Melissa Matos as they investigate mysteries with a flare for the supernatural.--- Support this podcast:
Put on your Mickey ears and grab your pumpkin pail: it's time for a Disney/Halloween movie mash-up! Fresh off a Disney Cruise voyage, Melissa and Jon discuss three scary sequels: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Toy Story 4 and Zombieland 2. --- Support this podcast:
Best in Show: El Camino

Best in Show: El Camino


On the heels of a Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul binge, El Camino drops on Netflix. Muscle cars and cat-and-mouse mischief? Sounds like a formula for fun.--- Support this podcast:
Pieces of this talk include: a mystery novel that feels like a puzzle, a brief discussion of how good theology can help fantasy writing, and what we're excited about in sci-fi and fantasy coming soon.Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @Unboxing Story!--- Support this podcast:
We packed in the feature presentations for this freestyle episode. Relax and enjoy our chat on Downtown Abbey (2019), Ad Astra, and the noir throwback, Sunset Boulevard.--- Support this podcast:
Combine Zootopia and Sing! and you've got the 90s animated feature film Cats Don't Dance. Produced during the Disney Renaissance, Warner Bros wrote a love letter to old Hollywood while maintaining their brand of slapstick comedy. Join Melissa and Jonathan Matos as they discuss this forgotten gem and examine what makes it great.--- Support this podcast:
Siren Song: Once (2007)

Siren Song: Once (2007)


Provincial wisdom says roses from a street corner vendor aren't anything special, but the charming romantic drama 'Once' is anything but provincial. Discover the story of Guy and Girl, a vacuum repairman and flower girl who dream of making music. Melissa and Jon Matos take a break from humming the film's many soulful songs to discuss its blend of poetry and slice-of-life drama.Join Jon on January 24th - 26th for Evil Expo: The Convention for Villains!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a message on our homepage.--- Support this podcast:
Practical magic is tough in the age of visual effects. The Jim Henson Company recreates the world of Thra and make it look easy. Join Jon and Melissa Matos as they heap praise on one of their favorite studios, stories, and special effects.--- Support this podcast:
Good Vibes ft. Another Life

Good Vibes ft. Another Life


File this one under "current affairs." Not only did Melissa get a sweetheart novelette published, but she got donors to raise some $ for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. To celebrate these double convictions, your Boy & Gal Fridays eschew a topic for a chat about a dark but thrilling novel, Netflix's Another Life, and more.Pre-order the first Iron Sorcerer novelette!Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also leave us a message here, a rating here or write to us at unboxingstory(at) Support this podcast:
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