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Your Life Matters

Author: Dr. Mariah White

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A motivational podcast that provides a hope and a dream that fuels your soul to dream big and dream boldly. You are made for more. Together let’s implement these tools to reach your dreams
140 Episodes
Change is inevitable, but how you accept it and embrace it is what builds character and a life by design. --- Send in a voice message:
Your lack of actions exposes your insecurities. Let's cultivate an acting mentally and change our lives. --- Send in a voice message:
Friends let's do this together! We talked about relentlessness now it's time to learn how to tap into your never give up muscle. Tim Grovers latest book “Winning” is a game changer and together we will help you develop that muscle needed to achieve your dreams! --- Send in a voice message:
Develop Relentlessness

Develop Relentlessness


"Mariah how do you constantly go even in the hard?" Here is how friends! Let's develop that together! --- Send in a voice message:
So many incredible things are on the other side of failure. But you have to be willing to fight through the fear to get to the beauty. Together let's work through my last two years to help you understand the music within you and to help you make it a reality. You deserve the life of your dreams and together we can get you there --- Send in a voice message:
My friend what does success look like for you? Are you allowing everyone else's definition define your own? Okay let's tackle this together. Don't forget to check out to work with me 1:1 --- Send in a voice message:
Friends as I was thinking this week I was reminded of an episode that forever impacted my life and wanted to share it with you again! Also you'll hear me talk about my BRAND NEW mentorship courses and I would love you to come work with me! Check out and remember to use WHITE20 in your checkout! Can't wait to see you there! --- Send in a voice message:
Friends are you finding yourself on the sideline, bench, or even outside the arena of your dreams? Since when are you not worthy of the best life possible! You are and I am here to help. Also remember after today’s episode remember to check out for my exclusive Mentorship course that officially opened! Use code WHITE20 for 20 % off! --- Send in a voice message:
How often are you finding yourself feeling bad about saying no or even hearing no? How often do you find yourself uncomfortable asking for what you need or even time off? Yep... I know I get it. Me too, but no more! Listen it’s time. Join me and learn how to overcome! --- Send in a voice message:
You absolutely dreserve your dream life 1000%! But have you ever found that it's so hard after a win or a loss in your life, business, personal life to bounce back out of a funk? I believe that we all have the only difference that I have in advantage is that I have learned how to quickly bounce back faster! Tune in to this episode to learn my newfound perspective on how to rebound from a win or a loss --- Send in a voice message:
Calling all medical professionals! My sisters in nursing, thinking of nursing, nurse practitioners, and students this is for you. I wanted to create an episode entirely based on so many incredible reviews asking for guidance on how do I know that I wanted to be in medicines for the rest of my life. --- Send in a voice message:
Are you thinking you are alone in this? In this world? In depression or anxiety? Especially in the season of life with COVID it's easy to feel alone but you aren't. Let's talk about how we can tackle this together. Also friends warning for those who have history or mental illness disorders and those who need help - take time and record this number if every needed. Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 --- Send in a voice message:
Look, passion is easy to find once you figure out your focus! Together let's laser focus in our goals and dreams and find our passion to go for it! --- Send in a voice message:
So Mariah how did you go from men to women? The big question that requires a simple and small answer. Let's talk about it together! --- Send in a voice message:
Here we go friends on another episode of Maria how did you know I will sit here and explain and vividly give you a walk-through of one of the hardest decisions of my life. The decision to Leave my marriage and start another life after becoming a divorce. Now maybe you're not in this situation but maybe you need to know how to get out of a situation that is no longer serving you, this is the episode to listen to! --- Send in a voice message:
Friends, this NEW SERIES excites me! I'm so stoked for it and cannot wait for you all to interact with me! So don't forget to leave a review and tell me how I can serve you. This series is all about "Mariah how did you know when too" and let's hit every season of life that you may need 1:1 mentoring on! This episode is all about how to let go of your planned blueprint of life! Let's get it. --- Send in a voice message:
Will you show up even after week four of the year? After a tough tough? Or even after a moment in time that you just don't feel like going anymore? Let's work through it together --- Send in a voice message:
In Celebration of MLK and our Inauguration I have to ask... will you keep your glasses on for me? --- Send in a voice message:
Are you struggling to find balance or take control?? What if you found harmony instead? --- Send in a voice message:
HAPPY NEW YEAR! You are amazing and I'm so grateful you are here! Let's chat... it's the new year and you could be excited about the fresh start but what if you were more excited about the finish? --- Send in a voice message:
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