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The Department of Commerce’s new report shows 33.1% annualized growth in Q3, but does this really tell us much about the state of the economy? This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:FTX launches equities trading Avanti gets Wyoming bank charterFrance locks down and ECB intimates new stimulusOur main discussion: GDP growth report The Department of Commerce released its Q3 GDP numbers. Touted as record growth, this is actually a much more complicated story. In this episode, NLW breaks down what the numbers tell us and what they don’t, and why we should be more focused on understanding long-term consumer behavior shifts than short-term numbers. 
Stocks, oil, even gold are down on fears of resumed COVID-19 lockdowns, but bitcoin hodlers are keeping the faith.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Section 230 hearing with social media CEOs in Washington D.C.Bitwise now has more than $100 million AUMTrump website defaced with monero requestOur main discussion: Markets go risk-off. With rising fear of COVID-19 lockdowns, everything from stocks to oil to gold and, yes, even bitcoin is down on the day. The important question is whether this is a short-term volatility phenomenon or part of a larger systemic shift.
The investment banking giant says the blockchain hype cycle has moved past inflated expectations and into the realm of being commercially viable. This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Stocks down; bitcoin upConsumer confidence shaky as baking supplies demand grows 3,400%Bank for International Settlements and Swiss central bank to test CBDC this yearOur main discussion: JPM Coin. Initially announced in February 2019, JPMorgan’s JPM Coin is being launched for commercial use. In this episode, NLW looks at:The history of private currencies in the U.S.Why Libra was a starting gun for both governments and other private corporationsHow JPMorgan intends to make money from JPM CoinWhy other investment banks might follow 
As cases rise and the U.S. settles in for a fresh wave of COVID-19, the economic fallout from round one is still being felt, from hedge funds to bankruptcies and beyond. This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Turkey’s real inflation rate 3x official numberHot new DeFi protocol Harvest Financial hackedBitcoin whales hit largest number since 2016Our main conversation is about the rise of a new wave of COVID-19 and the economic fallout we’re still trying to address. NLW discusses why we’re starting this next wave more emotionally drained, politically divided and economically fragile than we were in March.
A reading of two recent op-eds on central bank digital currencies.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.For this week’s Long Reads Sunday, NLW reads two selections from CoinDesk’s op-ed section:CBDCs Are Evolution, not Revolution - Benoit Coeure The US Risks Getting Left Behind on CBDCs - JP Schnapper-Casteras & Misha Guttentag
A recap of an exceptionally bullish week for bitcoin and crypto as a whole. This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.On this week’s Breakdown weekly recap, NLW looks at:The initial price action that started the weekDebates about whether BTC was thriving at the expense of alts and DeFiThe PayPal newsNews of more public companies putting treasury reserves into BTCPaul Tudor Jones’ optimistic take on the human ingenuity driving bitcoin’s successThis week on The Breakdown:Monday | A New ‘Bretton Woods’ Moment?Tuesday | How Strong Is Bitcoin’s Push Above $12,000?Wednesday | PayPal Adds Bitcoin: Most Bullish News of the Year?Thursday | ‘Google Is One of the Most Important Antitrust Cases of All Time,’ With Matt StollerFriday | Why Fiats Are Failing in 2020
From Brazil to Argentina to Turkey, bitcoin priced in local currencies is reaching all time highs. But is this a story of bitcoin succeeding, fiat failing or both? This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:DOJ crypto enforcement a “disaster” for privacyAnt’s blockchain tools pre-IPOBetter news around jobless claims Our main discussion: fiat failures, 2020 edition. In this episode, NLW looks at a raft of geographies in which bitcoin has recently reached all-time highs, priced in the local currency. The story, he says, is about fiats floundering more than mispriced local focus on economic happenings in Brazil, Argentina and Turkey.
