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David Bizer is the CEO & Founder of Talent Fountain, talent management and recruitment firm focused on hyper-growth early stage startups, and a culture expert & consultant. As the first EU recruiter at Google, David’s reflects on lessons learned navigating cultural differences, and shares why a global approach to hiring is crucial, even for the youngest startups. David provides advice on helping indecisive leaders find the talent they need, making your “swag bags” meaningful, and creating an inclusive culture.
Larry Nash, Americas Director of Talent Attraction & Acquisition at EY, sits down with RAP this week to share all the details of EY’s TA strategy for 2021 and beyond. On top of conducting research for clients and helping them restructure recruiting in their organizations, EY is in the midst of reimagining its own talent management system & workplace strategy. If you’re curious about how to implement SAP success factors of talent products, create transformational change through DEI initiatives, and find new ways to engage and develop talent, tune in to this action-packed episode! Larry provides incredibly detailed insights and examples of how he and his team are creating an agile, scalable mobile talent operating model.
Sharon Garcia, VP of TA at Echo Global Logistics, credits her curiosity as the X factor that helped her make an impact in her role. Sharon was tasked with establishing a sustainable structure for Talent Acquisition with a focus on DEI. Sharon reveals what she believes leaders need to do to create meaningful, sustainable change within an organization as it relates to DEI: recognizing where people are on their journey, and giving them the space to show up as they are. By integrating human capital insights into Echo’s TA strategy, Sharon transformed the role recruiting played in support of Echo’s customer centric and collaborative culture.
In late February 2020, Todd Kizminski (Head of Global TA @ Atria Senior Living) received a call that Atria was about to face major staffing problems due to a virus impacting Florida. Todd’s team had to act fast. In this special episode, we'll uncover how, overnight, Atria Senior Living became a COVID testing site and supplier of PPE, while also providing the same level of care for its residents and employees AND fighting a deadly virus. With a renewed focus on employer branding and attracting the “right” candidates, Todd’s team successfully transformed Atria’s hiring process to find talent looking for opportunities that Atria could provide: a safe place of work and access to a vaccine.
This week we sit down w/ Mike Seidle, COO & Co-Founder of Work Here, providing human-to-human communication in the hiring process. After pivoting his company from geofence recruitment marketing, Mike developed a chatbot and then pivoted again (!) to providing human interactions for applicants. Tune in to explore how chatbots & humans differ as tools, in their accuracy of information, conversion rates, and ability to provide positive candidate experiences.
Wondering how to create an employer brand people believe in? Alex Her, Head of Global Talent Attraction & Employer Brand Manager at Acoustic, has successfully built and operated recruitment marketing and employer branding teams on his own. As workplaces become a slightly lesser focus for candidates, Alex reveals how rethinking your EVP can amplify an organization’s ability to attract talent. He reveals the one element that will differentiate your company from the rest, and outlines a step-by-step approach to nailing employer branding, whether you’re stepping into an existing recruitment marketing operation, or building one from scratch.
When hiring slowed down at Siemens, due to the pandemic, Head of US Talent Acquisition, Diane Circo, didn’t wait around for req volume to return to normal. Diane used this time to transform the US talent acquisition model from reactive to proactive, especially when it came to developing a process for employing “automation where it counts”. She employed the use of empowerment leadership and innovation crowdsourcing to successfully create meaningful, sustainable change within her team and the organization at large.
How do you get tech right? Host Max Notis sits down with Phil Strazzulla, CEO and Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, to dive into best practices when it comes to buying HR tech - including how to pitch stubborn decision-makers on new tech, how to bring your team into the process, and the possibilities when you really get that buying decision right.
Max and Jeff Mike (Head of Research and Insights at Deloitte’s Human Capital Research & Sensing) cover the difference between culture and experiences and how to use technology to gain insight into what’s happening in the organization, to deliberately shape experiences, and to inform culture. This episode will reveal why, at Deloitte - which has taken a leading role and an aspirational approach to the future of work - intentionality, transparency and trust with data are at the forefront of providing an exceptional employee experience in the digital age.
