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Stoned Appetit is a podcast of stoners from Colorado, who sit down with guests each week to talk about what they're passionate about. Food, Booze, Weed & Music are our passions
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On today's episode on Stoned Appetit presented by Seed & Smith, we talk with fellow Colorado cannabis company, MedPharm Holdings team about their research with weed. We've had members of the MedPharm team on back in the pandemic times, but this week we toured the facilities, spoke with the stoner nerds and got the insight into their research grants with cannabis-laced medicines. We talk about the effects of cannabinoids when paired with other medicines, and what it takes to create your own cannabis products. Great insight in to the sciences, fantastic guests in both front & back of house (Shout out Dr. Duncan, our Tarheel tour guide) doing the Lord's work! Check em out!
On the week-ender episode, Kip & Chris recap the week that was, best eats & concert treats! Basic conversation, we give the recaps of Chris's trip to Benzina & Kip visiting the ever coveted Little Arthur's Hoagies (And Yuan Wonton). We also talk about the Broncos & their clusterfuck of their opponent this weekend, how to properly dress your spaghetti and the High Five category of the week is "Weekend Getaways" including sleeper towns for those who may not want to ski on the weekends in winter. Tune In, Let Us Know What Ya Think... and Stay Tuned for epic content next week.
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip & Chris sit down with the two behind the Pop-up Food Concept "The Easy Vegan" based out of Denver... Tay Herbert & Lex Mandolini join the podcast to shake the stigma of the vegan food scene (and cocktail). With creative dishes & a stoner mentality, they've set their mission to squash the thought that vegan food can't be dank, delicious, and glutinous... just because they're plant-based ingredients. Their food is dynamite! From their food stand at City Park Farmer's Markets to their pop-up dinners celebrating their anniversary, your anniversary and all parties in between..they are changing the stigma that you can't have dank food in vegan-vessels! Tune in to the pod, rate it 5 stars if you like Tay, Lex, Chris or even Kip... and then be sure to check their page @TheEasyVeganDenver for information about where to get their bomb ass food! Stay High & Hungry Friends!
On today's episode we sit down, just the fellas.. to talk about the week that was & the weekend ahead.. We checked out some restaurants over the course of the last week, but more importantly CB went & checked out the new art exhibit - Van Gogh Immersive Experience.... on mushies. Hear his review of the exhibit as well as For[a]ged Restaurant review from the gang.We harped on the big #Freshtoberfest that is going on Saturday as well as the Andy Frasco concert at Ogden Theatre (buy tickets through! That and a few basic shenanigans, gambling bets & Broncos takes... Sturdy episode to get you primed for the weekend. Enjoy!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, we sit down with Sarah & Greg Fetzer to talk about their brewery "The Beer Emporium". Amidst the chaos that is our normal podcast, we talk about their Street Party this weekend, FRESTOBERFEST! They are closing down 42nd st, right next to Tennyson to celebrate Craft beer in Colorado! With breweries & food trucks from around the city joining in the party, this event (and the beers) are gonna knock your socks off! Add some live music to the party & it's hard to beat! In addition to the event promotion, we also ask our usual shenanigans & make fun of the Bud Light Seltzer fans in America (Midwest beware)!!! Tune in, subscribe to the pod & buy tickets to this weekend's festivities!
