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The Book of Dad is weekly, upbeat conversation venue where Dr. Robert Benson, with the help of his friends communicates great information on relevant topics, and talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With topics from parenting, current events, health and wellness, politics and more, Dr. Benson’s mesh of relevancy, accuracy and humor drives home information people we need to survive.
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The mind is most certainly a terrible thing to waste. What is even more terrible is that many of the obstacles to educational advancement for certain people still exist. Despite these obstacles, some, unfortunately not the vast majority persist, persevere, and complete the highest level of education, the “Doctor of Philosophy”. Amazingly, it’s a class that comprises about 2% of the population. Today we chat with two members of a three-author team: Ed Ds Emerald Templeton and Onda Johnson (Ed D Bridgett Love was unable to attend) who penned “Evaluating Marginalized Voices in Academe: Lessons for a New Generation of Scholars”. This book is a collaboration chronicling the experiences of minorities who have navigated the topography of completing the highest level of academia. Listen in as Ed Ds Templeton and Johnson share their experiences, accomplishments, and views that led them to develop this memoir. This is a remarkably interesting conversation that you do not want to miss.
Guest - Kee Kee Barber

Guest - Kee Kee Barber


The great thing about American Society is that the system of things we live in fosters a never-ending opportunity for engaging in the democratic process. Politicians, or most of them are limited to the number of times they can hold an office, they most certainly must compete constantly to keep that office periodically. The going perception is that this is not the case for members of the legal or judicial system. As for the most part, they are appointed to the positions they hold. Today we visit with an aspiring judge in the Philadelphia, PA District. Attorney Gregory Yorgie-Girdy, who is running for Judgeship while simultaneously representing and juggling several demographic characterizations- a gay African American man, a husband and father to name a few. Listen in as we get his perspective and his platform as he attempts to become the first “man of many hats” seated as District Judge.
Guest - Sarah Dash

Guest - Sarah Dash


From time to time we on "The Book of Dad Radio Show" get to chat with Royalty from various industries. Today we chat with the Great, World-Renowned Sarah Dash. Sarah, Patty Lebelle, and Nona Hendrix comprised the iconic, trailblazing R & B Singing Group "Lebelle". Today Ms. Dash is the Trenton, NJ Music and Arts Ambassador, staunch advocate, and representative of the entertainment industry. Be sure to listen in as we are mesmerized by the true stories, life experiences and future plans shared by someone we all admire, and learn from -a true show for the ages. You simply can not miss!
Guest - Gary Hill

Guest - Gary Hill


The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it is an open door to new knowledge. The more we increase knowledge the better suited we are to manage life's challenges. One of the greatest challenges we are facing on epidemic levels is understanding law enforcement and policing. This is particularly true in minority communities; withstanding this there's no better place to increase knowledge and understanding than at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Today we chat with a trailblazing innovator who champions this initiative, Chief Gary Hill, Chief of Police, Lincoln University (Missori).Join Dr. B and Eddy G as Chief Hill shares and discusses his ground breaking initiative to offer a fully accredited Police Academy curriculum at HBCU, Lincoln University. Chief Hill not only talks about his viral program, but shares his views on policing in general and what motivated him to set up this legitimately accredited program. This is a topic and program for the ages, can't miss programing from The Book of Dad Radio Show!
Guest - David Solomon

Guest - David Solomon


No race or nation of people has endured and persevered more than the African American Negro. History is full of examples of ground breaking, quality of life shaping contributions conceived and implemented by African Americans, contributions that span every field of human endeavor. All were and continue to be done in the face of and, in spite of severe opposition and obstacles. It's all about achievement and progress. As we acknowledge and celebrate African Americans during Black History Month, who better to discuss it with than "" Guru, David Solomon?Listen in as Dr. B and Eddy G commemorate and discuss the contributions of African Americans with David Solomon. We identify innovations within industries from individuals whose efforts have placed us where we are today. Are we where we could be? We most certainly are in a better place than we were. Be sure to join us for the acknowledgement and celebration; Happy Black History Month from The Book of Dad Radio Show!
Guest - Veronika Lynch

