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Eva Haifa Giraud joins us on the podcast this week for a conversation about her recent book, Veganism: Politics, Practice, and Theory. In our discussion, we deep dive into the constraints of veganism within a capitalist system, what this means for activism, and whether capitalism itself is putting veganism at risk. Eva elaborates on veganism’s political, activist roots and how they… The post Veganism: Politics, Practice, and Theory w/ Eva Haifa Giraud appeared first on Our Hen House.
Christopher Sebastian has a lot to say about what animals need from us and how we could all do better in working to change the world, and we are pretty sure you will want to listen.  One of the most thoughtful contemporary commentators on how our relationship with animals has gone so far astray, he joins the podcast this week for… The post Racism, Classism and Speciesism w/ Christopher Sebastian appeared first on Our Hen House.
Author, science communicator, and climate interpreter A.E. Copenhaver joins the podcast this week for a conversation about her recent debut novel, My Days of Dark Green Euphoria. A.E.’s book follows the flawed, eco-anxious Cara as she crosses paths with Millie, her boyfriend’s mom who represents everything Cara is against. In our conversation, A.E. tells us why she decided to make Cara… The post My Days of Dark Green Euphoria w/ A.E. Copenhaver appeared first on Our Hen House.
Ecoflix w/ David Casselman

Ecoflix w/ David Casselman


David Casselman is paving the way for a new era of media, and he joins us on the podcast this week for an in depth conversation about Ecoflix, the world’s first not-for-profit media group committed to helping animals and the planet. The philanthropist explains how the platform aims to provide its viewers with inspiring, educational content relating to animals that, in… The post Ecoflix w/ David Casselman appeared first on Our Hen House.
The inimitable Dash Meizler joins the podcast this week from Kampala, Uganda, for a truly inspiring conversation about leveraging our activism to better advocate for animal rights and marginalized communities. Founder of the Podrska Foundation, Dash outlines how the organization is fighting for farmed animals while empowering women, providing schools with vegan meals, fighting poverty through home-based vegetable gardens, and more.… The post Animal Rights and Human Rights in Uganda w/ Dash Meizler appeared first on Our Hen House.
The remarkable Gwendolyn Church joins the podcast this week for an awe-inspiring conversation about Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary, the aquatic animal sanctuary she founded, based in Reno, NV. Gwendolyn tells the tale of Philip, the betta fish that changed the trajectory of her life and inspired the sanctuary. This passionate animal activist also discusses the misconceptions around fish sentience and… The post Speaking with the Fishes w/ Gwendolyn Church appeared first on Our Hen House.
Mamta Jain Valderrama joins the podcast for an insightful discussion about Jainism and the many ways in which its beliefs intersect with veganism. Jainism is one of the oldest religions in existence, having taken form in ancient India some time between the 7th and 5th centuries BCE. In our conversation, Mamta explains the philosophy of ahimsa, or non-violence, that practitioners of… The post Jainism, Feminism and Veganism w/ Mamta Valderrama appeared first on Our Hen House.
The remarkable Danielle Hanosh joins us on the podcast for a conversation about a revolutionary new program that you will definitely want to hear about. LEAP—short for Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet—offers high school students humane education, hands-on experience caring for rescued farmed animals, volunteer experience at animal sanctuaries, and scholarship opportunities. Teaching compassion instead of slaughter, LEAP,  teaches… The post LEAP into Saving Animals w/ Danielle Hanosh appeared first on Our Hen House.
Dr. Christopher Carter joins us on the podcast this week to discuss his new book The Spirit of Soul Food: Race, Faith, and Food Justice. This groundbreaking work covers everything from the history of soul food to choosing how to eat in a way that helps us “live into our fullest sense of self.” Dr. Carter shares why he centers the… The post The Spirit of Soul Food w/ Dr Christopher Carter appeared first on Our Hen House.
She’s an activist, artist, librarian, professor, and more. The multi-hyphenate Stacy Russo joins us on the podcast for a deep dive into Love Activism. Created by Stacy in 2013, Love Activism is a daily, holistic, and radical activism rooted in kindness. In our conversation, Stacy outlines the eight elements of this activist approach and describes how they can empower us every… The post Love Activism w/ Stacy Russo appeared first on Our Hen House.
The trailblazing Gemunu De Silva, a United Kingdom-based undercover investigator of animal exploitation, joins us this week on Our Hen House. Gem, one of the first and longest-serving investigators of the worldwide hidden mistreatment of animals, tell us about his path into the world of animal activism and the animal rights movement. It was his very first factory farm investigation in… The post Undercover Investigations Have Changed Everything w/ Gemunu De Silva appeared first on Our Hen House.
LoriKim Alexander can do it all—from her core organizing role with Black VegFest to her work in the fields of anthropology and biology. She joins us on Our Hen House to discuss how The Cypher, the organization she founded, places emphasis on veganism’s true, anti-oppressive meaning. LoriKim shares how The Cypher started off as an educational, political book club on Facebook… The post Veganism as Decolonization w/ LoriKim Alexander appeared first on Our Hen House.
Hope Ferdowsian, President and CEO of Phoenix Zones Initiative (PZI)—a non-profit organization committed to advancing the interconnected rights, health, and wellbeing of people and animals—joins us on the podcast to discuss how the organization is striving to realize optimal health outcomes for humans and non-human animals alike. More specifically, Hope shares how, by expanding upon the One Health approach, PZI is… The post Phoenix Zones w/ Hope Ferdowsian appeared first on Our Hen House.
Faithful listeners will know this to be true: we can’t get enough of Grass Fed, Rochester’s premier vegan butcher shop and deli. Thus, this week, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel, founders of Grass Fed, to the podcast. The husband-and-wife team joins us to dish why they view Grass Fed as training wheels for veganism, and… The post Grass Fed and Vegan w/ Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel appeared first on Our Hen House.
Joining us on the Our Hen House podcast this week are Joan E. Schaffner, JD and Rajesh K. Reddy, JD, PhD. Joan and Raj are founding members of Lawyers for the Convention on Animal Protection, an international team of law practitioners and academics committed to advocating for a global animal protection agreement. They join the podcast to share details about the… The post Creating International Standards for Animal Protection w/ Joan E. Schaffner and Rajesh K. Reddy appeared first on Our Hen House.
According to powerhouse activist and community organizer Eloísa Trinidad, an anti-colonial framework is fundamental to how she approaches activism. Eloísa, who serves as Executive Director  of both the Vegan Activist Alliance and the food justice organization Chilis on Wheels New York, is a total liberation activist. She is unapologetically adamant that species does not define personhood and emphasizes the importance of… The post Vegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad appeared first on Our Hen House.
Rachel Dreskin, CEO of the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), joins the podcast this week to discuss why it is so vital for vegan foods to have a trade association. Rachel tells us how the organization, which advocates at both the  federal and state levels, is working to even the playing field to help plant-based brands compete against animal-based products and… The post Creating the Market for Plant Based Foods w/ Rachel Dreskin appeared first on Our Hen House.
The ingenious David van Beveren, founder of Vegan Hacktivists, joins the podcast this week for an inspiring conversation about using our unique skill sets to help propel the animal rights movement forward. A software developer by trade, David details the important work Vegan Hacktivists is doing to help animal rights organizations and activists expand their web presence. The organization, composed of… The post The Vegan Hacktivists Are Here to Help w/ David van Beveren appeared first on Our Hen House.
CreatureKind’s Aline Silva joins the podcast this week for a discussion about food, animals and Christianity. Reverend Silva, who serves as CreatureKind’s Co-Director, gives us an overview of the religious nonprofit, which encourages Christians to recognize faith-based reasons for caring about the well-being of all living creatures and helps them implement plant-based practices within their church communities. Founded on the belief… The post CreatureKind w/ Aline Silva appeared first on Our Hen House.
Vegan Outreach India’s Richa Mehta joins us this week to talk about the spread of veganism in India.  As Director of Programs, Richa tells us how Vegan Outreach is focusing on college students and explains in detail what they are doing to educate those students about the atrocities of the dairy and meat industries while advocating for veganism, as not only… The post Is India Going Vegan? w/ Richa Mehta appeared first on Our Hen House.
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Robert Devereaux

