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Welcome to the Seedpod-cast! I'm Jessica Croker-- a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a wife, homeschooling mom of 6, registered yoga teacher, health coach, meditator, and mindfulness junkie.This is the place where we spend some time together deepening self-awareness, understanding our deepest needs, and designing habits that lead to lives of contentment, compassion, curiosity, creativity, and connection. Grab a load of laundry to fold, head out for a walk, or run an errand while you listen, ponder, and reach toward growing into your infinite potential. We'll be great friends before we know it!
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Language is something that evolves over time.  Our own use of language changes so much as we grow.  It influences our ability to interpret and interact with the world, and because our adult thoughts are primarily made up of a stream of words, language defines our inner experience as well.How can we leverage that as a tool for deepening and expanding our experience, rather than being limited by it?Learn more about the Befriending Your Body membership at
Right after his resurrection Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth give i unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."What is the difference between the peace the world tries to give and the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace?  How do we access that?Connect with me at!
Today I want to share with you 4 ways to face uncertainty-1. Be honest about the things only you can do.2. Manage energy, not time.3. Don't check out- check in.4. Remember that your body can only be in the present moment.  If you want to join me for free yoga March 29- April 3 shoot me an email at  I would love to connect living room to living room.
Settle in to a deep inner awareness and feel the answer to the question, Who am I?
It's been awhile since I did an episode centered on a philosophical concept, so we're going to go through the list of the Kleshas, or obstacles, today.  These concepts are as old as humanity and oh, so relevant today.  The core idea is that the root of all of our suffering is forgetting our true, divine, eternal nature.After you listen to this episode set aside a few minutes to sit with my guided meditation-- Meditation 7: Who am I?
Merry Christmas friends!  What does it mean to truly give and to receive?  There is an element of openness and surrender to giving and receiving that creates connections and changes lives.Make your Christmas super fun by listening to the Croker Christmas album my kids recorded and gifted to the world.  It makes my heart happy.  Listen on soundcloud here!
Episode 53: Belonging

Episode 53: Belonging


A sense of belonging is a fundamental need at the core of every one of us.  Where do you belong?  To whom do you belong?  Where does a sense of belonging come from?  Mother Theresa said, "If we have no peace it's because we've forgotten that we belong to each other."This week's resource:  Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown
The things we practice over and over are the things that we become proficient at.  Deliberate practice is a path of continually doing something you're not great at with confidence that growth will come if you keep trying.  What do you practice?
Envisioning how we want things to go, dreaming up what we want to create, and hoping with all our hearts for an ideal is a key ingredient of faith, but what happens when life just doesn't go how we envisioned it would?  Today we talk about trust and loosening our grip on how things "should" go.This week's resource: Thomas McConkie's podcast Mindfulness+Would you like help applying what I teach to your individual life and unique circumstances?  Get on my calendar for a free 30 minute coaching call.  I truly love talking with all of you!
Our lives move on a continuum.  Our relationships, our bodies, the seasons, all of it, is in constant flux.  How do we navigate the constant change?  Where do you find what's constant?
Sometimes we need to get back to basics.  After a wonderful, eventful, fun, yet emotional summer I certainly need a refresher course in what it means to truly take care of myself without being self absorbed and resentful of all the demands of real life.We'll go through the essentials of my Unselfish Self-Care framework-- Self-Awareness (and how that compares to selfishness), Needs, and Habits.------------------Are you feeling overwhelmed and pulled in 1,000 directions?  Maybe you even think you're doing all the right things, but still feel stuck or unhappy.  I know what that's like.  I've been there, but I know how to pull myself out of it and I can guide you out too.If you want peace, calm, contentment, and to feel at home in your body and amid the myriad of things on your to-do list, let's see if we're a good fit to work together!Get on my calendar!  Let's have a conversation!  I would love to talk to you.
