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The Badass Womens Council

Author: Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

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The Badass Womens Council is about REFLECTION and CONNECTION.
Strong women have unique qualities, needs and challenges. Badass is knowing yourself well, being vulnerable, intentionally connecting to give and receive support with a well built tribe.
28 Episodes
Did you want to do something artistic but were encouraged to get a "real job"?   We're learning more about the NEED we have for art and music in our lives.  Our brains are wired to need the engagement that art and music provide.  Art is healing and inspiring.  We are not machines, yet much of our work talks and treats us as such.  Our human brains have nuance.  We are each unique and need the nuance that art and music provides.  "As the workplace evolves and asks us to be more creative, Art needs to become a component of what we do and what we value." - Jill Lehman  Jill Lehman    
Reign Today!

Reign Today!


Dawn is the Chief Diversity Officer with Barnes & Thornburg, a lawyer by trade and a badass by design.  Dawn shares her journey, when her calling just wouldn't leave her alone and how she was able to take the call without leaving law!    
INDIANAPOLIS WOMEN:   The World Health Organization now lists Burnout as an organizational phenomenon at epidemic proportions.  Could be listed as a disease by 2024.   Burnout has three characteristics:  1. Energy depleted 2. Increase Cynicsm  3. Decrease in Professional Effectiveness    It's time to get our heads and hearts around this, become really aware, set healthy boundaries and BANBURNOUT!  Rachel Pritz  Jen Petro  Personal Retreat 
Some are just starting their careers in their 20's, Lexie Brown is wondering if she'll have to make a career shift in her late 20's if she wants a family. It's a twist I hadn't thought about.   Lexie talks about being different, being committed and being connected.  The love and support of her family is absolutely the foundation of her strength.  She's the daughter of Dee Brown, retired NBA player with the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and and Orlando Magic.  Call to Action:  Take your daughters to an WNBA game to see strong women, committed to their careers, each other and their fans.  The WNBA want to engage with their fans! Follow Lexie  Instagram  Twitter  YouTube   
It's easy to look at people on tv and assume their journey was an easy one.  That's rarely the case.  In this episode Nina authentically and courageously shares her story.  Her story starts surviving high school in the drug filled neighborhoods of Lowell, Boston.  It's her passion for fashion and a drive to succeed coupled with a divine word from God that has her starring in a Bravo TV show with her ex-boyfriend Michael LeSure.      
Not many can say they're career started at age 9! Katie Hargitt started racing with her Dad before she could drive herself to school! Katie courageously and authentically shares the difficulties and the joy she's experiencing as her career shifts from a pit reporter with NBCSN to the founder of a non profit, Fuel the Female.  Katie is bringing a whole new world of possibilities to girls in Indianapolis by introducing them to careers in motorsports.     Fuel the Female empowers girls to achieve their dreams in motorsports through education programs, scholarships and mentorship.
Reflection - This is brave work! What is OUR part in trust?   Leaving the blame game.  Getting honest with yourself. What is your go to to gain "control"? Alissa and I, we clean our closets!  Alissa takes on the "lawn lady" to set boundaries.  BRAVING... Boundaries   Reliability  Accountability  Vault  Integrity Choosing courage over comfort, choosing what's right over what's fun, fast or easy.  Practicing your values not just professing them.  Non-Judgement Generosity  Dare to Lead Downloads                
Alissa Bartenbach just returned from Texas, home of our favorite storyteller and researcher Brene' Brown.  She spent days with Brene' and a room full of courageous women learning to coach and teach and facilitate the Dare to Lead program.  Alissa shares her experience and reminds us some things are worth going ALL IN! 
Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally


Michelle Riley from Fierce and Fit has an inspiring story of taking a tragic event and using it to fuel her story.  She's the model of intentional living. In this episode she shares the impact sharing her story has had on her family, friends and clients.  As a sassy Puerto Rican, her energy is absolutely contagious!  This badass has created an amazing online fitness business that is changing lives, partly through fitness and largely through joy and connection! Picture this as a circle loop..... 1. Stand Tall in Your Story 2. Be Open to Share Your Story 3. Use Your Story to Connect With Others 4. Use Those Connections to Re-Fuel Your Story  "Amazon Prime does not deliver your tribe"  Michelle Riley - Fierce and Fit Online Personal Training  Fierce and Fit on Insta   
Erica Ballard is a Healthy Living Expert and she's not messing around. This episode drops some hard truth about what it takes to fuel your great purpose.  As busy high achieving women we care deeply about our business and our great mission and purpose.  In the midst of that care and concern we can lose sight of the real fuel for this great purpose... us.  Erica shares Three Truths Amidst Many Lies About Health  1. It's about being intentional not perfect 2. Learn the language of your body, it's speaking to you all the time.  3. Confidence builds habits, habits build more habits. Just start with one thing.   
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