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The Equestrian Performance and Fitness Podcast is brought to you by Equestrian Sports Specialist, Dr Jenni Douglas. Jenni has extensive research experience in equestrian sports with a focus on the riders performance and she along with guests will bring you conversation and insights into all aspects of equestrian performance including latest research, mindset, nutrition and fitness.
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In this podcast I explore the physiological and physical demands placed on endurance riders and suggest strength and conditioning methods you could employ to increase capacity and robustness in the endurance athlete (rider).You can find a full link if your institution has access to the paper with this DOI 10.3920/CEP200033
Today we welcome a friend, colleague and soon to be Dr Celeste Wilkins who is finishing her PhD in Rider Performance (Biomechanics Focus) at Hartpury University. Listen to us discuss what it is like completing a PhD in Rider Performance, our joys, frustrations and top tips for you looking to study in the field. Celeste was also the original web designer for back in 2015 and has been a big part of the business set up and creation and in this industry, together is better than alone. You can follow Celeste on www.celestewilkins.comInsta @riderprepTickTok @riderbiomechanics
In this podcast episode share *our* thoughts and opinions from your questions related to shoulder injury. As I mention in the podcast, always speak to a medical professional should you have concerns about an injury!Equestrian Performance Council Round Table Discussion: Shoulder Injuries Hosted by Nicole Brown Media ( and including discussions with myself ( and Tony Sandoval ( Lisa Bauman ( and Natasha Gunston ( as we discuss all your questions on shoulder Injuries
In this episode we explore what the key macronutrient groups are and how you can easily track them without counting!I also introduce you to my new online course, Nutrition Essentials for Equestrians and show you how to get your free hand portion download today (sign up below!)
In this podcast I chat to Nicola Stuart of Equestrian Fitness, we discuss how she started as an equestrian performance specialist, what she sees working with riders and her take home top tips for rider performance.
This episode was inspired by the UK's lockdown 2.0 (2020) but also a paper ( entitled Mental Health in Equestrian Sport.What I would like from this podcast is for you to think about where your mental health is at, what triggers might affect it and what steps you can take to get yourself more in balance.
Equestrian Performance Council Round Table Discussion: Lower Back PainHosted by Nicole Brown Media ( and including discussions with myself ( and Tony Sandoval ( Lisa Bauman ( and Natasha Gunston ( as we discuss all your questions on lower back pain
In this podcast I speak with Coach Tony Sandoval, a previous collegiate strength and conditioning coach who now exclusively works with equestrian athletes. We have a really nice conversation discussing all aspects of strength and conditioning from what it is, how its implemented to equestrians and we share our key eduational messages and pleas to you, the equestrian athlete. To learn more about myself and Coach sando check out the links below!
In the podcast this week I answer your common questions, I don't script them and I don't research them, I just answer them as I would if we were on a call. Have a listen and if you have a question you want answering, be sure to send me a message and I will make sure to answer them!
In this episode I walk you though one of my PhD studies, here you will learn why strength training is important for injury prevention and robustness in equestrian athletes as well as improving performance.Download the full doctoral thesis here: us in the Ride Strong Academy: personal coaching:
In this episode I discuss why equestrians have tight hip flexors and the three key things you can be doing off your horse to alleviate this problem.For more information and exercise demonstrations head to the full blog: for tight hip flexor release:
I honestly think riders should warm up before they get on their horse, I also believe it can be quick, efficient and doesn’t have to take up a whole lot of time.We’re in a bit of a chicken and egg situation with the whole thing really, because it’s not common and therefore not a universal method or approach in the equestrian industry, which seems bonkers to me because we beg to be seen as athletes but not joining in with a task that fundamentally prepares us for athletic performance!In this podcast we talk about the importance of warming up and be sure check out these videos for an example warm up.
Your Dream Day

Your Dream Day


In the episode this week I take you through a powerful visualisation exercise 'Your Dream Day'I try to emphasise how important it is to go into your mind and see what's going on in there. In order to help accomplish this, I use an exercise called “Your Dream Day', It's incredible how many of my clients have such a hard time with this task because they have lost track of what they want.This exercise will help you to:Pay attention to what you wantBe committed to your own desiresExplore what makes you happyFeel elated!If you want the worksheet to accompany this exercise join us in the Ride Strong Academy, a monthly membership site for equestrians. Each month get - Fitness plan with PDF and Videos - 15 recipes- Mindset workbookJoin us for as little as £10 monthly, no commitment required!
In this podcast I chat to Caroline Mosley of Orange Fox Eventing Caroline and I chat about getting into horses and competing, the angst of being an equestrian as you transition through your teenage years, and of course, fitness, nutrition and mindset. Want to join the herd? Join my monthly membership for fitness, nutrition and mindset, only £10 a month if you want me to personally coach you fill out the form here:
In this podcast I am going to go through some of my PhD research which explains HOW isometric muscle work causes high heart rates during horse riding activities. We will also discuss how we might train riders to resist isometric fatigue and why not being strong enough might limit your riding performance.WHAT YOU WILL LEARNThe response your body has when exposed to isometric muscle actionsWhy heart rates are high during equestrian activities.Ways we can train to resist fatigueWhere the research will go next and why it is importantDownload the presentation slides
In this episode we discuss where you may experience all or nothing thinking or actions that are holding you back and introduce you to strategies that might assist you in reassessing what you want to believe and how you want to act.
Thought Clarity

Thought Clarity


In this episode we explore the dangers of turning our thoughts into reality, labelling them as true. With increased awareness about ourselves that has happened as a result of the global pandemic we have an opportunity to take a deeper look into our existing belief system and decide on purpose what we want to believe and as a result how to act. To get the thought clarity workbook download, join the Ride Strong Academy. There is a 6 page worksheet to accompany this months membership and support this podcast ensuring you reframe your thoughts and take action!The Ride Strong Academy is a monthly equestrian membership site.Do you want:A monthly training programme with video demos15 Recipes a month A monthly mindset task?Then the Ride Strong Academy is for you, join us today:
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