We get really good at the things we practice.  Today you can listen in on a conversation I had with Ann Ferguson of Heart Wall Mentoring.  She has learned through experience how to find joy even when life is hard and now she teaches others how to do the same.Find out more about Ann at heartwallmentoring.comHave you checked out my new website,
Sit, lay, or take a meditative walk as you bring awareness to each part of your body and offer it your love and gratitude.  In our culture of body objectification and comparison this practice can be life changing.  Try it a few times a week for the next month and let me know how it goes!
Today I sit down and have a heart to heart with my best friend from college, Erin.  We talk about bodies, what our culture tells us we should think, and how life tends to teach us lessons we just can't learn without some hardship.(Just a warning-- We do briefly mention boobs, so if you don't want your kids to hear that pop in your earbuds!!)What do you think about your body?  How do you feel about it?  Can you feel some gratitude and send it some love?Don't forget to connect with me on my new site and do yoga live on the Seedpod Yoga Facebook Page Monday mornings at 9 am Eastern!
I spent last week at our church Girl's Camp helping to lead a group of 14-15 year old girls.  It was a hot, sweaty, lovely adventure.  In this episode I share 4 lessons learned from my week.Get your hands on all of the resources I mention in past episodes on the Free Resources page at jessicacroker.comThis week's self-care tip--Go camping!  It resets your circadian rhythm to be out in the natural light, go to sleep in the fresh air, and wake up with the sun and the birds :)July 2019 Facebook Live Yoga will happen on Mondays at 9:00 am Eastern.  Can't wait to see you there!
Information forms us.  What information are you taking in?  How does it affect change and form who you are moving forward?  We'll talk about 3 kinds of information and shift your perspective on what you're formed of.This week's resource:  Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, M.D.This week's self-care tip:  Get a water bottle with a straw so it's easy to drink more water!Come visit my new website!
Agility is the ability to move freely and quickly.  Emotion is our internal "motion" that motivates and fuels our lives.  Developing the power to recognize, allow, and move freely through all of our emotions-- even being willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable-- allows us to get the most out of this life.Check out my new website!!  Visit me at jessicacroker.comThis week's resource:  Emotional Agility by Susan DavidIf you want the Seedpod-cast resource list all compiled in one place let me know on my website and I'll send you the link to it!This week's self-care tip:  Set the timer for 20 minutes (or ten) and free-write about an emotionally charged experience without any judgement, worry about punctuation, or intention to let anyone else read it.  Do this for several days and notice how you can see the meaning and purpose in your experience.
As we grow and evolve, especially as we gain more understanding and self-awareness, the people around us aren't always excited about the changes they see.  They may try to keep pushing our buttons in search of an old reaction, but we just don't play that game anymore.  Listen in as I have a coaching call with my friend and client, Cara who is dealing with just such a relationship.  Do you relate?I have a new website!!  Come visit!Get the list of all the resources I mention on the podcast in one place.I hope I get to see you at the Latter-day Saint Home Educators conference at Utah State University this week.  Walk-in registrations are welcome!!  Head to for more information.
There are some words that start with C that are pretty pernicious and prevalent and create all sorts of trouble in our lives.  I've mentioned them before on the podcast-- criticism, complaining, and comparison.  What's the antidote?  Another list of words that start with C- curiosity, creativity, contentment, compassion, and charity.I got to give a talk in church for Mother's Day-- so I thought I'd just put the expanded version up here for you, my friends.I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Please connect with me on the Seedpod Yoga Facebook Page or even send me an email at seedpodjess@gmail.comThis week'd resource:  MUST LISTEN Wrestling with Comparison by J.B. Haws on the Recent BYU Speeches podcast.
Ever wonder what it's like to be coached one on one?  Here's a chance to eavesdrop on a private coaching session.  My friend and client Cara wanted some help with sugar addiction, so we hopped on a call and recorded it for you.This week's resource:  Brooke Castillo's podcast episode 263: The Urge Jar Are you brave?  I'd love to coach you on the podcast too!  If you need coaching on a relationship, a responsibility, a goal, or something else you're struggling with and are willing to be recorded for the show, head over to the Seedpod Yoga Facebook Page and send me a private message. Or email me at seedpodjess at gmail dot com.
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