Julia Levy, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at CommScope, discusses how her team has navigated the challenges - and opportunities - following a major acquisition: merging two organizations and reimagining their employer value proposition - all while trying to give back to the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before joining Asurion as the Senior Director of Diversity and Talent Strategy, Brittany Sever held a variety of roles in finance, marketing and strategy. Join us as Brittany discusses the cross-functional learnings of her career and there applications to candidate experience, talent sourcing, and diversity.
The transition to remote work has challenged companies' existing hiring procedures in unprecedented ways - but with unprecedented challenge comes the opportunity for growth and innovation. Jeff Wiehardt has navigated this digital transition on the front lines as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Stifel. Join us as Jeff discusses his key learnings from the transition to remote work and his predictions for how they will affect the hiring practices of tomorrow.
Tune in for a special holiday episode as NYC recruiter Jessica Greenfeld from Connections of New York returns to the Recruitment Automation Podcast to reflect on how the recruiting industry has adapted since she was last on the show in March. Jessica shares advice for recruiting passive candidates, predictions on the future of TA, and living in quarantine with her fiance (who happens to be Max Notis, the host of the RAP)
Rishona Harris has pushed the boundaries of diversity and inclusion for essential workers in energy services. As Director of TA & Development at Centuri Group, Rishona oversees everything from onboarding to career pathing to development, empowering her to create an aligned candidate and employee experience. Tune in as Rishona shares how has used symbiotic community partnerships and technology to increase diversity at Centuri Group.
Work from home has not only changed the setting of work, but has caused a paradigm shift for how corporate culture is communicated, valued, and created. Chandler Goldberg began her time with Vox Media as their first recruiter and is now navigating the changing work environment as a Business Partner. Join us as Chandler discusses how Vox Media has adapted their processes, developed their culture, and provided value to employees in a remote setting.
As feedback and transparency have become paramount to connecting to candidates, Charles Nelson and Tonisha Kilgore from the TA team at Kelly tell us how their focus on empathy is reflected through the candidate journey, where they’ve implemented automation into practice, and what parts of their newly adjusted processes are going to stick through to the post-Covid world and beyond.
Faced with Covid-19, PepsiCo did more than simply adapt: they have worked to push their hiring and their organization forward. They permanently moved all onboarding virtual, they kept their commitments to all their 2020 interns, and they increased diversity across the org - including in the executive ranks.Tune into this episode to hear from one of the most prominent leaders in TA and to learn how SVP of Global TA Blair Bennett and her team at PepsiCo. are using top of funnel data to understand talent trends, early career success, and diversity throughout the org.
Back in March 2020, Jaime Grecco’s office got a call from the New York City Mayor’s office - the city needed 3,000 healthcare workers to start immediately, as COVID-19 was hitting NYC. Jamie’s department worked tirelessly to onboard and train this previously inexperienced staff to lead the front-line charge in NYC’s fight against COVID-19. As a result of this unexpected opportunity and gained experience, these workers have been enabled to continue full careers in the healthcare space, and to uplift their communities for years to come. Tune into this very special episode episode to hear how the team at New York City Health and Hospitals took on a seemingly impossible ask, and created an entire workforce to contribute to the health of NYC.
This year, Chloé Rada (Director of TA, Technology and Branding at Sodexo) was awarded Rally’s Recruitment Marketer of the Year and was named one of TAtech’s 100 most influential thought leaders. How did she get there? Chloé shares some of her favorite tools and use cases for them (and her #1 tip for staying innovative). Plus, she lays out how her team responded to the pandemic: how they relied on automation to nurture future employees, engage current employees, and even to maintain warm communication with furloughed employees. All in all, they took their recruitment enablement and employee advocacy activities to the next level.
This week on RAP, Max’s guest is Heather Colquhoun, who is the Global Director of TA at Hatch. Heather tells us about Hatch’s unique candidate engagement process that helps her team more deeply understand early career candidates’ interests and in turn helps those candidates feel more appreciated and comfortable. Heather also give insights to Hatch’s D&I successes- specifically how asking questions that reflect inclusivity early in the process allows them naturally attract more diverse talent.
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