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Author: Naina Redhu

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The Business of Blogging, Photography, Influencer Marketing & Professionalism, specifically from the point of view of India.
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Trigger warning : I'm talking about the shift in perspective I was gifted when a friend of mine passed away. Grief, loss & a different way of looking at things. Dedicated to Bargoti.
For the hashtag episode from 2 years ago, listen to episode no. 61. Not much has changed in terms of usage & relevance but there's a frenzy in confusion around hashtags. Are they effective? What's your goal? What are you trying to achieve? Hashtags are a tool to use, not a game that you need to win.
What is engagement anyway? When anyone can buy comments, likes, video views, etc., what is the value of this "engagement"? Why are you even ON Instagram in the first place?
About to hit 100 episodes on my podcast, some of you are new & I need to consolidate who I am too! So hi! Listen to me talk about who I am, what I do, how I got here, briefly.
Back at Adobe Max for the second time. Recording & posting from Los Angeles. What's Adobe Max, what I was doing here & what's next!
Is TikTok relevant? Should you be on it? What can you do on it? Etc.
Dictionary meaning of motivation : reason for acting/behaving a certain way. Reading 24-25 year olds saying they're demotivated / feeling old. It's not about being motivated, it's about showing up, consistently, day after day and putting in the work. Motivation will strike you at 3am but you'll be in bed and by the time you wake it, it's gone. It'll strike you when you're watching a film in a theater but it'll be gone by the time you walk out. It's a great feeling to be motivated but it doesn't DO anything. One of my reasons for doing what I do is money. It's nice to see money coming in to my bank account. It means I can save for that couples vacation and create memories and spend quality time with Bharat. It means I can save for that trip with the family - who knows how long my parents are going to be around. I get to spend quality time with them. The money is a means though. My goal is to spend quality time with people I love, with myself. Having money to spare means that I get to do those things. That's my reason. I have 50,000 things to do and very little time. Doesn't mean you burn yourself out of course. That's the flip side. We can continue to run ourselves into the ground with work even if we are demotivated to do the work.
An introduction to the concept of "Seven Streams of Revenue" or income, for self-employed solo-entrepreneurs. Sharing examples of what my own multiple Streams of Revenue are and some suggestions of additionals ones that anyone can pursue.
Post Confluence 2019 thoughts. I was moderating a panel where we discussed the menace of fake followers & how that affects the industry. I touch on that for a bit. I also talk about why and how one should never work for free.
Think before you speak! Yes, it's possible. It shows that you respect the other person's time and space.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve begun adding products to my online shop. I’m hand-painting wooden brooches as mini art pieces that you can wear. I talk a bit about what’s going on behind the scenes and how I am coping. There’s a LOT to unpack here. It isn’t a structured conversation. But I really had to get it out to get started. I’m going to share everything subsequently – if you have questions, please ask and I will talk about that in the next episode of the podcast. See the Brooches :
Plague of Pedestals. Podcast episode no. 89 Examples of pedestals : Soldiers are martyrs. ( They choose to die for their beliefs : no. They want to come back home to their families like all the rest of us. Stop forcing them to prove their patriotism by dying. ) Women are mothers. ( No. Women have a biologically evolved flesh contraption that can be conducive to producing babies. Doesn’t mean that women are not allowed to be assholes. ) Men are strong. ( Men are human beings. They get hurt. They cry. Doesn’t make them less of a “man”. Men are allowed to be weak if they want. No one is strong ALL the time. If they try to be, they are going to suffer from severe mental health issues. ) Women are supposed to be nice and understanding. No. Fuck that. I’m not nice. I’m not understanding. I am not going to be a martyr for anyone’s bullshit. I refuse to allow anyone to put women on a pedestal. Goddesses. Mothers. Daughters. As if I’ve signed a contract with all of humankind to always take everyone’s bullshit and be ok with it.
That Magazine Wants To Publish My Photographs : What Should I Be Asking / Expecting? Is it a feature about you? Then the contract can say, "usage / licensing only for this feature" Is the feature about something / someone else? Where they want to use photos shot by you? Is it an editorial piece or an advertising piece? Aka advertorial. Then image licensing / usage fees are applicable. These depend on how many images, how many pages, size of image on page, etc. If image is to be used on the cover, then you get paid more. It doesn't mean it's a privilege & you get paid less. When you are not the photographer : who owns the photo? Get their permission. If you don't know who owns it, ask.
What to do when someone asks you to take their photograph. (For free).
Launching a new store location. My social media team sat down with me and spent 3 hours coming up with a “gift box” and invite to send to about 30-35 well established influencers in different segments. Fashion, food, lifestyle and then people who have been part of my journey from day 1. Each box would cost about Rs 3000 to put together and design and deliver. Upon my initial insistence I wanted it to have a very personal touch.  A bottle of my sangria . My moms cookies which are popular with my customers. 2 homemade hair masks because I’m a big believer in coming up with things from our kitchen instead of chemicals. So I listened and came home. And then last night I thought. I will spend about a lakh to maybe get 10seconds of a mention on Instagram by these wonderful ladies. Some will use the stuff, some maybe not. Maybe a handful will actually come in to experience my service. I decided to scrap it all. 10 disabled people can get a wheelchair to become mobile and live their lives in
If the entire story behind my brand is based on authenticity , does it not affect my credibility to “pay” someone to say good stuff about me? What are Influencers paid for? What is Influence? I’m paying an influencer to influence ? WHAT is that influence? Paid for time effort platform. Choose authentic influencer & brand's credibility multiplies Not paying for opinion Build relationship, ask for feedback Everyone has influence Create content around their experience Brand building & awareness Ideal influenced would be someone who has influence even if they are not on Instagram. What are they doing with their life otherwise? Would you know about them without instagram? Famous for being famous is not a long term brand strategy More on my website Instagram : Twitter : Workshops :
Influencer Marketing in India: Why are you a blogger? Famous for being famous not sustainable unless backed by money. Never too late. Always some blogs shutting down Quality is still missing Ever growing market Each one of us is an Influencer in our own circles Provide some value / learning ( Workshops : Blog : )
How does it help? What is the best way to do it? Video on & blog
Some learnings from my first workshop (online brand building, influencer marketing, editorial calendar, social media etc) and a general sense of sharing is caring would be good in the blogging & photography industry in India.
Talking about what I’m envious of and how I’m trying to deal with it. It’s not easy. Everything is, “Oooh! Shiny!” and despite having been around in the industry for…
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