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Beyond Consciousness

Beyond Consciousness


Jay and Lindy from @consciousnessinanutshell joined us and Brent Lengel to discuss consciousness, its alignment with instinct and the flow state, anxiety, depression, meditation, and consciousness enhancing drugs. Visit their website to learn more from this fascinating couple
Modernising Monetary Theory

Modernising Monetary Theory


1Dime and Sam Kangarloo dropped in to discuss the intersection of Modern Monetary Theory, Anarchism, and Marxism Follow 1Dime here for succinct analysis of fascinating topics
A Corona Retrospective

A Corona Retrospective


Putin single-handedly ended the discussion about Corona, as everyone started talking about much worse news. What lessons were learnt? What predictions were we right about? How does the world move forwards? Psychological, Anthropological, Philosophical, Political, Controversial Talk Show
Stanning with Ukraine

Stanning with Ukraine


The Beyond Binary Crew jump on one of the only non-partisan issues of our day, and take on Putin's invasion and genocide in Ukraine.
Professor, filmmaker, writer, adventurer and self-confessed 'bloody good bearded bloke' Beau Miles joins Beyond Binary to discuss adventure and all it entails. His new book "The Backyard Adventurer" is available through Brio via all good outlets. His YouTube channel features full-length films of various adventures as well as shorter challenges (search Beau Miles) and he also has a podcast (Beauisms).  Pyschological, Anthropological, Philosophical, Political, Controversial Talk Show
The original crew each brings a topic, and we have a good old chat. Great fun. Enjoy
African American Trump Voter

African American Trump Voter


Pat's political observations are as passionate as they are astute. He voted for Trump the first time, but was disillusioned as yet another President failed to exact any real change. Chris, Paul (Southern Podcast Authority) and Brent (Snow White Zombie Apocalypse) joined him for a debate on Centrist Vs. Left Wing politics. We were all surprised by how much we had in common. Four people from different political perspectives agreeing on the problems of the current political system, instructs us all about the need for Beyond Binary discussions. Check out the following links for more:
We debate the merits and pitfalls of democracy and abolishing monarchies with Jacob from BigYellowPraxis and Underrated/ Overhated
Some say the left have no unity! Yet Toby and Chris had the pleasure of discussing the nuance in the differences between Marxist and Anarchist thought from Comrades: Brenton Lengal (Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, & Buenaventura Durruti), and Duncan Moore and Ryan Aldred (National Committee of the Socialist Party). We managed to avoid it descending into a confrontation, and an inspiring discussion was had.
Last time we talked China, we discussed the silk and belt road initiative and how china is buying up debt world wide. It seemed like they had a 100 year plan, and the west was falling apart. Now it seems like everyone is struggling, and we're all in it together. We talk to two Americans (including Connor from the Prove Me Wrong, Please podcast) who have lived in China for several years. Initially to discuss whether China will rule the world better now the US is fading as a superpower. The discussion was impressively nuanced, and took a few fascinating turns.
Peter Kris has built several successful startups in the block chain, and has a no nonsense, plain speaking approach to demystifying what is often an unnecessarily jargon filled space. What's overhyped? Where are the risks for retail investors? Why does it use so much energy? And what are some practical applications for blockchain technology that will actually help transform the internet of money from an investment bubble to a practical tool? Find out more about Peter's work at:
Moral Dilemmas

Moral Dilemmas


The OG crew get weird and discuss traditional moral dilemmas such as the trolley problem, whether you should speak up at a wedding if you don't think the couple should marry. If our moral revulsion to certain acts is evolved, when is that instinct helpful, and when is it not?
German Political Analyst and Strategist Marc Saxer bring his experience in Asia and a unique perspective on how to transform Western politics. If Neo-Liberalism is dying, why has the Left failed to capitalize on it? How can climate change activism become more effective? We get into Identity Politics, the Culture Wars, and why polarized activism gets cancelled out by its tribal polar opposite. How can we break out of our political gridlock, and change the things that need fixing?
We discuss the need to avoid religious dogma on the path to enlightenment and Nirvana. A fascinating exploration of Buddhism from two perspectives often presented as conflicting opposites. What does Buddhism have to teach us about history, philosophy, our reality, history, and ourselves. Hear more from Brenton here:
Feminists often assume you’re either with them, or you're wrong, and IMHO this is a a big reason why many fail to be persuasive. However, Becs, my favorite and most charming Feminist friend was willing to come on for another round, and persuade me otherwise. At the halfway point, we get into INCELs, and true and false claims of sexual harassment, and violence. A history of and a future for misogyny and misandry. So this conversation is not for the faint of heart, but needs to be had more often.
From the Fermi Paradox to Dyson swarms, the gang talks gravity assists, solar sails, recent developments in astrophysics, and the final frontier. What's the chance of life on other planets? How easy would it be to communicate with them, and would we want to? Music from Art-X & Sumac Dub (free download at
As America joins most developed nations with Church attendance no longer a majority activity, we ask: Is organized religion doomed, and what's worth saving? Matthew Distefano has been a shining light in a church that seems to have lost its way. Jesus was a person of color, killed in an act of state violence, but how often is moral leadership seen from those who would claim religious authority? Pablo and Chris share their experiences of why religion is worth saving.
Leftube's rising Solarpunk Anarchist Saint Andrew delivers impactful essays on the problems and needs to go beyond Colonialism's legacy, and the inequities it continues to promote. We discussed the history and future of European Colonialism, and the backlash all of its critics face. If there is no winding back the clock, how do we move forwards? A superbly passionate and optimistic conversation on a topic that people are often too uncomfortable to dive deep on. Music by:
After a decade of a party split by New Labour centrists, Momentum, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, and terrible election results, what is next for the Labour party in the UK? We're joined by a superbly well informed guest to dive deep on how the Labour party can rebuild, and come back stronger.
An American and British Perspective on modern racism, and why so many continue to argue at every opportunity against the Black Lives Matter movement. How racist is it to deny the existence of systemic racism? Aren't things better than they've ever been? Are terms like White Supremacy, Fragility, and Privilege helpful to dialogue? What can White People do to ally themselves in the struggle against racism? Is racism a bigger problem in America, or are they having a more open debate than in Europe? Check out and for more!
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Jay Terry

My favorite episodes are the ones like this that discuss theories. Thanks guys

Jul 9th

Jay Terry

you did a fine job of editing the episode yourself. I'd prefer if you spent more time with guests than spending time and resources on editing. love the show, please keep making it

Nov 3rd

Jay Terry

As a nerd with a disability, dnd and games in general have given me an outlet to express myself that I wouldnt otherwise have. Just wanted to say thanks for caring guys. I'm sure it'll make a difference to more people than you know. I hope everything goes better than expected.

Sep 1st

Serial277something Something

So, they're all vegans. There's no alternate opinion on this one.

Nov 20th
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