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Author: Clarence Nappier

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321 Biz Dev LLC is the number one company in the world offering sales systems and business development services for attorneys, CPAs, plastic surgeons, dentists, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, and helping any small business owner with a sales function wanting to increase sales productivity and performance using superior business development and sales training tools. Episodes focus on the four main sales functions: contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing and zero-cost referrals.

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This is an advanced topic for attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers with transaction prices at $1,000 and higher. --- Send in a voice message:
This podcast episode was produced about 3 years ago, in 2018. --- Send in a voice message:
Sales professionals and Republican political candidates will be more effective after listening to this info. --- Send in a voice message:
Before I started the conversations, I observed what people were doing on their laptops while sipping coffee. The three people I observed worked in the legal, real estate and construction industries. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
Talking to strangers has always put me in an advantageous position. You would be surprised at the new friends, business opportunities, and right-place, right-time situations that have come my way from simply saying "hello". Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
Confrontation is not the typical expectation on neither side of the transaction. It's only natural if left unmanaged. And, guess what? The business owner has the responsibility to control the appointment (321 calls appointments, interviews) with the prospect. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
But the best news of building this deck is I had little experience in building decks, but I attempted it even though I was so fearful. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
"Who's Your Daddy?" is a slang expression used to show that something or someone has dominance over someone else. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
Aggressive is not what blog article readers and podcast episodes listeners think the word means. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
What if marketing companies had to deliver a minimum amount of sales revenue in order to get paid? If you like what you hear, please support the show. Support the show ($biz321321) --- Send in a voice message:
Marv Levy was the NFL Buffalo Bills coach from 1986 to 19997. Levy is credited with the phrase, “If It’s too Hard for Them, It’s Just Right for Us”. My military commander must have heard Coach Levy use the phrase because my commanding officer modified it and told the following to us: ““If It’s too Tough for Them, It’s Just Right for Us”. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
Effective June 1, 2021. 321 Biz Dev LLC is available to fill the new client gaps when small business owners occasionally have the following business conditions. 1.      Short-term revenue gaps when a few need clients are needed within a 30-day period. 2.      Longer-term agreements are available for up to 90 days if up to 10 new clients are needed. 3.      Territorial agreements are available after 321 Biz Dev LLC have served your new client needs for at least 90 days. A territory is defined as zip-code ranges or street boundaries. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
A big reason why we stopped providing sales system, business development detailed materials has a lot to do with two guys from Texas. Two guys from Austin found some detailed materials about the 321 Biz Dev system online and tried to use it. They failed miserably because all of the information was not available online. I believe they found me on Twitter and began to download 321 Biz Dev content. By the way, I am no longer a Twitter, Instagram nor Facebook subscriber. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
The stories I can tell you about what 321 Biz Dev LLC experiences on a daily basis will make you both laugh and cry. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
It's no secret that highly skilled trade business owners have the least amount of sales and business development training and experience. I'm speaking plumbers, HVAC installers and home renovation personnel. Imagine the possibilities if trades business owners could capitalize on the relationships they could build as they come in contact with hundreds of consumers and other business owner per week. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
It's very common for small businesses to copy big corporate marketing and adThe vertising strategies. One strategy which works for big corporations but miserably fails for small businesses is offering price discounts. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
Yes, this is the worst thing a prospect can do to a small business owner when the prospect really needs the product or service. I am talking about low-balling small business owner proposals. And I am emphasizing proposals when prospects really need the products or services. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
Certain arrangements and combinations just make perfect sense. Combinations-like a hamburger with fries, a hotdog and Pepsi at a baseball game, a shot of tequila, lemon, and salt combinations, a new pair of shoes with that new suit or dress, and tortilla chips with guacamole-all make sense. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that consumers are more likely to buy from small business owners who put themselves ahead of impersonal, marketing campaigns. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
Toni Y. Long is the Managing Partner and the founder of The Long Law Group, PC, with a practice focused on entertainment and business transactions. Her business and corporate practice focuses on corporate governance, maintenance and formation, asset / stock purchases and sales, securities, and other corporate issues, as well as serving as general corporate counsel to many of her clients.  Toni’s entertainment practice focuses on several areas, including production, talent representation, motion picture, television and new media development, distribution, licensing, and private equity investment. Toni graduated with a BA from Stanford University and received a JD from UCLA School of Law. She was recognized as a “Top Attorney” for Corporate Law by Pasadena Magazine, from 2012 to 2019 and as a “Rising Star” by Los Angeles Magazine, July 2007. Support the show ( --- Send in a voice message:
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