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An irregularly scheduled podcast where two friends talk about the ridiculous purchases of the wealthy through the ages. Because as long as there have been wealthy people, they've been buying obnoxious crap.

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Goodness gracious, episode 30! Look at us go! Apologies for being extremely late on the upload, my sweet Gilded Gang, but as usual, life got the better of us.But to ring in our 30th episode (and to give Stephen a break and give him a chance to recover from his cold), Haley is taking the wheel on this one and using the WHOLE HOUR to talk about the Gatekeeping Queen of New York City in the Victorian Era.
Haley talks about Guinness Book of World Record winner of the title "World's Greatest Miser" and Stephen talks about the guy who made storage lockers a thing! Also far too many show recommendations?
Oh no we accidentally created an awful catchphrase this episode! Well, please forgive us and listen to Stephen talk about a man who created an extremely silly "mansion". And then stick around for Haley to talk about a scam of epic proportions from 18th century France!Like what you hear? Give us a rate and review on apple podcasts! (pretty please?)Twitter: @ounnecessarypodInstagram: @outrageouslyunnecessary
Episode 27: A Rumbly Tumbly

Episode 27: A Rumbly Tumbly


This episode we find out about Stephen's hidden past (at least, hidden to Haley), when we talk about a Lord of the Rings high fantasy wedding. And then Stephen manages to find a Gilded Age mogul who Haley DOESN'T know about? What is even happening.Follow us on Instagram! @outrageouslyunnecessaryFollow us on Twitter( @OUnnecessaryPod
*Disclaimer* The last 6 minutes of Stephen's audio was lost. Haley's audio remains in place to give an ending to the story. Please forgive how strange it may sound.Hiatus is OVER! Three cheers for that. Please join us today as Stephen regales us with the life of the self-proclaimed Queen of Mean.And then stick around to hear Haley tell you about the definition of an 1800's eccentric wealthy fop.Follow us on instagram to see the photos we referenced in today's episode!Instagram: @outrageouslyunnecessaryTwitter: @ounnecessarypod
Hooooo baby, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, in these very strange times I hope we can provide a bit of comedic comfort to you. Or you're free to chat with us on twitter, instagram, or our email if you need someone to keep you company during isolation! Just reach out! Anyhoo, Haley brings her first two parter topic today with the crazy Yellow-Journalism entrepreneur and his ridiculous estate. Stephen managed to find the world's original Ponzi Scheme grifter, and no, it isn't Ponzi!
Boy oh boy, we sure are good at not having life get in the way of our hobby podcast... Sorry for the wait you guys! This episode is filled with many side tangents, and some insight into Haley's high school history lessons that may explain why she is just SO INTO THIS. Stephen brings to the table two wildly different people - the man who invented the pet rock (have we done that one before??) and then a man who collects dwarves. Which is, you know, not great. Chump Change has us wondering if y'all would be willing to support our endeavor to buy extremely luxurious toilet paper?? Pretty please? And finally, Haley got a little too obsessed with Agatha Christie so here we are talking about the early 1900s luxury train.
Episode 23: Yurt Yeeters