The author of “Goliath” gives his take on the history of American antitrust politics and what it means for the just-announced Google case.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Matt Stoller works with the American Economic Liberties Project and is the author of “Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy” as well as the popular Substack newsletter “BIG.”In this conversation, he and NLW discuss the history of American antitrust sentiment and politics including:The origins of antitrust sentiment How the “Watergate Babies” generation of Democrats turned away from antitrust sentiment How the 1990s shifted power in favor of corporates and tech Why the 2008-2009 crisis was a seminal moment in our attitudes towards big finance The significance of the new antitrust case against GoogleFind our guest online:Twitter: @matthewstollerWeb:
Huge news broke this morning as PayPal announced that it would be offering buying, selling, and eventually merchant payments for bitcoin and other cryptos across its network. This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.In this late breaking Breakdown episode, NLW explores:The specifics of the newsWhy the scale, precedent and normalization are hugely bullishWhat some skeptics are sayingWhy it’s significant that PayPal is focused on the coming central bank digital currency era 
Who has the most recent bitcoin move right, the bulls or the bears? This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:DOJ files biggest antitrust case in two decades against Google Goldman Sachs’ 1MDB settlement LINE’s new CBDC platform Our main discussion: bulls vs. bears as bitcoin passes $12KSomeone recently tweeted, “Bitcoin price has never been this high with such bearish sentiment.” On this episode, NLW looks at the bullish case (growth in open interest on CME backed by strong macro narrative around stimulus) and bearish case ($12K sell wall and bleeding from alts and DeFi).
The IMF has said it’s time to re-evaluate the global economic order, but what does that really mean? This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Chinese citizens less than impressed with DCEP trial Is Filecoin the “Titanic” of ICOs?Mnuchin, Pelosi go one more round on stimulus Our main discussion: A new Bretton Woods moment? In a recent speech, the International Monetary Fund argued that the time to fundamentally re-evaluate the global economic order is here. Goldbugs see the potential to return to the gold standard, bitcoiners anticipate ever-growing stimulus and macro observers are betting on massive disruptions in the wake of central bank digital currencies.
On Long Reads Sunday, a reading of a John Street Capital piece on the realities of a market characterized by zero-bound interest rates.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.On this week’s Long Reads Sunday, NLW reads: “Capital Allocation & Risk Asset Ramifications in a 0% Interest Rate World”The piece examines how different asset classes – from stocks to bonds to bitcoin and beyond – fare in the context of a world where the Federal Reserve is determined to keep interest rates at or near zero for years to come.
On this “Speaking of Bitcoin” episode, join hosts Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, and Jonathan Mohan for a look at the past, present and future of global reserve currenciesThis episode is sponsored by, and EllipticIn the beginning (way back in 2009) there was the global reserve currency (U.S. dollars,) national currencies like the Japanese Yen, alternative currencies like Ithaca hours and just one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.But what a difference a decade can make, today there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, many created by enthusiasts who have ideas on how to make something even better than bitcoin, but also currencies that use some of the technology that makes Bitcoin so powerful, but which pairs it with the authority of a national government, like the Digital Yuan in China, the Digital Euro out of Brussels, or even a globe-spanning corporation with billions of customers like the Libra, backed by Facebook.In this emerging picture, is bitcoin still interesting? First attempts at new technologies, even when successful at introducing a powerful new idea, are often not the ones which eventually succeeds in changing everything. And importantly, as the world changes and we get closer to something other than the dollar standard, where does bitcoin fit?
On the weekly recap, NLW looks at growth in institutional investment, big interest among the G20 in CBDCs and a new National Security Council report.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.On this edition of The Breakdown weekly recap, NLW looks at:Growth in the institutional investment space in cryptoA new 10,000 BTC treasury announcement Reports from the Bank for International Settlements, G20, WEF, IMF and more around central bank digital currenciesA National Security Council report labeling distributed ledger technology key for national securityThis week on The Breakdown:Monday | How Investors Are Trading the ElectionTuesday | The IMF, G20 and BIS Gear Up for the Central Bank Digital Currency EraWednesday | A $10B Firm Makes Bitcoin Its Primary Treasury AssetThursday | Is Crypto Converging With Public Markets?Friday | RAC on the First Truly Free Markets for Music and Culture
Grammy-winning recording artist RAC explores the business of music and how crypto experiments could shift the balance of power.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today’s Breakdown is a conversation with Andre Anjos – aka RAC, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and music entrepreneur. He and NLW discuss:Starting the “Remix Artist Collective” as a businessEvolving from remixing to performing artistThe challenges and trade-offs of working with major labels How the music industry beat back technology innovation where other industries failedHow NFTs, tokens and other crypto innovations are opening up truly free markets for music and culture Find our guest online:Twitter: @RACWeb:
Between bitcoin treasury holdings growing and crypto-focused SPACs, private crypto markets and public equities markets are closer than ever.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Initial jobless claims rise to highest level since AugustBTC as a DeFi reserve assetTwitter reactions as Filecoin goes liveOur main discussion focuses on the convergence of the crypto and public markets. NLW looks at:Narratives of bitcoin’s correlations to stocksGrowing overlap of retail and institutional tradersSPACs and public crypto companies Bitcoin treasuries Geopolitical intrigue around ANT Financial
Stone Ridge Holdings Group announces $50 million in new funding for its digital asset subsidiary as well as significant BTC treasury holdings.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief: Bitcoin hashrate at all-time highsRecord number of large companies lose money during the pandemicJPMorgan releases research note on bitcoinOur main discussion: Stone Ridge Holdings Group discloses $114 million in bitcoin treasury assets. NLW digs into what Stone Ridge is, why it spun off New York Digital Investments Group (NYDIG) and how the company has quietly built itself into a serious player in the institutional crypto asset space.
