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Author: Modern Day Mindset

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Contemporary Mind is a weekly podcast that discusses the ideas, aspirations, and trials and tribulations of the rising generation in the Bay Area today. Each week is a celebration of human spirit and a reminder to Embrace Misadventure.
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In this episode I’m journaling to start things back up again. Hope all is well for you and your families.
In this episode we talk about his trip to Miami and New York. We also get his perspective on what it’s like to be a catholic & some communities he’s involved with.
In this episode, we’re taking a step back to follow a guided mediation session. This will help to ease your mind and to allow positivity to enter your life. Hope you guys enjoy!
Hey guys! Last time Jake and I did a podcast it was cut short, so we decided to do a part two for all ya’ll! Hope you enjoy! Stay positive !
Marvel, a first year Indonesian , speaks about his experiences in a new culture and shares some great tips on how to get accustomed to a new life.
Andy and I speak about Authenticity and how it positively affects your confidence growing up and with other people.
Andrew shares his perspective on recent Instagram topics ( Q&A from audience).  Instagram-@ Alohapajes If you guys want to be featured let me know! (:  Thank you for all the support! 
Andrew sings a little tune in the beginning to lighten up the mood and he ANSWERS ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU GAVE HIM via Instagram. Enjoy(: Stay Positive! 
Just a weekly journal of my random thoughts and funny jokes! Stay tuned for this weekend! We have another amazing guest!  All love and positivity for you guys! 
Jake and I Discuss our experiences with breakups. The steps we took to recover from these traumatic experiences but also the things that we have learned throughout these moments. There is that one thing that it will heal all of it. Can you guess what it is?  @Sir_nations ( Give him a shoutout!)  We will be doing another podcast due to this one being pretty short and limited on time. Stay Tuned!
5-minute podcast w/ Andrew discussing his perspective of people around him and how we as humans talk about others. The change starts with us!
Today, My Co-Host Atish Bhakta joins me in the discussion of change and how we can deal with it on the daily. Atish's Bhakta Instagram- @batish501 Andrew's Pajes Instagram- @alohapajes If you have any questions or want me to talk about something specific DM me and let me know! Thank you for your support!
Andrew talks about the importance of mental health and the obstacles we face as college students.
Just another Saturday in the mind of Andrew Pajes. Join him, and maybe you can relate?
In this Episode of Life Through College, Parsa Rezai, Shalom Yam, Dillon Johnson and I discuss the skills necessary to be successful in the social aspect of college life.
Patricia Zarate and I speak about the pros and cons of college living. Encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and become one with society! @Pattissi @Alohapajes
In this episode, you can expect to hear about Sreya's decision to move to India at the age of 18. We talk about her perspective of being an American Citizen living as an Expat in India. She was able to become a doctor in India while undertaking life's obstacles and the culture shock of both worlds. Click on the Episode for more on her perspective!  Her instagram - @sreysrey96 
In this episode, David Doherty an old high school friend describes his solution to the obstacles in his own life. He is an upcoming youtube creator with a unique project in mind. Stay tuned to listen to his journey! If you guys want to check his channel out its! 
In this episode Phillip and I talk about his remarkable childhood and how he went from existing in life to LIVING life. Philly’s Instagram - @Phillythabest
I am literally hyping you up right now. 
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