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DEEKAST is a conversational podcast hosted by Niagara music producer, DJ, designer & gaming enthusiast Derek Veenhof (@deekatello). A millennial counterculture movement discussing anything & everything: gaming, music, pop culture, history, politics, science, religion & philosophy and the nexuses where these worlds collide. Produced by Shapestate Studios. Support this podcast:
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My buddy, Niagara Recording artist 'Ezza' of the Choom Gang had me as a guest on his podcast 'Ezza Trips Balls'. We recorded this Wednesday afternoon so some of our discussion might be a bit behind the times as time moves at x10000 speed now. We discussed the C-virus for a good while and I offered some hopeful words of encouragement during these dark days. We also discussed the current season of Survivor and what I plan to do with my survivor pool winnings this season. CHECK US OUT! Subscribe to the channel on the YouTubes as well! STAY HOME, STAY SAFE! ✌️ --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to The Fitz! In this episode I had Caleb and Suzanne over to the studio from The Fitzgerald Neighbours, a neighbourhood association that operates in mid-town St. Catharines. We spoke about community development, getting to know your neighbours, parks initiatives, community projects, homelessness, addiction, safe consumption sites and discarded needles, affordable housing, upcoming events in the neighbourhood and more. To learn more about the group check out their socials @fitzgeraldneighbours or the website below! --- Support this podcast:
My occasional barber, and recording artist Awol joined me to talk haircuts, the Halifax rap scene, nuclear power and more! We also review music from Austyn Davys, Sedd Miley, Supakaine, Lb Spiffy, and Joey Mayhem. @lb.spiffy @supakaine @seddmiley @austyndavys @joey_mayhem --- Support this podcast:
#69. Nick Carr

#69. Nick Carr


Today Nick and I spoke about a bad customer service experience I had at McDonalds, and what McDonalds has really done to their burgers to make them 'BETTER'. Also we speak on Kevin O'Leary's boat crash,  the local Homestead Donuts break-in, Trump pardoning aides who break the law to build the wall, whether Trump is a useful idiot or Russian agent, will Trump drop Fox News for OANN as his propaganda mouthpiece? White Supremacy and KKK membership in 2019, and do you need to be broke just to live in Ontario, Canada in 2019? Also we look up a local St. Catharines Neo-Nazi on Facebook who was just dropped from the People's Party of Canada, you won't be surprised by his musical interests. --- Support this podcast:
Sean & Karl joined me in studio to discuss their podcast turned broadcast 'One Dish One Mic', indigenous issues in Canada, racism and anti-racism, the upcoming elections, and some current events. You can find these two thoughtful gentleman on their website/twitter below, or tune in to 610 CKTB Niagara every Sunday at noon to hear them broadcast live! @SeanVanderklis @KarlDockstader --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I interviewed my friend Kyle Whittaker who is an audio engineer and owner of Strange Pumpkin Mixes. We spoke about all things recording, mixing, and mastering. Kyle focusses mainly on mixing Hip-Hop these days so for any music heads, this one is for you. Warning: A lot of plugins are mentioned. -- Official Website --- Support this podcast:
Lalo Dagach is the Palestinian Chilean. He hosts the Lalo Podcast and has appeared on The Rubin Report. His tweets are commentary on international politics, culture and religion. He was born in LA, lives in Chile and has Palestinian heritage. He's lived in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and has studied Film and International Politics.  We covered Palestinian migration abroad, abortion laws in Chile, Hugo Chavez and Venezuela, Trump stepping into North Korea, the generalization of Muslims from various countries, issues with the modern political spectrum, selective empathy, social media addiction, reading books vs the news, and much more. --- Support this podcast:
David W. Mathisen is an author and researcher of ancient myths, and their connection to the movements of celestial bodies often depicted through art and story. In particular we focus on myths of Zeus, Krishna, Thor, Maui, Apollo, Heracles, Michael the Archangel, among others. This one is very visual so you may want to check out the YouTube version. For more of David's work check out the links below. --- Support this podcast:
Pete Voynovich, Greg Smith, and Colin Nun are all professors of Graphic Design at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario. All previous guests of the show, they came back to the Deekast studio to chat about design, teaching, bike trails, germans, and Colin's apparent put-offishness. Please like the video, leave a comment or Subscribe to the YouTube, or subscribe to the audio podcast on your favourite podcast app. Pete: @garyballdinky Greg: @blindpigpress Colin: @colin_nun --- Support this podcast:
Terry McDermott is a journalist who served as a national correspondent with the Los Angeles Times and is author of Perfect Soldiers: The 9/11 Hijackers, Who They Were, Why They Did It, an investigative non-fiction book profiling the hijackers of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well as the Al-Qaeda leaders who planned and orchestrated the attacks. In addition he has authored another book entitled The Hunt for KSM: Inside the Pursuit and Takedown of the Real 9/11 Mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Terry's Website: Terry's Twitter: --- Support this podcast:
I am joined this week by Andres from the Omnic Lab podcast. An overwatch strategy podcast available everywhere. We discussed Overwatch as a game, why it is such a phenomenon world wide, e-sports and the Overwatch League, and speculated about South Korea and why so many great pro Overwatch players are South Korean. We also discussed the 'meta' and how to improve your game hardware and software settings to be a better Overwatch player. Be sure to subscribe to the Omnic Lab podcast. --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Shawn Baker is host of the Human Performance Outliers podcast. Shawn is an orthopedic surgeon and served in the US Air Force as Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma performing over 600 surgeries at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. He is a weight lifting world record holder, and carnivore diet advocate. --- Support this podcast:
#60. Bill Huizer

