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Author: Mauricio Sanchez

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Life as an independent entrepreneur, stock-trader, and investor.

Learn and involve yourself in the simple world of managing your long term finances; markets and media insight, and the battles of complacency in life and your profession.

Gurupresario-The Podcast is dedicated to all entrepreneurs alike.
6 Episodes
We sit down with Executive Director of World Affairs Council in San Antonio, TX, Armen Babajanian. Armen shares his experiences in the non-profit space of San Antonio and abroad. I personally met Armen at our Rotary Club meeting in San Antonio last month. Take a listen and get some insight into the World Affairs Council, Armen's extensive experience in service to others, and how YOU can make an impact in your own community. Follow the World Affairs Council at
We sit down with personal trainer Sean Sikes of Houston, TX. As a personal trainer, Sikes focuses on bringing the "rawness" of life to his clients through physical wellness. I personally met Sean at the peak of my bodybuilding journey back in 2011. Sean and I have kept in touch over the years and collaborate on various projects throughout the city of San Antonio. Listen and learn more. Follow Sean on IG at @sikesercise. 
We sit down with content creative Lloyd Mackayi of Atlanta, GA. As a photographer and video creator, Mackayi focuses on bringing creative visions to life. I personally met Lloyd while working on a project during NYFW in 2018. Lloyd and I ended up shooting a few New York Fashion Week shows together at Spring Studios. Listen and learn more. Follow Lloyd on IG at @lloyd_mack
Battling complacency in work & life. A dialogue with Greg Valdez of Gentle Renegade Branding & Marketing
Episode 2

Episode 2


Beginning steps of investing: how one goes from living and spending check to check to allocating a portion of that to their future needs.
For those interested in learning about equities market trading, investing, and understanding the concepts I've learned over the past 9 years. Subscribe
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