Guest - Veronika Lynch


Now is truly an amazing time in our history. We have been ravished by a pandemic that has completely changed the norm for now and forever. We are in the middle of possibly the most significant general election ever, and we are still confronted with constant civil unrest. Withstanding all of this, people will be people, and exhibit behaviors and engage in activities that can and do threaten the safety and security of others. Hence, we must be keen and constantly aware of these behaviors and meet them where they are. Today we chat with and expert on recognizing and addressing those behaviors, Outreach Awareness Specialist, Ms. Veronica Lynch. With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we tend to project our focus on this year-round problem into 31 days. Nonetheless, the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County (DAP) directs our attention to it 365 days. This is certainly a must, considering the magnitude of this epidemic. Coupled with the issues mentioned before, the propensity for domestic violence to occur can only be exponentially exasperated. Listen in as we chat with an expert who schools us, on the recognition, prevention and education of Domestic Violence at a time we need it most, NOW!
There are few words that can be used consecutively in a sentence and people get it. One of those words is to communicate, communicate, communicate; when you hear it you know someone is making a point. We simply cannot live without it, communication. The significance of this is personified and exasperated by COVID-19. This pandemic has placed many of us in the quagmire of simultaneously having to coexist and distance ourselves in the same location. Surely this dilemma presents us with mental health challenges rarely realized. Today we chat with an expert who can advise us on how to navigate those challenges, Dr. Jemima Kankam.She is the perfect guest at the perfect time to bring clarity and offer recommendations for addressing mental health issues associated with COVID-19. Join us as she discusses, communication, and several other topics surrounding mental health. Be sure to listen in as she gets us “between the ears ready” to reach the other side of COVID-19.
We all have a story to tell. In fact, I believe that the average person walks around with at least five novels floating around in their head. So many stories to be told, mused, shared and celebrated yet, many never reach ink meeting a page. Those that are, often are the result of assistance from someone dedicated to getting those musings penned. Today we chat with gentleman whose life's work is assisting others with getting their life's work and stories told, Book Publisher Kelley Cole.Kelly is a familiar figure, seen on NBC, FOX, ABC and the CW, a sought after public speaker and author of over 50 publications! Kelley advises us on how to avoid obstacles and how to get out of your own way to publishing a book. Listen in as Kelly and Dr. Benson discuss several topics to include, African American male role models, parenting (particularly fatherhood) and being the road tour manager of his son, the popular Contemporary Christian Recording Artist, Aaron Cole. Another great information sharing show, be sure to listen in.
Michaelene Holder-MarchThe Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has us in a state of mayhem and influx never before realized. Despite the valiant efforts of leaders, local and abroad, there is still an unhealthy amount of ambiguity and miss information as ambient as COVID-19. Today, we attempt to squash and dispel rumors by providing factual information we all can use to survive. Internationally renowned and respected medical professional and consultant, Ms. Michaelene Holder-March stops by.As a Registered Nurse and Juris Doctor by trade(s), Michaelene provides tangent, usable and relatable advice to combat and survive COVID-19. She shares this information from both local and international perspectives as well. Specifically, she focuses our attention on six (6) things: hands, distance, face, cough, breath, and directions. As a staunch advocate for advanced medical AI, she also shares relevant industry advances with us as well. Please be sure to listen in to this show. We want to see you on the other side of this historic pandemic!
The term “crafty”is used to describe someone who’s adept at achieving goals or objectives via non-traditional means. Highly successful people are masterful at it. Entertainers, athletes and salespeople need to be “crafty” to succeed, they have to find their niche, navigate through tradition and thrive. Today we chat with the “crafty”, renowned comedian and Pastor Rodney Johnson.A master of two crafts, Laughs and Religion; Rodney entertains us with humor, enlightens us with wisdom, and grounds us with spirituality. Listen in as Dr. B., and Eddy Gee share real but humorous banter with one of the industry’s best. Rodney also discusses his motivation and fodder for his book “50 Posts and a Piece of Toast”. Clearly a show you don’t want to miss!