some valid ideas but presented in the usual trendy brainwashed way using trendy terminology that is classic Jasmin Singer. Other ideas, such as using time and already scarce financial resources to join human racial causes when there is tons of money, time, news stories, events, and attention bring given to this broad issue already is beyond asinine! Yes, organizations should be unbiased towards race, gender, etc. and be exposed if they don't clean up their act immediately. But this movement exists to help non-humans because humans already get tons of news, financial help, discussion on TV and radio, events, charitable organizations, etc. You women are just trend hopping so you feel relevant. Let's make sure we are not guilty of these problems within our AR organizations and let's get back to focusing on the animals!!! Stop trying to hijack and divert the focus of this movement!!

Nov 7th

Robert Devereaux

The guest didn't see a need for everyone around the world to stop eating meat. Thanks for speaking up for the Animals, Mary Ann by disagreeing with him. HSUS has stated in the past that they aren't an animal rights organization and it's easy to see that they're not kidding. Just look at their new CEO. Good reason not to have them on or to send them MONEY. The guest made some good points and I liked his passion . They are a bizarre organization ! Other than that , a good interview. Thanks , Mary Ann.

Sep 28th


loved her so much. especially her speech about Cow Mom, it was really powerful. thank you for this episode.

Sep 23rd

The Vegan Feed

one of the original and longest running vegan podcasts, a must for your sub list!

Dec 3rd
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