New reports on digital currency design principles and regulatory standards show just how quickly the world’s bankers are moving.This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Is the “blue wave” Democrat victory narrative in the presidential election starting to shake up Wall Street? Johnson & Johnson pause COVID-19 vaccine trial 1000 Satoshi-era bitcoins are on the move Our main discussion: The world’s central banks are moving quickly on digital currencies. NLW looks at a slew of recent news showing how much of a priority CBDCs are becoming:A report from the Bank for International Settlements and seven other central banks setting design principles for CBDCsA G20 regulatory standards framework A forthcoming OECD tax reporting framework One need only look at the increasingly speedy rollout of China’s DCEP to understand why this has become a major priority for central banks everywhere. 
As the U.S. presidential election gets closer, market “predictions” are showing up in stocks from energy to private prisons. This episode is sponsored by, and Elliptic.Today on the Brief:Market rally to highest point in six weeksBTC and ETH up in part on Grayscale ETH trust becoming an SEC reporting company (Grayscale, like CoinDesk, is a unit of DCG.)CBDCs (and CBDC skepticism) on the riseOur main discussion: How markets are trading the U.S. presidential election in November. A look at what different stock and other market preferences suggests about who Wall Street expects to win, including: EnergyPrivate prisonsStudent loansHealth care InfrastructureDollarBitcoin
On this “Speaking of Bitcoin” episode, join hosts Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and special guest Martin Rerak, creator of, for a look at how “AI curation” is being used to figure out what’s useful information and what’s just fluff.This episode is sponsored by, and EllipticHundreds of tabsIn the early days of Bitcoin, there were just a few places you might go to read news and stay informed, but over the years things have changed dramatically. Today there are thousands of projects and hundreds of articles written each day. And that’s assuming you ignore the wilds of YouTube or the depths of crypto Twitter.There were days I was waking up to a hundred tabs that I was basically just reloading from the prior day... You know, looking at Slack, Telegram, Twitter accounts, Discord, Reddit and dozens of publications online [...] It was very easy to point somebody in the [right] direction if they're saying, "Where can I buy cryptocurrency?" But if they were saying, "Is there a use case here for traceability?" or "What do you think I should invest in?" or "How is this project developing?" that becomes a lot more loaded and challenging... - Martin RerakSee also: What Is GPT-3 and Should We Be Terrified?In this episode, we discuss the crypto-media landscape, AI training, the challenges around bias and un-biasing practices, potential impacts of the natural-language-generating algorithm known as GPT-3 and more.Biased AIWhile unsettling on the surface, the idea of bias within an AI is not as controversial as you might imagine – it’s almost required. As humans, we each have our own experiences and preferences which shape our viewpoint and our biases. Modern artificial intelligence consumes “training material” curated by humans to learn what’s right or wrong for its particular task. Once trained, AI can help us with those tasks and is at its most useful when it’s “instincts” match whomever it is working on behalf of.Of course whether bias is good or bad depends a lot of your priorities. When Google trained an AI to help with hiring, the data around past and current employees led it to believe that an ideal “Google engineer” wouldn’t have a woman’s college on their academic transcript. For Google, their past records did not match their future ambitions and so bias was a problem.But personally, I’ve developed patent-pending AI technology that assists with audio editing, and here the idea of bias is critical. There is no objective standard of what sounds best, only personal preferences. For an AI to assist an audio editor, it must be in tune with those preferences and be able to make decisions that are objectively correct for the person it is assisting.This is much the same with AI assisted news curation. We all have our own preferences, interests and biases which help us decide what we do or don’t care about. On today’s show we dig into this fascinating topic where one size rarely fits all and the future is wide open.
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Too much all of sudden. 5-10 min if daily episodes

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