It is what it is but sometimes it’s also what it shouldn’t be, and what goes around doesn’t always have to come around. We learn this, or we as productive members of society make sure of it. Deeper still, as great fathers we use our talents, skills and abilities to smooth the way for our offspring, and attempt to correct wrongs from the past. To do this some of us use powerful, resourceful and far reaching voices. Today we chat with one such voice in producer/multi-media specialist Anthony R. Page.Listen in as Dr. B. and Eddy Gee chat with Anthony; who through his multi-media venues gets the word out, and sets the record strait while simultaneously doing all he can to be the father he didn’t have. We also have a candid discussion on Fatherhood, Black Male roles in film, the recent tragedy surrounding NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, and pay tribute to a fallen community leader from Chester, PA, Family Man and Former Police Officer, Lawrence Benson. Can’t miss banter, be sure to tune in to this show!
So many things spark the creativity that leads to writing, and doing so with a purpose, to inform or entertain. Informative writing is normally academic while writing to entertain serves as the foundation for movies, music or sports commentary. Some of the truly gifted can linguistically spill on either side of the fence. Today we chat with Pamela Lyles a mother, her daughter, and friend who used their talent to create a film.Pamela, a medical professional, writer, and singer has mentored her daughter Kala to the tune of understanding the entertainment industry. They enlighten us on the various motivations that lead to writing, life, and success. They also talk up the upcoming release of their movie "No Wahala" an interesting trek into the nuances of blending cultures derived from young love and relationships. Be sure to tune in, you just might learn something about young love and telling that story with confidence.
Tam LawrenceOften times when we see lemon aid, we have no knowledge about the lemons that made it, or where they came from. Metaphorically of course, when talking about the lives of successful people, invisible are the obstacles, hurdles and tribulations transversed to get to where they are. It requires peeling back the layers of life, similar to an onion, removing those layers can make you cry, or make you angry. Then again, those layers can be used as motivation to strive for greatness. We've conversed with some who have done so over the years, Less Brown for instance. Today we talk with another, Image Mogul Tam Lawrence.Tamu "Tam" Lawrence, the brain trust behind "Exposure Magazine" stops by to chat. She shares emotionally charged information about her upbringing as she reveals what lies beneath those layers that led to her success. Delivering from the perspectives of religion, sexual violence and human trafficking, Tam shares herstory; a story specific to her, transformation from an introvert to an extrovert, from recluse to socialite, by choice or chance- she shares it all. A true story of perservance, perspective and success. You simply can't miss this!
Real writers write.Truly talented writers are a rare breed. Most tend to funnel their musings to a particular genre, area or subject matter. Most of us associate writing with a purpose, to inform or entertain. Informative writing is normally academic, while writing to entertain serves as the foundation for movies, music or sports commentary. Some of the truly gifted can linguistically pontificate on either side of the fence. Today we chat with one such talent, Dr. Sid Jacobs.Dr. Jacobs, a novelist, and publisher of peer-reviewed articles stops by to chat. He enlightens us on the various motivations that lead to writing, life, and success. An alumnus of a Les Brown leadership workshop, he is an educator, public speaker and mentor for the ages. Be sure to tune in, you just might find your writing center.
Common knowledge indicates that situations and problems motivate people differently. One certain motivator is/are conditions surrounding our children. The founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the creator of America's Most Wanted are two national level pundits who were motivated by events involving their children. And, it transformed those disparaged parents into renowned lobbyist and influencers. Today we chat with a parent who's son is inflicted with a debilitating illness that transformed her into an activist, lobbyist and best selling author, Deborah Harris.Join us as Dr. B chats with the parent of an autistic child, Ms. Deborah Harris. Listen in as we get enlightened by a parent of a child with the confusing, life-altering dilemma that is Autism. Deborah schools us on the many scenarios that are common in the life of a family member related to someone with Autism. She discusses her life, book, divorce and idiosyncratic events specific to her son's condition. Please join us for a mixed emotion revelation that many are reluctant to discuss.
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