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Author: Jon and Melissa

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Jon and Melissa Matos compare popular fiction with cult classics, fan favorites, and ancient allusions. Join their weekly celebration of good storytelling, and the positive impact stories have on our everyday lives. Support this podcast:
76 Episodes
Combine Zootopia and Sing! and you've got the 90s animated feature film Cats Don't Dance. Produced during the Disney Renaissance, Warner Bros wrote a love letter to old Hollywood while maintaining their brand of slapstick comedy. Join Melissa and Jonathan Matos as they discuss this forgotten gem and examine what makes it great.--- Support this podcast:
Siren Song: Once (2007)

Siren Song: Once (2007)


Provincial wisdom says roses from a street corner vendor aren't anything special, but the charming romantic drama 'Once' is anything but provincial. Discover the story of Guy and Girl, a vacuum repairman and flower girl who dream of making music. Melissa and Jon Matos take a break from humming the film's many soulful songs to discuss its blend of poetry and slice-of-life drama.Join Jon on January 24th - 26th for Evil Expo: The Convention for Villains!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a message on our homepage.--- Support this podcast:
Practical magic is tough in the age of visual effects. The Jim Henson Company recreates the world of Thra and make it look easy. Join Jon and Melissa Matos as they heap praise on one of their favorite studios, stories, and special effects.--- Support this podcast:
Good Vibes ft. Another Life

Good Vibes ft. Another Life


File this one under "current affairs." Not only did Melissa get a sweetheart novelette published, but she got donors to raise some $ for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. To celebrate these double convictions, your Boy & Gal Fridays eschew a topic for a chat about a dark but thrilling novel, Netflix's Another Life, and more.Pre-order the first Iron Sorcerer novelette!Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also leave us a message here, a rating here or write to us at unboxingstory(at) Support this podcast:
The race to replace 'Game of Thrones' is underway, but after that ending, is sword and sorcery dead? Nearly a year after MTV cancelled Shannara Chronicles, Melissa and Jon Matos ask why it failed. Can new writers recapture the magic of the 80's fantasy renaissance, or is nostalgia killing originality?--- Support this podcast:
Fairytale retellings are here, and they're bad (but, like: Michael Jackson bad.) Huntsman: Winter's War builds on Universal Studio's expanded universe of evil queens by introducing Freya, a snow queen out to stifle all love. It's bad news for the two "Huntsmen" at the story's center, forcing these two orphans to rediscover their romance in the face of certain death. Melissa Matos of opens the first full episode of "Siren Song," a series that will explore strong female characters and songwriters, by taking on the "Evil Queen," and how she has inspired songs like "You Should See Me in a Crown" by Billie Eilish and "Castle" by Halsey.--- Support this podcast:
If storming Area 51 sounds like a stupid idea now, in 2019, it'll seem bonkers after you see 'The Signal.' The film follows Nic, a track and field star who suffers a dire diagnosis, then gets abducted by aliens. Jon and Melissa Matos review this break in the "mystery box" formula, and highlight some horror / sci-fi classics.--- Support this podcast:
Good books make you feel things, but what if that's all they do? Melissa and Jon review a local author's book, Good Grief, and discuss how it achieves  a high level of intimacy and honesty without becoming melodramatic. Can a novel survive without ninjas and 80's nostalgia, even if its protagonist grew up with similar pop culture touchstones? Find out inside...--- Support this podcast:
The magic of Disney animation is part of our DNA, so when it changes, has Disney changed or have we? Melissa and Jon recorded this special, nostalgia-filled episode at the 7th Annual Philly Podfest, thanks to the sponsors below and the lovely people at Indy Hall. Relive VHS tapes and discuss live-action Disney on our Twitter or Facebook, or leave us a voicemail. We'd love hear from you!The 7th Annual Philly Podfest was sponsored by:New Media TouringTattooed MomIndy HallThe National Liberty MuseumObie MediaClick/Save Photography/DesignPhilly Podcast StudioT-House Screen Printing--- Support this podcast:
When I was a young boy, My Chemical Romance were the heartthrobs of the emo era. Looking back, their creativity set them apart, as frontman Gerard Way crafted concept albums, music videos and comics. Jon and Melissa discuss the band's biggest hit and Gerard Way's Netflix-adapted series, Umbrella Academy.--- Support this podcast:
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