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We are so much better together-let's compare notes, not ourselves-and, above all, be kind.
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I had a great chat with poet Camille Dungy about her new book, Trophic Cascade,  and the role poets and other creatives can play in shaping society.
Joseph Fasano

Joseph Fasano


Poet and novelist Joseph Fasano sat down with me to talk about his new book, his poetry, and why art matters in this moment.
I sat down with writer, teacher, and generous soul Holly Wren Spaulding and we talked about her new book Familiars--and  few other things along the way.
Today I talk about Lucy Shaw's new book, The Generosity.
Simply, Rota

Simply, Rota


Rota, a poet and lawyer, popped in to talk about his new book, Giveth and Taketh. You can also visit his Spotify account to hear more!
Margaret B Ingraham

Margaret B Ingraham


I had the opportunity to sit down with poet Margaret Ingraham. We chatted about her new book, Exploring This Terrain, her experiences with VCCA, and-of course-the world we find ourselves in now.
No, I mean it, it's not poetry but it's something I thought you should know.
I sat down with Padraig Ó Tuama to chat about his poetry and so much more.
I fell in love with Jericho Brown's most recent, award winning book of poetry-The Tradition and I am excited to share this conversation with you on today's episode!
Now more than ever we need to be conscious of where our dollars go. Buying local may be the difference between some of your favorite small businesses-especially book stores-reopening their doors once it is safe to do so!
I talked with therapist Wendy Elzinga, who shared techniques for coping during this less than normal time.
Today we celebrate the birthday of Flannery O'Connor by chatting with Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, the writer of Andalusian Hours, Poems from the Porch of Flannery O'Connor.
Today I chat with writer, storyteller, and poet Chris Wheeler about his new, and first, book of poetry, Solace.
I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Josh Martin of Green Street Poetry and Toho Journal. He is also a writer in his own right and we got to chat about all the great work he is doing as well as the dynamic community that is forming as a result.
I chat with poet Joel Ciaccio about his work, his podcast, Hack Sessions, and about what makes him tick. I also bid farewell to 2019 and thank my guests and listeners for their generous support and encouragement!
Meagan Lucas, author or Songbirds & Stray Dog joins me today and we talk about her book, writing advice, thick skin, and all the many things that keep her busy. There may be laughter too ...
I sat down with the duo, Rose & Cloud, and did in fact establish that they are a duo not a quartet...
Today I am joined by Jane Kirkpatrick, New York Times best-selling, award winning author and rattlesnake fighter...wait, what?
I am finally back and I couldn't be more excited about bringing you the poet Tina Chang.  Her new book, Hybrida, is out and it is one of the best books of poetry to come my way. Join me as I welcome Tina to Poet Kind!
A little Collins, a little Keats and a lot about autumn and what I am reading with the change of seasons...
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