The week before his big show at Denver's Ogden Theatre (October 9th), Andy Frasco sits down during his layover to talk about how tour life is treating him. We chat with the infamous rockstar about everything from his early punk pop days to his most recent single going VIRAL, doing record numbies... Andy was the perfect guest and sport. We covered his dance parties & podcast, psychedelics and the world of drugs, lots of bullshit Laker talk and random sports tangents, favorite food stops around the country (and world) and then got real about how tour life can take its toll on you and other musicians... All of this & some crazy hypotheticals... Tune In, Tell A Friend & THEN BUY TICKETS TO ONE OF ANDY'S SHOWS IN A TOWN NEAREST YOU.Cheers
On today's episode, WE WISH CHRIS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The guys are back in studio to talk about the week that was. From sports reports to food poisoning and everything in between.. We talk about birthday dinner, the High 5 of "Autumn Eats" and the restaurants to find em around town... as well ask the audience where the best PHO in Denver is? From popups downtown to Rare Steak Fest last week... there has been a gauntlet over the last week or two. Check out the new episode if you're looking for fire eats, music playing this weekend or something in between! We cover it all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CB!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, the boys are back on the road!! They packed up their gear to go south into Englewood and check out the new bar, restaurant, ice cream parlor All-In-One spot for Denver Beer Co. To learn more about the place, we chatted with Hal Reynolds & Scott Lawrence to talk about all things DBC! From their love for beer to living the hospitality grind in Memphis.. we try n dig into some of these guys favorite things about restaurants. We talk about their new concept, where its not just another brewery with food trucks, this is a spot for the whole, crew or in between! Dank beers, bomb chicken wings & delicious ice cream.. there is something for everyone!! Check it out on S Downing this weekend, perfect spot to enjoy nice weather!... and our apologies about the echo, it's the tall ceilings & challenges from recording on site!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, the boys are back from their outdoor excursions, ready to chat all things life... from the weekend in review for Kip in PDX and Chris trail running marathons.. it took a minute. As well as, a new episode of High 5 - with the guys discussing restaurants, bars & deli's that were gone too soon. Sturdy episode, nice teaser for Rare Steak Fest this week as well as our video content with Denver Beer Co soon to come! Stay Tuned for more action coming by the week!
On this week's episode of Stoned Appetit presented by Seed & Smith Cannabis, we sit down with Allison Wisneski & Betsy Ley, two of the founders behind Lady Justice Brewery to talk about EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean everything... because of our wonky schedule, we just loaded everyone down with a hysterical 2 hour episode!! If you have to give up one, oral sex or cheese, which are you giving up? Would you live off food stamps for 2 years? Would you rather do Americorp or literally anything else?If you were going to leave your spouse, who would it be for?All of these questions are answered by two hysterically fun guests who happen to make exceptional beers on Colfax! They have a fantastic mission plan, they help their community and they fight for those who can't fight for themselves... Absolutely fantastic guests & great episode. Hope y'all have a great week! Cheers
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, we sit down with the founder of Bakery Four Shawn Bergin. From quitting his corporate america job and packing up his shit to move west to how he gets baked & comes up with his recipes.. we dive into all things bready... In addition to talking about his new location opening this fall (41st & Tennyson in the Highlands) we all start the episode discussing the Phish Dicks ticket giveaway!! Tune in, tell a friend & donate to a good cause!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip + Chris drove up to Louisville to meet with one of our new sponsors & see their new dispensary at 1413 Hecla Way. Louisville, CO.... that was a mistake. We just treated the whole episode like that one skit in Wayne's World where the make fun of Noah's Arcade..... In addition to having a blast making fun of Mike's lack of knowledge to what is going on in the world, we talk about Seed & Smith's new dispensary that opened up last week. They have great flower, unreal vape cartridges and their trademark "DART" pen... as well as all the classic edibles, wax & heavy hitters in the industry that all dispensaries have. Check em out, buy their product... tell them we sent you so we don't get fired.
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip jumps on a virtual smokesesh with repeat guest & friend of the program, Nishant Reddy. Nishant is a Cannabis Proprietor based out of California, where his company A Golden State grows top tier bud. Before we get into the interview for the week, Kip n Chris talk about the best farmer's markets in Denver, Top Taco tonight, as well as the return of the Underground Music Showcase. Great episode talking Colorado things and comparing our weed to Californias... Tune In, Subscribe, then go support your local restaurants!