#60. Bill Huizer


My highschool english teacher and friend Mr. Bill Huizer and I spoke on Nipsey Hussle, austrian vs keynesian economics and more! Unfortunately the audio got beat up around the 35 min mark so we did lose about half of our convo and I had to edit it out! Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Friends of the show Puffer & Moofeek aka Marcity sat down to chat Hip-Hop, Safe-Injection Sites, Mortal Kombat, Chris Farley, the Youth and their concept of what's OK or normal, as well as Marcel's new animated show called Pizza Town. Marcity's YouTube: Marcity's YouTube: Pizza Town: --- Support this podcast:
#58. Nick Carr

#58. Nick Carr


Nick Carr returns to talk about Big Macs, Hideo Kojima, Roman Raines, Shoots and Works and more. --- Support this podcast:
Ed the Sock is a Canadian television personality who first appeared in the 1990s. He is best known for his appearances hosting programming on MuchMusic and his own talk show, Ed's Night Party. Liana K is a Canadian YouTuber, television host, writer and producer. She co-hosted the final season of the variety show Ed & Red's Night Party with Ed the Sock. Her YouTube content is all about asking tough questions about women in gaming in a fun, open-ended way. They are currently traversing Ontario for their War on Stupid comedy tour and stopping in Niagara Falls Thursday night. Ed the Sock has been working on the FU Network, an online media outlet featuring a variety of in-house produced shows and podcasts in an effort to bring some of the spirit back that was lost during the downfall of MuchMusic and Canadian TV in the 90s/2000s. We spoke about the news of the day such as the SNC Lavalin scandal, current political discourse on the right and the left, sensitivity in politics and culture, and more! Ed's website: FUNetwork: Ed's twitter: @edthesock Liana K's twitter: @redlianak Liana K's YouTube channel: FUNetwork Youtube channel: --- Support this podcast:
Brian Dunning is an American writer and producer who focuses on science and skepticism. He has hosted a weekly podcast, Skeptoid, since 2006, and he is an author of a series of books on the subject of scientific skepticism, some of which are based on the podcast. Skeptoid has been the recipient of several podcast awards such as the Parsec Award. Dunning has also created the spin-off video series, inFact, and The Feeding Tube both available on YouTube. Brian's website: Brian's upcoming documentary Science Friction: Brian on Twitter: @BrianDunning --- Support this podcast:
This week I'm joined by recording artists Sayzee (@sayzee_newage) & Awol The Barber (@waengang.weez) to discuss their latest projects and creative process. Also we dive into a new experiment on the podcast of reacting / reviewing underground artists music videos.  Link to Sayzee's latest video: Link to Awol's latest video: Artists we reviewed: Perrier Rosewood - Courtside Chavis Chandler - FBHM Flynt Flossy - Did I Mention I Like to Dance Leakavelli - Let The White Kids Say N***** WhyG x Houdini - Auntie Deuce Deuce - Pain into Champagne ft. Outlawz Lukas Mihas ft. thefriend - 2shots / Waistline drippin so pretty - how it go --- Support this podcast:
#54. Matt Christiansen

#54. Matt Christiansen


Matt Christiansen is a YouTuber and podcaster talking politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress in Bozeman, Montana. His YouTube videos are fairly popular, his account having close to 185,000 subscribers. He creates regular videos dissecting current events and politics in the US as well as hosting a weekly stream call-in-show with co-host 'Blonde'. YouTube Channel: Website: Twitter: --- Support this podcast:
#53. Ezza

#53. Ezza


Ezza (@Ezza905) is a local Niagara recording artist and creative director of @choomganghome. In this episode we get into some economic theories, the concept of Safe Injection Sites in Niagara and abroad, modern day political views of the Canadian millennial, recent pop culture news stories such as Jussie Smollett, the Gucci boycott, YNW Melly's Murder on My Mind, and Tekashi69's snitchiness. 💔 HRTBRKRS out now Thoby G & E -- Do It Thoby G & E -- Introduction --- Support this podcast:
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