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Skeptics and Seekers

Author: David Johnson

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A Skeptic and a Seeker in conversation about matters of god, religion, morality, and other things that matter.
93 Episodes
Dale had to cut out early. So Andrew and I chatted for an hour and a half after the show. Don't miss it. 
Plausibility of Miracles

Plausibility of Miracles


Dale believes that Skeptics are wrong for dismissing the possibility of miracles out of hand. Dale has to make that case against three skeptics on the show. Who said life was fair?
Is it possible to live a good life without god? Let's find out.
There is nothing left to say about the trinity.
Everything you wanted to know about the trinity and were too afraid to ask.
Reasonable Disbelief

Reasonable Disbelief


Both David and Dale make separate arguments about the reasonableness of disbelief. Who had the most compelling argument? You decide. 



Would the trinity have made sense to our Old Testament brethren? 
Tony Costa

Tony Costa


A great-making episode. :)
There are reasons prayer claims almost never convince skeptics.. Enjoy. 
S2 Randal Rauser

S2 Randal Rauser


Randal and I both agree that the universe is really old. However, that presents a real theological problem from which Christianity cannot recover. That is what we don't agree on. 
Doc Brown talks Jewish redemption, human sexuality, and spiritual workings of the miraculous. This couldn't possibly end well. 
S2E1 Apologetics Review

S2E1 Apologetics Review


Dale and David have to scramble as their scheduled guest had a last-minute cancelation, leaving them to wing it. 
Dale and David discuss whether sharing Christian doctrine and truth with non-believers is "Hate Speech" or simply "Tough Love".
Kicking things off for Season 2 of S&S, David (the skeptic) makes the claim that there is no such thing as a real "Orthodox Christianity".
Robert Stanley of the Right to Reason Podcast hosts both Dale (Christian/Jesus Historicist)and Kevin Francis (atheist/Jesus Mythicist from the Left at the Valley Podcast) to discuss the subject of Jesus Mythicism- did Jesus really exist or not?  Listen and find out!
Dale and his philosophy professor Paul Bali guest star on the Ask an Atheist Anything Podcast (4A) with Andrew and Matt to discuss freedom of expression, philosophy, science and religion.  Its a must listen folks!
Here is a bonus episode during our summer hiatus- David and Dale discuss what it means to have "faith" in a Christian context.
In Part 1 of this series on Jesus Mythicism, I evaluate the evidence from 4-5 ancient historians; Thallus & Phlegon, Cornelius Tacitus, Suetonius and Flavius Josephus to see if they can provide positive proof that an historical Jesus probably did exist.  Do any of them accomplish this aim?- Based on at least 2/5 of these ancient historians, the answer is a resounding "Yes"!
This is just a little something to hold you over.
Dale Glover (Christian) guest stars on Robert Stanley's atheist show, the Right to Reason Podcast.  We discuss the moral foundation and justification for God ordering Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son and God's Flooding the Earth.  There were some interesting twists and turns that came up with some of our thought-experiments and real life examples each of us used in making our case but at the end of the day, it was a great convo all around :)
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