Episode 23: Yurt Yeeters


How do you do, fellow Yurt Yeeters? Okay but really, you'll have to look at the photos of these extremely fancy yurts on our instagram/twitter and mourn the fact that they were yeeted. Come learn about the fancy fancy yurts and other very good information all about the 2,500th Anniversary Celebration of Persia! And then Stephen has gotten very interested in his new job and found out that you can basically insure anything if you try hard enough. Like what we do? Give us a review! It really does help. Follow us on instagram @outrageouslyunnecessary and on twitter @OUnnecessaryPod for photos and more!
Guys, we're sorry for this one. This is our second annual Christmas episode and it's just the epitome of capitalism, so it's bound to make you angry. It sure made us angry! We're thinking sticking to the wealthy of the past for the next few episodes may be smart. Anyways, take a listen for Stephen up first talking about the top ten most expensive gifts you could buy, and then listen to Haley talk about how the wealthy of today spend an average Christmas (lights, gingerbread houses, dinner, etc.) (also sorry for Stephen sounding like he's a bit muffled, but we ARE technological difficulties the podcast)
Welcome to a very special guest episode! Say hello to Haley's Thanksgiving Dinner guests, Alicia, Brandon, & Chris, who kindly agreed to be told an outlandish story by Haley. This episode is all about the 5th Duke of Portland, an aristocrat we're fairly certain is a mole person. PS Please excuse any echos, editing was difficult due to the many voices. Subscribe if you like what we got going on! Follow us on Twitter @OUnnecessaryPod Follow us on Instagram @OutrageouslyUnnecessary
The Halloween Episode is here!! Get excited to hear Haley talk all about how The Happiest Place on Earth decorates for Halloween in ONE NIGHT. And then Content Warning for Stephen's topic, mention of insane asylums, blood, mistreatment, death, bones. Yeah, things took a dark turn for Stephen, but I guess we ordered something spooky for the holiday!
Oh boy, here we go naming our listeners and coming up with segment names, everybody run for your lives! Stephen goes first today with the topic of a Gilded Age millionaire who probably could have become an Owl themed version of Batman. Haley opts to talk about the Golden Age of Hollywood and its 1920's power couple and also a minorly spooky story?
Haley went to France and was inspired to tell the tales of 17th Century life in French Court! Stephen finally finished the massive cliffhanger he left us on last episode: what happened to the Fugger family? Also we're trying out fun facts, so let us know how you like that! If you want to see photos associated with this episode, take a look at our instagram and twitter
Sorry we're late! Moving is the worst, right? Hopefully we can make it up to you with the show's very first two part episode! Stephen had so much information on a guy named Jakob Fugger that he needed 2 parts. And Haley just wanted to make you feel bad about your current bank account balance by talking about all the things you can spend your money on in the richest city in the world.
Calling all trivia junkies - come learn about how a millionaire secluded herself in a hotel room for 24 years living off of crackers and Cuban cigars! Or win Jeopardy by knowing who it was that built New York City's public libraries - but you know, with drug money. Because opium is China's problem according to this dude.
Come take a listen to birthday boy Stephen talk about insane collections curated by every day enthusiasts. (We do get a little off track with personal collection anecdotes). Haley brings the amazing Ornamental Garden Hermit to the table, and yes, it is as weird as you think it is.
Join Haley in discovering the wonderful world of pineapples and their influence on wealthy society. People would do just about anything for a pineapple it seems. And listen to Stephen take us on a tour of the world's most expensive doll house. It's really a miniature, but let's not get into semantics. Follow us on Instagram @OutrageouslyUnnecessary and on Twitter @OUnnecessaryPod
Kayde and Haley are back together for episode 13! Kayde talks about the Philippines' world record holding First Lady. A hint - she's a pretty fashionable lady. Haley talks about Victorian England's obsession with Egypt and how they took their love a little too far. Please like, subscribe, leave a review, and tell your friends about us :) Follow us! Instagram: @OutrageouslyUnnecessary Twitter: @OUnneccessaryPod Questions? Comments? Email us at
Haley is here with listener and topic suggester George! George has been so chock full of topic suggestions we decided to let him have a go at telling the world about one of them! Or rather, two of them because the first one is short. George talks about ridiculous things that happened in the world of cars and racing, and Haley decides to cover a beast with political ambitions. Order of operations is George, Haley, George. Timestamps: George 1: 2:13 Haley: 14:15 George 2: 28:47 Follow us on social media Twitter: @OUnnecessaryPod Instagram: @OutrageouslyUnnecessary Email:
Stephen and Haley are here once again dishes out the hot gossip on whatever it is those darn rich people are spending their money on. Does it count if the gossip is about people from over 100 years ago? ... In any case we're glad to give you some facts to dish out at parties, Stephen is talking about luxurious weddings with incredibly expensive cakes, and Haley is talking about the best party thrower of the early 1900s. Like what you hear? Give us a rating and review wherever you listen! Want to see what it is we 're referencing in the episode? Head on over to Instagram @outrageouslyunnecessary or over to Twitter @OUnnecessaryPod
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