On Season 3's premier, Kip & Chris break down their new format of the podcast, talking about how we can better promote our local businesses, concerts & events going on in the community. In episode 1, the two make their High Five intro of "Federal vs Colfax" which would you choose, and gave their 5 spots to hit... in the second half the episode, we sit down with Benny Bloom & Paul Lysek to talk about their natural wine distribution company, as well as the craze of natural wines thats taken America by storm. Great episode, great guests... great vibes as we start season 3! Tune in, smoke up, drink well! Cheers
On the finale of our second season of Stoned Appetit, we had Patty Kaowthumrong join us on the podcast to talk about all thing Colorado eats.. we brought the usual questions, got to know Patty's back store and how she found herself writing about food for Denver's largest magazine. In addition to playing the hits, we made her play M-F-K with Denver neighborhoods, as well as picking her favorite dive spots in Denver.. .Hella episode for the Colorado foodies out there and a fantastic end to season 2!!! Season 3 with the new format, starts next week!!!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip sat down with local entrepreneur Stephen Woolf, to talk about his new start up company "It's Groovy Gravy" which is a cannabis-centric hospitality company that specializes in tailored events & parties planned around weed. From culinary dinners for you and your friends to bachelor parties of 20 or anything in between..Stephen will curate a party specific for what you and your guests are looking for.. But before we could get to that part of the episode, we hit a bunch of dabs and fumbled through the intro.. so stick with us, we sober up about half way through and provide valuable insight for anyone trying to find their way into the MMJ industry... Great episode, fucking awesome guest, and HUGE things coming down the pike for all parties involved! Stay Tuned & and don't forget to subscribe, rate & review (if its nice!).... Also smoke responsibly.
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, we have Nicolas Babin in studio!!! Nico recently published his French book "The Talking Dog: Immersion In New Technologies" in English and is taking the Amazon marketplace by storm!! We sat down with Babs to shoot the shit, talk about being an innovator in AI technology... from creating GPS for cars to his work as the CEO of Sony Europe... he's a revolutionary mind!!! In addition to talking about Nic's work history, we talk about his family back in France, their love for old world wines & travel.. and dish on the best cities to visit in the world (both for vacay and food)!!! Tune in on this episode, then if you want to buy his book, C+P the title above and snag it on Amazon today!!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip sits down with the man behind the tiki torches at Denver's popping Tiki Bar- ADRIFT, their GM Josh. We talk about the upcoming festivities with "Painkiller Week" as well as talk about the revamp since the pandemic. They've spruced up the menu & are elevating your perception of what a tiki cocktail should taste like! No more days of the sugary filled shitty Pina Colada.. the team at Adrift are bringin the fucking hammer with their craft cocktail list. In addition to great drinks, their new summer menu is poppin like a fanny in Brazil! Delicious eats, great conversation, and fire libations! Check out the episode & then swing down Broadway and hit up Adrift Tiki Bar!
We're doing a surprise episode to tease the first food festival coming out of the pandemic. Denver Burger Battle is THIS WEEK, THIS THURSDAY. If you want to buy tickets go to on today's episode with sit down with one of the competing teams for this years "Best Burger of Denver", Chef DJ from Briar Commons. We talk about the burger they're submitting for competition, the trial + error system of developing a burger for competition, and his journey that led him to the kickass kitchen the Highlands neighborhood. The second part of the episode, we jump on a zoom call with DBB Executive, Kristen Horpedahl, to talk about the nightmare of the last 18 months, and the excitement leading up to this year's competition. Riveting conversations, wide variety of guests & great insight into both hospitality + culinary industries as they try to navigate the new normal of Covid times.. Tune in, buy tickets, come party with me Thursday!!
On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, presented by Callie's Cannabis we sit down with 2 of the founders from the hottest tequila/mezcal company on the market, Dona Loca's Dana Rodriguez & Karen Ashworth. Dana has been working in the Colorado culinary world for 20+ years and after years of sampling and selling other companies booze, she decided to make one for themselves, sourced from Mexico, supporting families in the Oaxaca community and providing us with some seriously flavorful juice! We talk about how the company came to fruition, the work history of our two guests and their love for the Colorado community.. and then we shoot the shit, talk about all the run of the mill conversations, Dana's restaurants that she operates in the RiNo neighborhood...and tease stories of Karen's trips to South America for "enlightening" experiences.. IYKYK. Tune in, then swing through your local liquor store and ask for a bottle of the Dona Loca Mezcal!!! You won't be disappointed with the flavor or buzz!
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