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#009 - Renat Yusupov

#009 - Renat Yusupov


Renat's Youtube  Renat's Facebook (cellowithlove) Cello with Love (website) Renat Yusupov is a world class cellist. He has studied at the Conservitory of Uzbekistan, and since arriving in Australia in 1999, he has played with numerous elite orchestras around the country.  In this episode we cover how renat got to where he is now, advice and lessons he has learnt, and more. Renat shares some stories about his journey through life, the importance of music, and how couldn't imagine a life. He has divorced and remarried the same woman, and they live happily on the Sunshine Coast.  Enjoy.
This is Luke's Journey. In this episode he shares what he's learnt over the many years of starting businesses and learning from literature. Enjoy. Website: Instagram: julianmunyard Soundcloud: Julian Munyard Youtube:  Julian Munyard Twitter: Julian Munyard 
In this episode of the podcast I interview Mark Jamieson, the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Australia. Mr Jamieson has been the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council since April 2012, having been re-elected for a second term in 2016, and describes his job as being the best in the world, waking up and wanting to create change and make a difference in the world as well as to the people on the Sunshine Coast. We touch on the aspects of his role as mayor, his journey to this place and position, and the things we must take responsibility for to create change. Mark shares his advice for the next generation and young culture as a whole, his experiences as Mayor, and advice to his past and present self.  Enjoy. Website: Instagram: julianmunyard Twitter: JulianMunyard
Damien Collins is a professional triathlete and has competed in and won multiple recognised triathlons around the world, and been at the starting line with some of the best endurance athletes. In this episode we talk about Damo's journey as an athlete, being fresh out of school and looking for your path. Damo also talks about how he stumbled upon the idea of being a triathlete, the grind of training and the years it took to find the balance, we touch on success and challenges, and how he really made success happen.   Damien shares about some of the things that go through your head in a pro race, and his love for the sport, and why the hustle of the early mornings and hard training becomes much less of a thing because of his commitment determination to reach his goal. We touch on motivation on a physical and mental level, and his drive for life. Website: Youtube: Julian Munyard Instagram: julianmunyard
“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing”. Thats John 15:5 from the Bible. Today's episode is with Dan Ulyate. Dan is the creator and founder of the company and brand, Abide. John 15:5 was the verse that inspired the name 'ABIDE' believing that fullness of purpose is found when abiding in our Creator. Dan and I started the morning off in the ocean, the best way… If you’re from the Sunshine Coast, odds are you’ve seen Abide somewhere along your journey, Dan is a passionate advocate of creativity and innovation, and his heart beats on giving people purpose as you’ll hear more about down the track. Abide culture is a clothing company and brand inspired by surfing, skating and creating, and believe that every individual is purposefully created, created to create and the essence of your purpose comes from abiding in God and being deeply rooted in Him. Through Abide, Dan is equipping people with quality clothing, and will hopefully inspire you to find purpose and live as ‘people of purpose’. In this episode Dan talks about his journey through and after school, to owning his own business. He also talks about creativity and innovation, how we were created to create, and why being innovative sets us apart from the rest. Dan is a perfect example of someone who breaks the stereotypes of christians and even surfers and skaters, and is fulfilling his calling to start a brand that gives back to people. Dan mentions some of the mentors he had during the beginning stages of Abide, and how that encouragement and guidance can be so significant. We recorded this episode after a coffee and sat at bench by the beach, with complementaries of waves. I think it’s time we introduce the man himself, Dan Ulyate.
Today’s episode is with Professor Leo Hartley. Leo is an optometrist and a Doctor, and along with his brother founded H2 Vision Centres on the Sunshine Coast. Leo holds the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne where he teaches final year optometry students about how optometry and general medicine can work together to care for patients’ eyes and general health. Leo puts emphasis on study, and to never stop learning your profession, his thoughts on AI will hopefully make you think about your future and what kind of effect technology will have on careers you may be interested in. In this episode you’ll hear him talk about the steps he took to be successful, his university life, and his insights into the future of optometry. Leo was able to retire at 50, but his ever growing desire to make a contribution led him coming back into the industry, and it’s this enthusiasm for life, living and learning that makes this episode worth listening to.
Today’s episode we meet Rob Mitchell, an environmental chemist. Rob along with his partner founded ENV Solutions, he’s a passionate believer in young people, in which he shares an abundant amount of wisdom for, as well as lessons that will hopefully inspire you to learn about your field of passion. He explains how you are the most accountable person in your own life, why you have to understand what you are selling, and love what you’re doing. Rob shares about the hard road to getting where you want to be, using your strengths and also utilising others strengths and abilities, and having the froth factor to do something. In the background of this episode you’ll hear the ocean, and the beautiful song of the pied butcher bird at various point in the interview. Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:
I interview Mark from the Coffee Club Beerwah, Mark has opened himself to many professions including a bank teller and policeman. A passion for business led him to buy into a franchise with over 80 employee’s offering fast food. Marks business was eventually bought out by Mcdonald's, which led him to buy a supermarket. After being selected for a scholarship management program Mark immigrated to Australia, and the Sunshine Coast was his first stop to the present day. The experience of being his own boss was in need of a break and he worked for other people for 17 years to understand the process of business in Australia. Mark is now the manager of The Coffee Club in Beerwah, I would say the friendliest most welcoming coffee club on Sunshine Coast. Mark shares a great amount of knowledge on what success is, advice for young people and tips for small businesses. We also talk about the search for balance in life, and how you can choose to be happy almost every day.
On a surf trip down to Forster we meet Charlie, a Jack of All Trades, at 85 he still races motorbikes and collects a number of cars, old and new. He was the bodyguard of Nelson Mandela, a filmmaker, and he has mined opals 122ft underground. His work has varied from universities to bikie gangs. Charlie talks in this interview of living multiple lifetimes, sounds a little crazy but basically what he means by this when you move your home to another country, state or city, or get married or re-marry that is counted as a new lifetime. Charlie has lived 22 lifetimes. This is a story that will examine what it means to make the most of what life offers you.
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